12 Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism In Just One Day

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Girls, don’t you idolize your favorite actresses or models body and wish that you had a similar toned down body as well? Well obviously the intensive exercises that they do will really need diligence and sheer hard work from your end but you can at least begin and initiate with a few simple steps in order to tone down your figure. Then your Mr. Right won’t get to say, ‘love your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections.’ But he’d rather say, ‘love your curves and curls, all of your perfections wrapped up into one.’ Therefore, who doesn’t need praises and love from their men? Hence, a little incentive of their compliments won’t hurt if it pushes towards achieving a perfectly toned down body by speeding up your metabolism which will start showing affects in just one day of a time if done correctly and with utmost efficiency.

Henceforth, get into shape, burn fats 12 hours a day, lose weight, tone down your body or just maintain your current weight by speeding up your metabolism, exercising, running and noticing changes in just a day. So happy exercising to all you girls!

12. Get That Morning Shine

Get That Morning Shine

As they say that early to bed and early to rise keeps a man healthy wealthy and wise. This is actually really true in relevance to the fact that get out and about after you wake up in order to have a direct contact with the sun which will help you in regulating your metabolism and will provide you with Vitamin D as well. So if you’ve been thinking of how to speed up metabolism? Then this is a very nice and pretty efficient way in doing do. You should,

  • Wake up early; set an alarm clock in order to wake up on time.
  • Wash your face, brush your teeth.
  • Change in to your track suit and step outside to meet the bright morning sunlight.

11. Morning Walk Beats All

Morning Walk Beats All

A continuation in how to speed up your metabolism is by picking an exercise of your choice and getting on foot for it. It’s a proven fact that those who undergo an intensive work out early morning tend to keep away from letting extra fats and carbs suck up to them and hence increase their metabolism speed and simultaneously burn excess calories off themselves. Moreover, pick your choose in terms of an exercise but make sure that it is good enough and helps you overcome those love handles, large thighs, wide arms and double chin that you’ve gained over time. Benefits of walking in the morning are really unbelievable in this matter.

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You can choose from,

  • Aerobics.
  • Yoga.
  • Going to the gym and running on a treadmill or doing other exercises like cardio, squats etc.
  • Jogging at your nearby park.
  • Or just taking a walk in your lawn.
  • But make sure that you include either one of them as an essential part of your routine which you don’t miss on.

10. Sip on Your Green Tea


Girls, in order to speed up metabolism and get rid of those extra calories in order to tone down your body you need to say a big NO to milk shakes, Frappuccino’s, smoothies or even extra sweetened coffee for breakfast. I’m saying this because this will help you burn around 100 additional calories a day. Henceforth, you’ll have an increased blood flow which will result in speeding up the metabolism of your body and lead towards an energetic, active and fit you! Besides benefits of green tea are just amazing for your health. You can decide to drink any of the following or can set a day for each one exclusively. You can choose from,

  • Hibiscus tea.
  • Lemon tea.
  • Green tea.
  • Herbal tea.
  • Black tea.

9. Protein Rich Breakfast is a Must

Protein Rich Breakfast is a Must

Girls, time to revert towards a healthy and protein filled breakfast rather than eating junk which will just add up to your fat and calories and will reduce the level of your metabolism. Furthermore, if you’re a fan of having donuts, muffins, cookies or pancakes for breakfast then you need to eradicate that off your diet and include healthy and protein rich foods so that you end up with weight loss and a speedy metabolism. However, people usually tend to skip breakfast but it’s one of the most vital meals of the day and shouldn’t be missed at any cost. So start eating high-protein foods,

  • Eggs or egg white especially.
  • Yogurt.
  • A glass of milk will do too.

8. Avoid the Lift, Take the Stairs

Avoid the Lift, Take the Stairs

Another in the list of the ways to boost metabolism is always taking the stairs and avoid taking the escalators or elevators. This helps a great deal because as you’ll take the stairs, you’ll sweat and this will lead towards burning fat and getting rid of excess calories stored in your body. Consequently, all of this will end up in wiping off the fats from your body and on the other end will speed up your metabolism and make you healthy as well as quite fit and active.

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“Wanted to learn ultra-simple ways in order to speed up your metabolism? This is your perfect gateway for it.”

7. Drink Lots of Water

Drink Lots of Water

To all your lovelies, your utmost mantra of life should be ‘let me keep on drinking water until I drop.’ Drinking loads and loads of water will help in keeping you hydrated, will make your skin glow and will even wash away the fats and calories stored in your body. Benefits of drinking water are especially important in improving metabolism significantly. Henceforth, you’ll end up with a toned down body which will result in shaping up your figure and will take away your stout figure pretty well. Then you’ll be able to wear a skin fit bikini of your favorite color and walk down the beach with the love of your life next to you. Sweet isn’t it?

6. Have Some Dark Chocolate

Have some Dark Chocolate

During the day, while going through your client’s profile or completing your homework you can nibble on some pieces of dark chocolate. It will not only improve metabolism but also help you if you’re wondering how to relieve stress. And I don’t mean eat bars and bars of them but just nibble on some bits and pieces or some portions of the dark chocolate and let go once finished because if you continue eating more and more of them then you’ll end up gaining weight instead of losing it which is your ultimate goal. Therefore, it’s advised to nibble on dark chocolate because,

  • It will reduce stress levels.
  • This will lead towards a more regulated metabolism.
  • Probably the flavonoids found in the chocolate will help in regulating metabolism and getting rid of the stress levels.

5. Answer Phone Calls on Foot

Answer Phone Calls on Foot

Another one in the list of ways to speed up metabolism is by talking on the phone on foot i.e. whilst standing up and not sitting or relaxing on a comfortable chair or couch. This is quite relevant because while talking on an hour over the phone you’ll burn at least 82 calories while on the other end you’ll burn only 61 calories when you’re sitting. Therefore, it does make a huge difference and once you start practicing it then you’ll actually start feeling the difference through evident changes on your body. Make sure to wear comfortable and the best walking shoes to improve your walking habit. Make it a habit to walk and talk and not just sit and talk!

“Here you’ll find easy ways which will help you in toning down your body and speeding up your metabolism, that too without any sort of fabrication.”

4. Gym In The Evening

Gym In The Evening

Buck up girls because after walking or jogging in the evening you definitely need to spend some time in the gym be it after school or work, but you have to exercise! Moreover, it’s not important to purposely go to a gym because you can exercise at home too. There are so many sources for doing exercise at home be it through watching videos on the internet or downloading applications which allow you to be facilitated in such a manner. Furthermore, focus on areas where you need to tone down whether it’s the arms, the thighs or the waist line. Just figure those areas out and begin to do those exercises which will help you in toning down your body. You may want to look at these exercises if you want to know how to tone your thighs and hips. So,

  • Make it a regular habit to exercise in the evening.
  • This will definitely cut down on your calories and extra fats which are stored in your body.
  • Consequently, all of this will contribute towards fastening and speeding up your metabolism a great deal.

3. Call or Meet a Friend & Share Some Laughter

Call or Meet a Friend & Share some Laughter

What can be a better way to end the day other than chit chatting with your favorite buddy and laughing it all off? Trust me it’s a great therapy to burn calories, increase metabolism as well as keep happy! This is as so because if you’ve had a long day at work or school and need to feel refreshed then nothing can help you more than the company of your friend whom you adore and love to be around. So walk down the road with your favorite buddy or make a phone call to them while returning home and relax your mind by talking to them and having a great laughter. Furthermore, it has been proven that laughter is like a work out and it helps burn calories a great deal. So happy laughter!

2. Let Music Help You Relax

Let Music Help You Relax

One of the ways to increase metabolism is by relaxing the mind by whatever you like especially music. However, some people prefer watching TV, reading or just sitting in solace. Anyhow, choose your pick and implement it as it will lead towards a healthy toned down body. This is because once you let your mind relax you’ll end up being stress free and tension free. Therefore,

  • Stress free women tend to burn a lot of calories.
  • However, women who are loaded with stress don’t.
  • Consequently, some women who are stressed tend to eat more resulting in storing extra calories.
  • Alongside a low metabolism rate of the body.

1. Bed Time

Bed Time

Girls, you might still be wandering to complete a few more chores but it’s time that you prepare for sleep. Moreover, you should take an ample amount of 8-9 hours’ of sleep per night as it will keep you healthy, won’t let you think unnecessary, won’t push you towards craving sweet and junk food and will work towards speeding up your metabolism a great deal.


  • Exercise regularly.
  • Eat veggies.
  • Eat seasonal fruits.
  • Drink fresh fruit juices.
  • Try to do as much physical activity as possible.


  • Avoid bakery items.
  • Don’t eat creamy or fattening foods.
  • Don’t eat frozen foods.
  • Don’t keep away from physical activity.
  • Avoid letting stress over shadow your mental peace.

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