32 Simple Nail Designs – Creative Trends For Upcoming Year

Accentuate your look with a minimal nail design to generate a modest or domestic look. That is often the requirement of family gatherings or wedding ceremonies. The entries on this assorted simple nail designs collection feature some looks from red carpets and others from fashion designers of considerable repute. These designs have lots to offer and it can be guaranteed that they will serve your needs the best. The best part of these fabulous designs is that you need not to worry about creating them. They are so simple yet gorgeous and unique.

32. Simple Nail Design with Dots

Simple Nail Design with Dots

Dot it out! Dazzle everyone with simple yet catchy option in simple nail designs. Apply vibrant colored dots on light colored nail paints or vice versa to shine out different than the casual followers. For easy and effective results try out.

31. Blinged-out Graffiti Simple Nail Design

Blinged-out Graffiti Simple Nail Design

Graffiti mingles the street touch with modern glitz and the outcome is all bold and adorable idea that is hardly available in other nail designs. It is perfectly apt for girls with wild and experimental choices related to accessorizing. Initiate the painting with dark and bold colors and then lightening it in the form of waves with the shades of golden and silver. Something to avoid while applying this kind of textural coats is, heavy nail paint.

30. Mad Splatter Nail Design

Mad Splatter Nail Design

Wanna learn the most effortless and fun way to apply simple nail designs! Filling in the nail portion arbitrarily with the nail color, firstly by using the nail base and wrapping the close regions with tape, following the splashing of multihued paints confer amazing results with style and an effective showoff.

29. No-Hassle Patterns Nail Design

No-Hassle Patterns Nail Design

Appealing for those girls who want to enjoy variety with individuality in nail designs! There are scissors and cutters available in market with diverse multiplicity in their sizes and shapes which can be used for cutting tapes in the type of choice you want to get at any time. Uniqueness in nail paints was never that easy!


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