7 Highest Calorie Fast Food Items

The best and easy option when you are feeling hungry and in a rush is fast food.  Fast food restaurants are always there to give you yummiest options and deal packages. But at the same time, it is causing many health problems and cause you gain body weight. This article will be covering those highest calorie fast food items which you need to keep only as occasional treat.

7. Peppercorn Burger


Peppercorn burger is the highest calorie fast food containing 3540 calories. Though it is quite tasty with its smoked bacon and peppercorn spread etc. French fries along with it adds more taste to it as well as the calories.

6. Deep Dish Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza


How can one say no to pizza. Delicious chicken chunks, melting cheese, mushrooms and much more all in one diet. But your favorite food is adding 2410 calories to your body. It will create a lot of problems with respect to health, if you keep enjoying it every day.

5. Farfalle With Chicken And Roasted Garlic


Farfalle with chicken along with garlic sauce is making a perfect combination. It is recommended by the nutritionists that daily intake of sodium must be within 1500 mg but this farfalle is giving you 4680 mg. This amount is quite alarming for you to think about your health as it is very important and precious.

4. The Big Hook Up


This highest calorie fast food is all about sea food. People who are in love with seafood, this can be a best option for them. It is contributing almost 2000 calories.

3. Prime New York Steak Contadina Style


This new flavor of steak is so appealing. With the mixture of crispy potatoes, mushrooms, garlic and butter it is simply wow. It is quite startling for you to know about that eating a whole of it is equivalent to five medium beef patties. It put on 2420 calories.

2. Breakfast With Hot Cakes


Your breakfast should be healthy as it is the first meal of the day giving you energy to begin your day in a good way. But if you take this highest calorie fast food, your whole day calorie level will exceed.  This yummy breakfast adds up to 2000 calories in your diet. The worst thing about this is that, after breakfast you mostly get busy with your office routine or university classes, sitting with heavy breakfast the whole day can put your weight to double.

 1. Peanut Butter Caramel Pie Malt


This delicious dessert is having so much into it like peanut, butter caramel etc. It would not be wrong if said full of taste as well as of calories, up to 2100

It is good to crave your tongue sometimes but it is not good to take fast food daily or quite often. You should not forget that highest calorie fast food has all the potential to put your health in danger. So it’s better to pick up the healthy choices for the sake of your precious health.

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