7 First-Rate Movies Having Story “Like 27 Dresses”

Movies like 27 dresses not only enlighten you with good mood but also make you to think over minor daily issues not highlighted before you on any forum. Some other similar types of movies are as follows:

7. The Wedding Date

the weddimg date

Kat Ellis (Debra Messing) hired a male escort Dermot Mulroney as her date in a wedding of her sister Amy. Surprisingly Kat did this to show ex fiancé Jeremy that she has got even more charming boyfriend after he dumped her. Jeremy was the groom’s best man in wedding which is why Kat showed this entire thing up.

6. Made of Honor

Made of Honor

If someone is really in search of movies like 27 dresses, the movie made of honor may be the right thing to deal with. Here a guy Tom (Patrick Dempsey) who has been fallen with his friend Hannah (Michelle Monogham) tried to win her heart, when he got to know about marriage of Hannah with someone else.

5. The Perfect Man

The Perfect Man

Heather Locklear as Jane in the perfect man was pretty much disturbed with her break ups. Every time she dates a guy, she used to move her two children along with her. To distract Jane, her daughter Holly Hamilton made a perfect plan of fake secret admirer for her mom. With the passage of time, things got complicated for Holly to manage her mom. How Holly gets out of this is something really interesting to watch.

4. Because I Said So

Because I Said So

The successful mother of three children Daphne Wilder (Diane Keaton) was worried for her youngest daughter Milly (Mandy Moore). Milly always chose a wrong man for her dates that really disturbs the Daphne evertime. How Daphne encounters this problem is something fun to watch plus it is one of such movies like 27 dresses also.

3. Maid in Manhattan

Maid in Manhattan

Jennifer Lopez as Marisa Ventura played a role of maid in Manhattan hotel in this movie. The story of this movie is based on unrealistic love Marisa accidentally enjoyed with the political person Christopher Marshall (Ralph Fiennes) on one night stand. What happens in reality when both of them come to know the true identity of each others makes this worth to watch?

2. Raising Helen

Raising Helen

Helen Harris (Kate Hudson) was enjoying her single life in fashion industry. Her charming life came to an end, when her sister and brother in law were died in an accident leaving behind their three children. They named Helen as kid’s guardian. Would Helen prefer family or continue her lavishing life is all about in this movie. In a series of movies like 27 dresses, Raising Helen is a must watch movie.

1. Chasing Liberty

Chasing Liberty

Mandy Moore as Anna Foster is the daughter of US presidents in this movie. Due to such high profile personality, she has to deal with secret service security even with her dates and parties. However on a visit to Prague with her dad, she surprisingly deceits her security personal and meet a European guy Ben Calder. Anna’s romantic trip to Europe added a spice when she came to Ben as secret service agent.

If you’re bored with watching same type of movies over and over, go for movies like 27 dresses. They are indeed the worth type of entertainment including every bit of humor, comedy and romance etc.

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