7 DIY Maxi Dress Pattern

Maxi is very stylish dress that is ever green and furnishes elegance. Put in a little bit of effort and you will get to gorgeous dresses. This article will give you with some easy DIY maxi dress pattern that you can do yourself jut employing a little effort.

7. Boho Maxi Dress


This is an amazing maxi dress pattern that is flattering for those who have a slim waistline as this style has a boho belt on the waistline to add definition. You can have this boho maxi style with almost any of your favorite fabric. You just need to sew three sides of rectangle shape with the desired breadth and length, make a 6” long vertical cut in the middle and fold to make a V shaped neckline and cut the 8” sleeves at the sides. Make all the edges neat and wear the dress with a belt on waist. This is a loose maxi that gives effect of gathers both above and below the belt.

6. Off Shoulder Maxi Dress


Off shoulder is probably the most versatile maxi dress pattern that can be worn in both summers and winters. Start with folding the fabric of the length and width that you want for your maxi. Keep the top straight and start cutting from sides leaving the fabric at the top for sleeves make a straight horizontal cut of about 4” that will make the sleeve followed by cutting vertically in the curve that traces your figure and then cut in flare at the bottom. Sew the entire sides. For the top leave the distance between shoulders and sew the rest of the fabric at sides.

5. SoHo Maxi Dress


This maxi dress pattern is just suitable for beginners. Fold the fabric in such a way that the free sides meet at the center of front. Taking one of your strapped dresses as the measurement guide and stencil cut the neckline, shoulders and the sleeves. Cut along the curves at the sides to give it little shape. Sew the cut fabric from the side followed by sewing a 3” straight ruffle stripe at the top and sew in elastics one at the very top and one just below the ruffle stripe. To finish the dress add shoulder stripes and you are done.

4. Asymmetrical Maxi


This is enormously simple maxi dress pattern, you just have to sew a double folded rectangular fabric of your length and loose fitting from 3 sides followed by cutting curved sleeves and curved neckline.

3. Short Dress To Maxi


You don’t need to start from the beginning in fact you can easily turn your short dresses into maxi by adding the extensions in complimenting colors.

2. Adding Skirt To Shirt Maxi


You can also turn your favorite shirt to maxi if it has been damaged from the bottom. Simply sew the fabric with gathers of your choice and the length that reaches floor and attach it to the shirt.

1. Mission Maxi


This is also a simple maxi that can be sewn effortlessly. You just have to make it according to your shape and make a round neckline and stitch to complete the outlook.

These are the best maxi dress pattern that can be done at home with ease. Make your wardrobe filled with these affordable options.  

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