5 Simple Ways to Be Happy

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Life is a combination of happiness and sorrows. Neither happiness stays forever nor do sorrows remain for a long time. Good and bad situations are part of our life, but sometimes it becomes very difficult for us to face these situations positively. We start to lose all our hopes and tension and depression surrounds us totally. The key to survive in these situations is positive thinking and have a strong belief that good times aren’t very far away.


Negative thinking not only damages our ability to think straight but it can also close the doors of hope and happiness. According to experts, if we adopt positive attitude in our thoughts and daily activities, we can masterfully overcome difficult situations. We can’t control bad things to happen, but we can control how we deal with them and be happy. So here we’ve selected some of the best tips that’ll help you be positive and optimistic even in the worst circumstances. Just follow these easy ways to be happy and positive in your life.

1. Be Kind and Helpful to Others


If you want to live a happy and satisfied life, always try to be kind and helpful to others. There’s an old sayings, “do good have good” and it is totally true. It doesn’t mean that if you carry out act of kindness for others, you’ll always get reward for that. In fact, try to help others selflessly and don’t even think about the reward or something in return. Happiness and self satisfaction is the biggest reward you get from helping others. It doesn’t matter how small or big the help or acts of kindness you do to others, whenever you get the opportunity, grab it. Helping others will convert your attention from your own problems and it will provide you a positive sense of direction in your life. Helping others in need is one of the best ways to be happy in your life.

2. Set Achievable Goals in Life


Planning and setting goals for your life is very important for your life. But according to experts, if we become over ambitious and set our goals too high to achieve, we become depressed stressed and unhappy. In a survey, scientists found that those women, who have set their goal according to their abilities and can be achieved with hard work and dedication, are much happier than those women who have set almost impossible goals in their life.

If you keep easily attainable goals like “buying a big house” or “visiting your favorite countries”, you’ll be much more happy and motivated in achieving these goals. But if your goals are too ambitious, you’ll become unhappy and you will start to think negatively. So if you have set impossible goals for yourself drop them and set some new and attainable goals if you want to be happy in life.

3. Spend More Time with Nature


Living a healthy lifestyle is another key factor to be happy and satisfied in life. An important part of a healthy lifestyle is spending some time regularly in some park or place where green grass, flowers and plants are in abundance. Try to go to these places early in the morning and don’t forget to get some exercise there. Natural atmosphere and exercise both increase the production of hormones like endorphins that make us happy and decrease our stress. Just try to spend at least half an hour with nature and it will help you to be happy and healthy in your life.

4. Breathe Slowly


Our life depends upon breathing as we can’t live without it. But according to experts, breathing can also decide whether our thoughts are negative or positive in a situation. When we’re in a bad situation, we start to breath quickly and unevenly. This quick breathing increases the stress and tension in body because of the increase of oxygen in blood. On the other hand, slow and even breathing boosts the levels of serotonin which cause happiness and decrease stress. In a crisis situation, slowly breath through your nose for a count of six held it in for another count of six and then slowly release breathe your mouth for a count of six. Repeat this cycle 10 to 20 times for complete relaxation and be happy.

5. Spend Time in The Company of Happy Friends


If you spend more time in the company of friends that always remain happy and positive in all situations, you’ll automatically start to think positive and ultimately you’ll be happy and satisfied. On the other hand, if you spend time with the company of friends who think negatively and always complain about their problems, you’ll start to think negatively. Similarly, on social sites like Facebook and Twitter, select friends with positive and happy attitude. Those who share negative thoughts and always complain about the life will also make you unhappy and sad. So keeping a happy company is one of the best ways to be happy.

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