7 Unique Ways to Deal With Emotionally Abusive Relationships – Time To Stand Up And Speak Up

There exist variety of forms of emotional abuse and it badly affects relationships and bonding between persons. An emotionally abusive relationship mostly exists between husband and wife, girl friend or boy friend, between students and teachers at school and between boss and subordinate at workplaces. In any case, it should be avoided to have peaceful and relaxed life without any mess. If you too are struggling with kind of abusive relationship, follow these handy measures to get out of it.

7. Prioritize and Set Boundaries

Prioritize and set boundariesEmotional abuse is common in a relationship where one person is on receiving end and other is controlling all matters by disrespecting the rights of others. You need to be clear and straight forward to set define maxims for your partner in order to avoid abusive control. Even if you’re on open relationship, you’ve to set rules and boundaries to stay safe.

6. Change Your Attitude Not the Situation

Change Your Attitude Not the SituationAnother very important thing that needs to be taken care off is the attitude of yours when coping with such type of behaviors from others. This kind of treatment with the partner is one of the basic signs of an emotionally abusive relationship. You just cannot change the person or partner having this kind of shit behave but at least try to show them how their corresponding behavior affecting you. This will surely makes a difference in the long way.

5. Develop Emotional Intelligence

Develop emotional intelligenceIn an emotionally abusive relationship, one of the partners is always on the verge of dissatisfaction and lack of expressiveness. The abuser on the other hand tries to suppress his/her fears by dominating the needs of other. Try to develop emotional intelligence because abuse is not your fault so keep yourself in a way to receive desirable respect and trust from your partner. These kinds of unhealthy relationships must be avoided and with emotional intelligence you’ll  be able to get rid of it on the earlier stages.

4. Put Your Safety First

Put your safety firstLet your fellow be aware about your values, needs and limits in order to avoid emotionally abusive relationship. Develop a habit of saying powerful NO and let your partner be known that you cannot do everything he/she expects from you. Your partner should understand that unrealistic expectations can really ruin a relationship.

3. Understand The Abuser

Understand the abuserAlthough it seems bit annoying to taking care the needs and insights of abusers but it is a positive way to deal your abusive relationship and this way might get yourself into peaceful life. Surely, there are certain reasons for abnormal behaviors like feeling of insecurity, depression, anxiousness etc. that leads people toward outburst verbal abuse. Try to understand them for the benefit of both of you.

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2. Get Professional Help/Coaching

Get professional help coachingIf all above guidelines fails to generate desirable results then you need a relationship coach or professional trainer that helps you to cope with your emotional abusive relationship. If you’re sensing signs of an unhealthy relationship and it is too much for you to deal, you must consult a professional.

1. Be Ready When To Say Goodbye

Be ready when to say goodbyeIt happens most of the times that all efforts went useless and relationship becomes nothing but a burden. Such relationships cannot be saved so feel free to move ahead and say goodbye at the right time. Keep in mind that life never stops and nor it should so be optimistic and move on.

Usually emotional abusive relationships exist where there is a huge gap between effective communication and it serves a severe mental stress if not handled carefully. You can get out of it by following above prescribed simple measures.

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