What Women Want In A Relationship; 7 Amazing Secrets

Relationships are most significant and the most expressive bonds of love and care in one’s life.  A meaningful and good relationship can fill your life with happiness and satisfaction. For a good open-relationship, it is important to understand each other and to know and respect other’s desires. In relationship, women are more sensitive and considerate. This article will cover those things what women want in a relationship.

7. Appreciation

appreciationAppreciation means oxygen to women.  They want to listen what their partners like about them and want appreciation for their best qualities. Being appreciating quite often is what women want in a relationship. Women feel it really bad when they are compared with anyone. So don’t underestimate her by comparing her qualities and goodness with anyone.

6. Friendship


Women generally are reluctant and don’t open themselves quite easily. They need time and a comfort level with their partners. So it would be quite helpful for a relationship that you behave like a friend with her. This would help each other to develop understanding. She wants her partner to listen what he says, notice what she wear and feel about what she says.

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5. To Feel Special


One of the most important things what women want in a relationship is that their male partners show by their acts that they are special to them. To feel a woman special, a man must do those things which she likes, give surprises to her and tell her that her happiness is precious for him.

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4. Honesty


Honesty makes the foundation of every relationship. If her partner is cheating and humiliating her feelings, she will definitely leave him. As women are very sensitive about their relationships, dishonesty will badly hurt them.  Women want to know that you will be with her in a time of need, in problems and in difficult circumstance. Making promises and not fulfilling them creates feelings of distrust about their partners.

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3. Surprises


Women love surprises from their partners in any form whether a surprised dinner or a surprised birthday gift. Such things make women very happy. Surprises make relationships stronger as women get the feeling that you love her and can do anything to make her happy.

2. Time


What makes a relationship strong is the time both partners spend with each other. Women psyche and behavior in relationship is different from their male partners. They need time to settle, to understand and to feel. If a woman feels that you are ignoring her, then this thing would make her think about your dishonesty. Miscommunication creates problems in relationship. Women want to be in contact with their partners all the time and know about their activities and concerns.

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1. Humor And Fun


What women want in a relationship is liveliness and fun. Thus if you are caring for making her happy with your talk and pleasant humor, they will certainly stay with you as true partners. This kind of relationship allows you to understand each other and develop strong feelings for each other as well.

So what women want in a relationship is not at all impossible to achieve. Above mentioned points if incorporated in a relationship can make it strong and trustworthy.

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