30 Plus Size Maternity Dresses : A Pea In The Pod

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For maternity dresses, the choice gets difficult, because one does not know which looks will suit the heavy set physique. However, to help you with the choice, and to save both your time and your money, here’s a list of the most popular, reasonably priced, good looking and well-fitting plus size maternity dresses.

30. Convertible Sleeve Plus Size

Convertible Sleeve Plus Size Maternity Dress

This full sleeve dress is a stunning look that deviates attention from your belly and makes you look slimmer and prettier. The waist belt balances the look and brings charisma to the overall style. The sleeves can be rolled up to mimic a half sleeve which serves well for the summer season. It will look great in all seasons, and it can also work as a great formal dress that you ought not to ignore or underestimate.

29. Plus Size Sleeveless Crochet

Plus Size Sleeveless Crochet Maxi Maternity Dress

This entry in extra-size maternity dresses comes in a crochet textured fabric which is a great pick for the summer season. It is balanced and it falls to your ankles in a loose gown which makes your belly and body fat less prominent. This style is comfortable and it is the perfect choice to have during hot sweaty days. Try out this adorable look and you won’t think twice before purchasing it!

28. Sleeveless Hanky Hem

Sleeveless Hanky Hem Plus Size Maternity Dress

This dress is a popular choice among maternity dresses, good for you, it now comes in plus size to offer you a better looking and more comfortable look that is hard to turn down. The sleeveless dress is loose, comfortable and it will go well for baby shower ceremonies and all other sorts of occasions. The fabric is in navy blue lining which is in itself, a mesmerizing texture. Stay pretty with hanky hem plus size maternity dresses.

27. Short Sleeve

Short Sleeve Plus Size Maternity Dress

This dress is usual to look at, but unusual in its immaculate fit and comfortable and casual looks. It comes in bubblegum pink which is the perfect feminine color to get. The short sleeves are edgy and beautiful and they look great with the round neck and the waist ribbon. Try this dress and you will forget for a moment that it is a maternity dress! It is because of these attributes that it is considered a smart choice for work and for social events.

26. Plus Size Maternity Dress with Satin Ribbon

Plus Size Maternity Dress with Satin Ribbon

Like other formal outfits, plus size maternity dresses can also be decked with adornments. This costume is the best example that flatters a satin ribbon on the gown front and sleeves edges, enhancing its glam look. The soft fabric of the dress lets you feel comfortable and convenience in movement.

25. Babydoll Maxi

Babydoll Maxi Plus Size Maternity Dress

Try this voguish and tropical look for a maternity period in style. This entry in maternity dresses is a loose fitting costume which looks great in plus size. It makes you look mesmerizing and reasonably slim. With this costume, you can even attend pool parties and outings with friends, which seem unlikely activities for women in their maternity periods.

24. Pink Crochet Maxi

Pink Crochet Plus Size Maxi Maternity Dress

Crochet dresses are a great choice for plus size. These dresses are formal enough to be worn at work and at parties and they are casual enough to make a bold entry in daytime parties and outdoors events. It is simplistic, loose fitting and exceedingly comfortable. You can wear it around for the whole day, and it won’t wear you down in any way. For plus size, the best and most frequent choices are crochet plus size maternity dresses.

23. Sleeveless Empire Waist

Sleeveless Empire Waist Maternity Dress

This mini dress is a great entry to be worn to summer events without a jeans pant. It is sophisticated and it will make the right choice for baby shower ceremonies and a casual look at family events. It comes in a bubblegum pink shade and a very comfortable fabric which only increases the value of this dress. Combine this dress with a wavy hairdo and you are sure to turn heads and inspire murmurs.

22. Grey Knit Tunic

Grey Knit Plus Size Tunic Maternity Dress

This tunic is a great choice from the list of comfortable and over-sized maternity dresses during the winter season. It is warm enough by itself, but it looks even better with a coat or jacket over it. This long sleeve tunic is comfortable and it makes you look petty and your belly less prominent. Spend your winters in style despite being pregnant, and stay active in the social circles around you. This dress gets the thumb up from fashion critics and it will work great with you.

21. Neck Printed Maxi

Neck Printed Plus Size Maxi Maternity Dress

This dress is the closest to a strapless entry that maintains reasonable comfort for maternity women. It comes in a subtle blue with embroidered designing in an attractive pattern. This maxi dress will keep you comfortable in the hottest weathers and it is the fashion forward look that you ought to consider for the upcoming season. For a balanced look in plus size this is the sort of maxi dresses you should browse, and this particular article is a reasonable offer in the right price.

20. Jersey Smock Plus Size

Jersey Smock Plus Size Maternity Dress

Popular as a plus size dress for all women, now this dress comes in a maternity fitting which is as comfortable as its common counterpart and it helps you maintain an edgy and fashion forward look that is sure to win you compliments. With short sleeves and a round neck this knee length dress is a killer look that represents the latest trends in plus size maternity dresses. The orange color is only right for an edgy and contemporary look.

“These styles of plus size maternity dresses are chosen in lieu of the latest fashion trends and are great for wearing at home, to special occasions and even to formal events and business meetings. Live your maternity days in style and stay beautiful during the period with these looks which are perfect in plus size.”

19. Plus Size Bandeau Maternity Jumpsuit

Plus Size Bandeau Maternity Jumpsuit

This jumpsuit is an exquisite article in the latest maternity dresses collection that will make you look absolutely awesome. It comes in plus size, and suits maternity women even more so. The strapless top and the loose trousers are quite the voguish look. Try this style for a retro look that will win you compliments. This dress comes in grey but with a textured fabric, and that is just perfect for a domestic look and use at home.

18. Zig Zag Print Plus Size Strappy Jersey Maxi Maternity Dress

Zig Zag Print Plus Size Strappy Jersey Maxi Maternity Dress

This strappy dress is a must have for women who wear plus size clothes during the maternity periods. it is voguish, comfortable and it is the right choice for baby shower, or similar events. Look modest and simplistic with this dress and it makes you feel absolutely stunning. Of the plus size maternity dresses, you will fin strapless or strappy maxi dresses to be the most frequent options, and they are currently the style statement representing their genre.

17. Short Sleeve Jersey

Short Sleeve Jersey Plus Size Maxi Maternity Dress

This dress is a great plus size option in maternity dresses if you want a formal look for special occasions, which makes you appear slim, and your belly less prominent. In half sleeve, this dress comes in an elegant blue. Combine the empire waist with the crossover V-shape Neckline and you will be swept away with this chic look. A paneled skirt adds shape to the dress, and it is responsible for making this a smart choice for a maternity dress.

16. Super Wide Leg

Super Wide Leg Plus Size Maxi Maternity Dress

Brighten up your summers and bring style back to your life with this chic loose fitting wide leg trousers. These trousers come in a summery pattern which is absolutely the showstopper. Get these trousers with a loose fitting short and you are ready to rock your way into any summer time party with friends and family. This style is a vintage rock star look. It is bold, bodacious and it fits comfortably for long time wearing.

15. Embroidered Neon Kaftan

Embroidered Neon Kaftan Plus Size Maternity Dress

This dress is a stunning entry that is sure to win your heart when it comes in plus size maternity dresses. The bright yellow color is great for a summer day out. A round neck with loose short sleeves all serve to make this dress an even more comfortable option than its counterparts. The embroidered fabric is classy and exotic and serves only to make this dress a valuable entry to have during the maternity period.

14. Tiered Flowery Fabric Maxi

Tiered Flowery Fabric Maxi Plus Size Maternity Dress

This entry in maternity dresses ensemble is very similar to a crochet outfit, but more elegant in fitting. It comes in a flowery fabric, which is great for outdoors parties and wedding ceremonies. This strapless dress is exceedingly comfortable for a sweat free summer wear and the maxi length will help make the protruding belly less prominent and the overall looks more voguish. This look features adjustable straps and a tiered top. It is prepared with a rayon fabric and it is certain to win you over.

13. White Crochet

White Crochet Plus Size Maternity Dress

This is another maxi dress that looks great in plus size maternity dresses. Like other crochet dresses on this list, the amicable fitting features a strapless top and loose and comfortable gown underneath. This dress will suffice as a ceremonial dressing, but only for summer occasions. The laced white fabric is an absolutely gorgeous option to go with and it will win your heart and elevate your looks. For a lasting look, that is still in the latest fashion trends, and will stay this way for seasons to come, try this maxi dress.

12. Plus Size Maternity Kimono Jacket

Plus Size Maternity Kimono Jacket

A fabulous option in maternity dresses! Sometimes the kimono jacket is used as a dress in its modified forms. You can wear this as a jacket because it is on trend and it is fabulous. This unlined jacket will modify your wardrobe for the good. It looks great in the plus size, and does an even better job of making maternity women appear slimmer and thinner. Over any kind of edgy outfit, this jacket will look great, and it will work as a great spring and summer dressing option for a retro look.

11. Cold Shoulder Tunic

Cold Shoulder Tunic Plus Size Maternity Dress

Tunic dresses are a great way to put emphasis on the face and away from the belly. This dress comes in a loose fit, and it is knee length. The loose fit makes it rather a reasonable choice for women who are looking for plus size maternity dresses. It features a mesmerizing textured fabric with a black and white edgy and contemporary print. The short sleeves are stylishly carved to make you look fabulous. This kind of dresses will look perfect at all sorts of events.

“During your pregnancy, you have to take care of a lot of things, but if you are a working woman, or if you are keen not to let your pregnancy come in the way of your social activities, you need a couple of maternity dresses to look gorgeous. The dresses on this page provide you the best solution. They are all authentic entries, and they have the thumbs up from fashion critics.”

10. Neon Embroidered

Neon Embroidered Plus Size Maternity Dress

This is another option for women who don’t mind wearing jeans. This top is a loose fitting option. It will not only make your belly look flatter, but you will look slimmer too. For a modern look, you should try this top. It is still in the fashion trends, and it tends to remain this way. This dress comes in white with pink embroidery. It is edgy and it will make you look over the top fabulous.

9. Round Neck Swing Tunic

Round Neck Swing Tunic Maternity Dress

This dress will look good at spring parties, and since it is more a casual look than formal, this may suffice as a fine choice for the baby shower ceremony. It comes in round neck, and the full sleeves make it more bodacious. This tunic is slightly higher than knee length. It will look great with black pants for a contemporary look and feel.

8. Plain Jersey Swing

Plain Jersey Swing Plus Size Maternity Dress

The best thing about this dress is that it comes in both regular and tall so that you can find yourself the best fit. The full sleeves are only significantly in making it a sophisticated and balanced dress which will make you look and feel pretty, but without overdoing the fashion side of it.

7. Lace Detail Swing

Lace Detail Swing Plus Size Maternity Dress

This dress is another minimalist option in maternity dresses that you should consider for a comfortable wearing at home. The round neck with the buttoned keyhole looks stunning and it makes this dress priceless. Try your looks in black if you are not keen to find a summer or spring look. You will find this entry to be comfortable and enjoyable for wear at home and even at work.

6. Sleeveless Tie Detail

Sleeveless Tie Detail Plus Size Maternity Dress

This dress is a fine option for the fashion forward women. It comes in white with an elegant black lining to embellish it. The waist ribbon is another unique choice that makes this dress look simply stunning. The loose and comfortable round neck and no sleeves will make this your top choice for a formal event dressing.

5. Short Sleeve Fit and Flare

Short Sleeve Fit and Flare Plus Size Maternity Dress

If you want dresses that make you appear slim, the fit and flare kind of plus size maternity dresses are the ticket you need. These dresses come in red and they are breathtakingly beautiful and gorgeous. The round neck imparts a modest and sweet look.

4. Short Sleeve Scoop Neck Zipper

Short Sleeve Scoop Neck Zipper Maternity Dress

This top is a short length one loose fitting one, that helps to make you look more fabulous and your belly less visible. This dress is an absolute killer when it comes to plus size maternity dress. It features a black and white check.

3. Sleeveless Long Chiffon

Sleeveless Long Chiffon Plus Size Maternity Dress

This long chiffon is almost dramatically loose, but that is a style statement. It is still very much in the fashion trends and it intends to remain this way too. The V-neck chiffon is a reasonable option for maternity dresses for formal occasions and weddings.

2. Beaded Detail

Beaded Detail Plus Size Maternity Dress

This top comes in a navy blue and it features a scoop neck with beaded designing. Along with that, the short sleeves and the loose fit make it a beneficial summer dress. With the right fit, you will look exceedingly beautiful with a dress of this sort.

1. Cap Sleeve Tie Detail

Cap Sleeve Tie Detail Plus Size Maternity Dress

The cap sleeves along with the round neck make this dress one of the hot favorites among the plus size maternity dresses, which has the thumbs up from all critics. The black and white lining imparts a contemporary look, and it will suffice as a formal dress or a dress that you can wear to work. The waistline is not made prominent, and that serves to make the belly less protruding. For a lasting look, that is sure to stay in the fashion trends, this is the dress that you should consider.


While you are pregnant, one cannot wear the usual clothes. That makes these plus size maternity dresses an important collection that you need to try out. For a trendy look, you will find this collection very helpful. Make sure that the dress fits you well before purchasing because a nice fitting is important for a finished and balanced look.

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