32 Pretty Nail Design Ideas

 Although every season sees tons of new nail designs and the fashion industry is getting rather full of them, things do get boring after the first few times. Besides, you don’t want people to recognize your look from a red carpet. Here is a list of nail design ideas 2015 that will help you solve this problem with a touch of creativity. Now you can think up your own themes for the best personalized look.

32. Ombre Nail Design for Short Nails

Ombre Nail Design for Short Nails

Most of the time, it’s all about colors! Use your imagination to make gradients from darker shades towards lighter tones or vice versa. The merger of keenly selected shades with the augmentation of glitters comes out as a real beauty one has not even expected!

31. Passionate Hearts Nail Design

Passionate Hearts Nail Design

If you have that little spark of zeal, you can do it! The fervent you are, the classy the nail designs will be! Utilize the variation of supple colors light baby pinks and an amalgam of blacks and reds to sketch shapes including cute and appealing hearts. Always try the shapes on sticking tape that can be easy way to draw whatever you want!

30. Heart French Mani

Heart French Mani

Playing with the French manicure! No second thought as they are decidedly the best nail design ideas! Initiate with the customarily applied transparent paint as the base and then select a color of your choice in the shades of pinks or reds. Either use a sticking tape to cut the shapes of hearts in different sizes or if you are an expert try without the tape, and sketch the heart at one side of the nail tip having single stripes of lighter colors in them. Voila!

29. Messy Nail Design

Messy Nail Design

Abstracts and muddled up combinations surprise you every time! Experimenting with a variety of colors and attaining a hand-on experience is the best thing a girl can get. Employ whites as base colors and try out darker shades like royal blue, reds and greens to create blur schemes, dots and messy patterns to stand out of the crowd!

28. The Geometric Red Nail Design

The Geometric Red Nail Design

Party with the Red, the “never out of season” hue regardless what nail design ideas you have in mind! Paint your nail tips red and get on a race to draw artistic and novel geometric patterns in suitable sizes for every nail. Without any doubt, Red steals the limelight, no matter what!

27. Bright Nail Design

Bright Nail Design

Whatever you do, do it your way! It is equally applicable in creating nail designs. The greatest matches ever seen come from the fusion of tranquil and highly gentle shades. Firstly select a combination of two tones like black and a comforting shade of white, and then supplement the color scheme by filling the margins with metallic tones to make your nails superbly pronounced. When in doubt, bright colors are always a sure shot way to grab the attention!

26. Nail Design with Simple Effects

Nail Design with Simple Effects

Remove the ambiguity in your mind that painting the complete nails only, gives you a startling look! You can paint the way, you want to. Try exploiting your own potential in creating marvelous nail design ideas just using matching glitter to give a unique touch to your persona. This innovation with the help of simple effects empower your with a feminine and glamorous outlook!

25. Glittery Cat Nail Design

Glittery Cat Nail Design

As with the cartoon characters, some more endearing designs are coming your way! The brand “hello kitty” has already marked its presence throughout the world, and can be imitated or printed with the kitty models on nail tips. Try using contrasting colors with shiny gold or silver bases with darker margins and also super cute studs and stones for filling the portions of eyes and nose. This idea is one the innovatively glam nail designs.

24. Quilted Nail Design Idea

Quilted Nail Design Idea

Make yourself geared up for unusual events and upcoming formal, semi-formal occasions! Utilize darker shades for this fall ranging from blacks to grayish gradients while applying shimmers and glitters to look markedly prominent. Attain a quilted feel by studding the nails with equivalently matching our outfit.

23. Hippie Patterned Nail Design

Hippie Patterned Nail Design

The “oldie goldies” are always in fashion, no matter what era you are living in! As the outfits of seventies recreated by the designers are cherished, the nail art from seventies also always remains a hit. The hippie patterns with brighter and bold shades like oranges and pinks have already been carved into our minds from so long.

22. Cartoon Nail Design Idea

Cartoon Nail Design Idea

You can be much more innovative than you even think of, particularly in devising absolutely new nail design ideas! If you are good with the pencils, utilize ultra fine sharpie markers to draw your favorite cartoon characters and animated heroes like Anna, Elsa, Dexter or Tom and Jerry. Let the fun and nostalgia spread in the air!

21. Halloween Spider Nail Design

Halloween Spider Nail Design

Halloween strikes with a bunch of costumes and special patterns for nail designs! You can amaze everyone by eagerly putting on a Halloween spider costume for your nails and that too following some easy steps. Contrasting and complementary combinations are the hallmark of Halloween, including oranges with blacks and so on. Sketch the spider and look out for the eyes because the keener you are, the perfect they get!

20. Halloween Bat Nail Design Idea

Halloween Bat Nail Design Idea

Imaginary characters for Halloween are constantly loved by girls! Without completely painting your nails, draw petite creepy and intimidating bats with the whole essence of it. You are the one with the mind’s eye; you will not have to put an extra effort for generation of terrifying nail design ideas. Happy scary Halloween!

19. Tea Pot Nail Design

Tea Pot Nail Design

Pencil in any creature or stuff you are good at! Consider exclusively the finis and detailing, without which a perfectly drawn pattern can become a fail. Using extremely catchy and colorful tones for sketching unique items and household stuff like tea pots draws every one’s interest and consideration towards your hard work and artistic sense. So, lead the way!

18. Metallic Nail Design

Metallic Nail Design

Get all metallic this time! For the lovers of silver, there cannot be a better idea to merge it with a sweet and supple color acquiring a breathtakingly pretty contrast. You can paint your nails with an attractive pink shade and then apply silver towards the margins embedding the pinks from the ends. Not only it gives a precision and beauty to the nails like French nail design ideas but also the color contrast is utterly striking.

17. Half Moon Nail Design for Short Nails

Half Moon Nail Design for Short Nails

Abstracts and plains are the new nail designs that will surely give a smart and fabulous look on your beautiful fingers! Match the decent colors akin to a heart throbbing combination of minty green and lilac shades for random figures like half moon. Create a perfect style of your own!

16. Mythical Nail Design

Mythical Nail Design

Wanna enjoy some mysterious moves! Short nails can be beautifully festooned with sharp color combinations like patterns of blacks and blues on yellow base. The themes can be adopted from anywhere or they can be created randomly by your own ideas into completely inexplicable formats that will blow every one’s mind. Preserve the mystery for viewers that cannot be easily figured out!

15. Designer Logos Inspired Nail Design

Designer Logos Inspired Nail Design

This one goes out for all in trend fashion fanatics, looking for stunning nail design ideas! You are a strict fashion follower; why not thoroughly express it through your nails, one of the very initial things that come into notice. Select some of your personal favorite brand logos and utilize diverse color schemes to display them on each of our nail. Let the brands speak for you! Enjoy your fashion craze!

14. Pastel Lilac Striped Nail Design

Pastel Lilac Striped Nail Design

Lilac can never go out of trend in nail designs! The lilac background merges adorably with a bunch of color schemes that perfectly go with the rich and vibrant flow. Trust your instincts and show up classy imaginations and reflections on your nails with dull lilac base and solo stripes of lighter shades upon it. One stripe of single tone and you are done!

13. Palm Trees Nail Design Idea

Palm Trees Nail Design Idea

Fond of mysterious dark colors! Try employing unique and exquisite nail design ideas like palm tree designs drawn on exclusively darker shades of blue, purple or black. By experimenting different colored palm tree drawings, you will come up with best combinations ever of your own, never drawn before. Dark tones have always an edge on lighter shades with these kinds of patterns.

12. Checkered Nail Design Idea

Checkered Nail Design Idea

When in doubt, keep your confidence in classic nail designs! Traditional checkered styles always display a gorgeous look no matter what color combinations you are trying. Blacks with whites and likewise distinct and complementary duos make up ideal checkered patterns, depending upon the choices of tones you are selecting. Whatever style you select, apply it with precision!

11. Houndstooth Nail Design

Houndstooth Nail Design

Keep experimenting superb nail design ideas! The key to innovation! Bold tones like blacks and blues make up first-class displays with houndstooth designs sketched on nails. A significant step to avoid is the usage of lighter tones in this nail art design, so keep your poise for vibrant and dark colors to present the style the way it should.

10. Geometric Nail Design Idea

Geometric Nail Design Idea

Colossal geometric patterns exist today, which outdate the possibility of repetition over and over! Try a range of shapes with the base of blues and backs and margins of gold or silver touch. The more you keep the true essence of something, the more it comes out with beauty and depth!

9. Christmas Lights Nail Art

Christmas Lights Nail Art

What a gorgeous way to celebrate Christmas trying stylish nail designs! The festivity and decorations of the Christmas tree captivate vivacious energetic girls to beautify and adorn their nails with a matching design. Take multihued combinations and try out the creation of lively Christmas lights shining on white or and light colored nail base. There you go! Merry Christmas!

8. Valentino Inspired Nail Idea

Valentino Inspired Nail Idea

Valentino comes with the romance, enchantment and breathtaking beauty! Hence, it takes lead in season’s best nail design ideas. For fashion lovers, Valentino is a source of inspiration and the moments are worth watching! Of all the designs displayed so far this year, the Italian brand stole the limelight with their perfect little floral motives and butterfly patterns. Look out for these cool designs and be amongst the first ones to try them on your nails!

7. Nail Design with Vivid Patterns

Nail Design with Vivid Patterns

For girls who always think out of the box, the nail designs from Cavalli are coming our way! The designs entail a grand merger of exotic colors and the choice of patterns that are highly vibrant and effervescent. With these kinds of color matches, including the amalgams of blues with contrasts of reds, oranges or pinks, blacks with silvers and shimmery tones, the monotonous and dull dress you are carrying gets extremely pronounced.

6. Etro Inspired Ethnic Nail Design

Etro Inspired Ethnic Nail Design

Etro can never let you down! The Italian brand with the most alluring and gorgeous traditional prints can be taken as a motivation. A deep and thorough insight into the eye-catching motives from these fashion apparels can become a huge source of inspiration. One having style sense and hand-on experience can transform these motives into exquisite nail art designs grabbing everybody’s attention.

5. Contrasting Colors Nail Design

Contrasting Colors Nail Design

Are you a French nail design ideas admirer? Keeping the main theme of French manicure as it is, it can be renovated with a change of colors keeping the same elegance at its peak. Update the manicure with your own contrasts and color blends that you want to enjoy. It always gives the perfect look with the perfect color combos!

4. Artistic Fall Leaves Nail Design

Artistic Fall Leaves Nail Design

For upcoming fall season, why not get a fall season-y look! The beauty of autumn leaves is embedded in the diversity of beautiful colors including browns, reds, oranges and yellows. Create the pattern of leaves and trees by using these classy colors intermingled for a blended autumn appearance.

3. Tree Branches Nail Design

Tree Branches Nail Design

Fed up of drawing intact trees on your nails to get a fall look! Let’s forget the difficult trees and try to sketch branches as they appear during fall, It can be as simple as painting the strokes with a brush. For effortless yet charismatic appearance always go for two shades making a blended gradient at the edges of the branches.

2. Hop Jump Bunnies Nail Design

Hop Jump Bunnies Nail Design

Easter nail designs are fun and adorable to look at! You can draw as many characters as you want on each of the nail including cute bunnies, Easter eggs, chickens and much more. Either sketch all these items on each nail to attain a complicated appearance, or go for a single character like hopping bunny on one nail and match the remaining nails with vibrant colored Easter eggs. Undoubtedly, Easter is all about excitement and colors!

1. Me To You Bear Nail Design

Me To You Bear Nail Design

Articulate the lovely feelings inside you through the language of nail art! Teddy bears have always remained the centre of attention as far as the special affectionate gifts are concerned. Show your love through the drawings of super cute teddies on your nails utilizing the supple colors like sweet shades of pinks, grays and whites. Say it all!


Nail art is a necessity that women just can’t get over with. The summer marks the introduction to flamboyant and glossy colors, while dull entries seem to have faded to the background. In lieu of these trends, here is a list of the experts’ favorite nail design ideas 2015 which are not only the heat of this season, but they are also likely to survive through another couple of seasons. Better learn a design or two to keep your nail appearance renewed. Try to design your own styles inspired from this collection so that you can call every nail design you wear a signature entry of your own.

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