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25 Awesome Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend

Who doesn’t love receiving gifts, right? The same goes for giving gifts especially to the people whom you really appreciate are part of your lives. One of the most important people in our lives are our best friends. They’ve been there for us over the years. They’ve seen our ups and downs and what not and they’ve been awesome throughout. So when it comes to getting something for your BFF you’ll obviously want some best friend gift ideas which are as awesome as her.

Worry not ladies, we have come up with 25 awesome gift ideas for your best friend. The best thing is you know your BFF like no one else, and we have ideas to suit every budget and friend’s style. Browse through these gift ideas for friends and we are sure you will find just the thing you are looking for:

“One of the most important people in our lives are our best friends. They’ve been there for us over the years. They’ve seen our ups and downs and what not and they’ve been awesome throughout.”

25. Subscription To Her Favorite Magazine

Subscription to Her Favorite MagazineGetting a subscription to her favorite magazine has got to be one of the best gifts for your best friends. If you get a subscription for a whole year, she will continue to receive your gift every month for the next 12 months. There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t enjoy magazines. You know your best friend like no other. See what she likes, and go for that! You have so many varieties to choose from:

  • Cosmopolitan & Vanity Fair type magazines
  • Health & Fitness
  • Architecture
  • Home Design
  • Crafts & DIYs

24. Relaxing Day At The Spa

Relaxing Day at the SpaWho doesn’t need a bit of pampering once in a while? If your best friend has been running around like there’s no tomorrow, it is time to make her feel relax. Get her a gift certificate to her favorite spa. She can choose whatever services or treatments she desires to get her mind off everything. After spending sometime in the dim lights and listening to that relaxing music, she’s sure to thank you.

  • The two of you could even go on a spa date and catch up on everything you’ve been missing on.
  • Gossip your hearts out while sipping on your green teas, just the kind of BFF time you need once in a while.

23. An E-Reader

An E-ReaderIf your best friend is one of those who could hardly keep their nose out of the book growing up, but now can’t due to time restraints or her schedule, she is going to fall in love with one of these. Most of us are on the go all the time and staring at a screen of some sort or the other. This is one of the most amazing best friend gift ideas for a number of reasons:

  • There is a wide variety to choose from, and as these readers are available in different platforms now there has been a remarkable drop in prices due to competition, making them totally affordable
  • All the platforms have thousands of books to choose from and the number keeps on increasing every day.
  • Local libraries are offering subscription for e-reader owners. You can choose any e-book from their online databases, the book gets downloaded to your reader for a certain time and then it disappears on its own. No more running to the library to return the book or paying late fees.
  • She will have her little collection of books on her all the time without worrying about space and can go back to her book anywhere.

22. Movie Night Basket

Movie Night BasketIf you two have known each other for a while there must be movies that you saw together or some movies which both of you love, right? So how about throwing together a movie night basket and the two of you can have a movie marathon or if you like you can let her enjoy it on her own. This is pretty easy to put together. All you’ve got to do is:

  • Get DVDs of her favorite movies
  • Get some popcorn
  • Her favorite candies
  • Something to drink
  • Put it all together in a basket and you’re done.

21. Concert Ticket

Concert TicketYou know her and you know her favorite band or singer. If by any chance they would be playing in your town, how about you get tickets for her and surprise her. Trust us; you will see her shrieking like a little girl with this one.

  • If you are in a generous kind of a mood, you could buy tickets for your whole gang and have a girl’s night out.
  • Just the two of you could have an all girlie date
  • If you aren’t too fond of that band, how about get tickets for her and her man, and she’d be thanking you for the surprise date

20. Online Download Card

Online Download CardThis makes one of the coolest best friend gifts. She can use such a card to download movies and music of her choice. Or even to browse through some of the latest tunes she has been wanting to listen to.

  • These cards are available for both Apple and Android users
  • The cards gives access to streaming music, movies and even books.
  • You could also get her such a card for one of her favorite movie subscription services such as Netflix.

19. Smartphone Camera Lens

Smartphone Camera LensWhether your friend is one of those tech types or is a born photographer or a bit of both, an attachable Smartphone camera lens will have her smiling with glee. This makes one of the coolest best friend gifts. She can transform her Smartphone into a professional camera anywhere and at anytime with one of these handy accessories.

  • These are magnetic and can fit any smart phone
  • The pack contains Fisheye, Wide Angle, and Macro lens
  • There are detachable rings included so the lens fits any camera phone.

18. Converting Memories Onto Canvas

Converting Memories onto CanvasIn the age of digital photography where the pictures are taken from our phones and tablets, people have almost forgotten what it was like to hold pictures in your hands or having them blown up onto canvases. There are a number of websites which let you convert your digital images into full blown canvases. She can make an amazing picture wall

  • You can choose the size of the canvas
  • You could get her multiple canvases from your memories together, or pictures of memorable events from here life
  • You could even get a collage made of different photos, and even add text of your choice on it
  • All you’ve got to do is upload the images you want blown up and voila!

“In the age of digital photography where the pictures are taken from our phones and tablets, people have almost forgotten what it was like to hold pictures in your hands or having them blown up onto canvases.”

17. A 3D Printing Pen

A 3D Printing PenWe can’t get over how cool these are If these are so much fun to watch, think how amazing it would be to own one of these. If your friend is the artsy type, she would not be able to put this away. She can make her mini sculptures or 3d drawings whenever she wants to.

  • If you’re thinking this must cost you a fortune, well there are non-commercial 3D Doodlers available now which are quite pocket friendly.
  • 3D printing is the future! The new affordable ones are just so much fun that you never know you might even get one for yourself.

16. Tickets To Her Favorite Show

Tickets to Her Favorite ShowWatching your favorite show on T.V. is one thing, but watching it live is an entirely special experience. I always wanted to be part of the audience in the Oprah Winfry show, sadly that never happened. Anyways, your friend might have some favorite show and she must’ve told you I want to be part of this. This can be one of the most marvelous best friend birthday gift ideas, and something which she won’t be expecting. Now depending on your city and your BFF’s choice you can:

  • It could be her favorite show
  • An opera if she is fond of classical music
  • Even a Broadway show or a musical theater in your city.

15. Gift Certificate To Her Favorite Beauty Store

Gift Certificate to Her Favorite Beauty StoreI still feel like a little girl in a candy shop every time I step into a beauty store, but then who doesn’t? Imagine if you will have a gift card for one of your favorite make up brands or stores wouldn’t you just love it? If you’d love it, so would your BFF.

14. Disney Princess Beauty Products

Disney Princess Beauty ProductsFor the makeup lover out there, these are absolute must-haves. These limited edition collectibles are inspired by Disney princesses such as Elsa, Cinderella, Ariel and Belle. From lipsticks to eye shadow palettes to even perfumes, you’ll find everything that will make your best friend feel like a total princess.

13. Fancy Hand Soap

Fancy Hand SoapFancy hand soaps make a wonderful best friend birthday gifts. These are handmade and beautifully wrapped. In fact, some of these are so pretty they look like little pieces of arts. There is a lot of variety in these. You could find:

  • They are an excellent alternative to the chemically processed ones, with all natural ingredients
  • You can buy several in different scents, so she feels pampered every time she uses one of these.

12. Journals & Pens

Journals & PensJournals make a fitting gift for the creatively wandering one. These days beautiful handmade journals are available, with jute or leather bounding.

  • We all kept diaries at some point or the other in our lives. Maybe with this gift she would like to go back to that old habit.
  • She can also use it to put down important dates, or any other events. Whatever the case this would be something she would go back to from time to time.

11. Something Custom-Made

Something Custom-madeIf your best friend is the type who loves something unique and something that only she has. Nothing will make her day like a custom-made gift. A number of gift shops and online businesses are offering some amazing personalized gifts these days. Some custom made things which make great best friend gifts could be:

  • Jewelry Box with her name engraved
  • Engraved jewelry
  • Photo mugs
  • Monogrammed stationary
  • Photo cushions (A personal favorite)

10. Pandora Charms

Pandora CharmsThese are the alternative to charm bracelets. They are a rage right now and if your friend loves jewelry and keeping up with the latest fashion, we are sure she already wants one of these.

  • They are handmade and completely customizable
  • You can chose as many or as few charms
  • Made from semi precious metals and stones and very pocket friendly

9. Something Matching

Something MatchingYou could get something matching, for both of you. This might sound a little girlie, but hey who needs to be a grown up when you’re around your best friend anyway? There are a number of fun options if you are considering getting something matching as gift ideas for best friend. You could go for:

  • T-shirt or hoodies
  • Key chains
  • Charm bracelets or necklaces

“I would simply love getting a scrapbook from my best friend. If you’ve been friends for a long time, you two must have shared a lot of moments. This is one of the best ways to put all your memories together.”

8. An Autograph

An AutographYou know who your best friend’s favorite singer, actor or athlete is, right? How about you get her a signed poster or canvas? This would be a little hard to get and could be pricey too, but you know your best friend is totally worth it. This is going be something she will cherish forever.

  • If your friend is particularly fond of a writer, you could even get her a signed copy from one of her favorite writers
  • You could even look online for signed autobiographies of someone she absolutely loves.

7. Scrap Book

Scrap BookI would simply love getting a scrapbook from my best friend. If you’ve been friends for a long time, you two must’ve shared a lot of moments. This is one of the best ways to put all your memories together. Getting something that you’ve put so much effort into would definitely mean a lot to her. Feeling lost how to go about it?

  • Hit your nearest craft store, you’ll find a number of scrapbooks there
  • You will also find ribbons, tapes and stencils which will help you
  • Just print some of your favorite photos and you are good to go
  • You could add anecdotes or some personal jokes here and there
  • Don’t forget to visit Pinterest for some great ideas.

6. Meni Pedi Kit

Meni Pedi KitThere is no girl who doesn’t like a bit of pampering and doesn’t like getting here meni pedi done. However, regular salon visits are not only expensive but also sometimes it is very difficult to find the time. If your best friend likes getting regular manicures and pedicure, she will love a at home meni pedi kit.

  • If you are a little tight on budget, you could even throw together all the things like her favorite foot scrub and foot soak, filers etc, and put them in a nice jar or a basket. You have your very own DIY meni pedi kit ready.

5. Tea Kit

Tea KitA nice hot tea cup is one of the best ways to unwind and de-stress. If your friend is a tea lover and likes experimenting with different flavors, she would fall in love with one of these tea kits. Tea kits such as these have different flavored tea bags and assortments.

  • She can experiment with different flavors
  • You can chose from Oriental or more European flavors
  • Different types of tea have different health benefits, once she discovers those she will be definitely thanking you in the long run
  • This also makes one of the most pocket friendly gifts for best friends.

4. An Organic Herb Garden

An Organic Herb GardenThese days it’s all about organic food, organic vegetables, organic fruits you name it! If your friend is fond of cooking or gardening she is going to love having her own organic garden. Get her one of these organic herb garden kits. This a fun and healthy best friend gift idea

  • It is going to be so much fun to watch these grow
  • These can be planted in a small space
  • Cooking from something from your own garden is always more fun.

3. Home Made Cookies

Home Made CookiesOn the other hand if it is you who has the culinary skills and your best friend can never get enough of your cookies, how about you bake her some of your famous homemade cookies

  • You could back them in a mason jar, with pretty labels
  • You could even put them in some old cookie tin, attach handmade labels to that.

2. Candy Cake

Candy CakeNo celebration is complete without cake, but how about instead of a conventional one, you make her a candy cake? There are plenty of ideas online for these. Candy cakes are not just fun to receive but also fun to make. To make one, you simply need to:

  • Get two or three hat boxes of different size
  • Get candy boxes of different sizes
  • Start by gluing together the two boxes on top of each other
  • Start gluing the candy boxes on your hat boxes, till you cover the whole box.
  • Then do the same with the other box till it is also completely covered.

1. All About You Basket

All about You BasketAn all about you basket is one of the best thing you can give your best friend. They are cool, fun and filled with love. You know your best friend better than anyone else. You don’t have to be extravagant when it comes to making one of these.

  • Think of all her favorite things
  • It could have something to do with her favorite hobby
  • Just to give you an idea you could put together her favorite magazine, maybe a moisturizer or cream she can’t live without, some office stationary, even a few bars of her favorite candy, her favorite CD or whatever it is that your BFF loves.

Something Along That Awesomeness

We have given you 25 awesome gift ideas for your best friend. We are sure these must have been helpful. Before you choose any of these gifts for your best friend just remember:

  • Before you go for any of these, think about your best friend for a few minutes
  • Think what she would absolutely love
  • You know her better than anyone else, choose a gift keeping her personality, hobbies and lifestyle in mind
  • A gift doesn’t have to be pricey, it is always the thought behind it that counts
  • Gifts are all about spreading joy and telling people how much we love and appreciate them, this is your chance to tell her what she means to you.

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