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Top 33 Best Baby Shower Games

Becoming a parent is the world’s best feeling. Many couples get excited beyond expression when they get the news of becoming parents. It takes a lot of effort to move from a life of the couple towards a family. Parents have to be extra cautious about their likes, dislikes, their behaviors and their attitudes. Kids pick up a lot from their parents hence, post parenthood we see a lot of change coming in the lives of our friends and family members. But this change is not something to regret about or be wary about, this is indeed one of the most heartwarming experiences. The chance to watch your kids grow, learn, fall down and then get up again is what makes you stronger as a human being.

So what is that pre-birth that is so important for mothers-to-be? Just like a Bachelor or Bachelorette Party, Baby Showers are the most important thing for any married couple. It is particularly more of a female gathering, because there are all kinds of nappy talks, poo-poo discussions and even toddler tantrum sessions. New and old moms gather on a single platform and not only bless the mom to be with all kinds of presents but also tend to scare the life out of her for the future she should be preparing herself for. But to be honest a baby shower is not a boring get-together of moms and helpless women it is filled with generations of women with their expertise and the youth for the entertainment.

Every baby shower is loaded with fun filled games, snacks, pictures, props and obviously a theme around which everything is planned and executed. For all you pretty BFFs who are planning to throw a baby shower for your friend or siblings doing it for your better half, we have got just the DIYs for you to plan out some amazing and fun Baby Shower games. Read on and prepare some exiting games for your guests to make the party an instant hit!

33. Baby Bingo


Sounds interesting! What’s more exciting then to go full house on a Bingo card? Women love to play Bingo, it seems to be running in their blood. From club nights to Bachelorette parties, women are ever excited about playing Bingo. So why not bring the same charm of Bingo with a HUGE twist. To prepare a special Baby Shower Bingo you need to grab yourself a few stationery items.

Stuff Required

  • Pencils (each for the guests)
  • Printed Bingo Sheets (all kinds of templates available online)
  • Scissors
  • Stickers (optional)

How to Prepare

  • So the plan for a Baby Shower Bingo requires you to print out the Bingo sheets from the downloaded template.
  • Then, name down the list of gift items randomly on to the Bingo boxes (try not to repeat the same pattern on different cards)
  • Hand each one of the sheets and the pencils/pens to your guests.
  • As the mom-to-be keeps on opening the gifts, the guests shall strike out each gift from the card.
  • The guest with a full house or the most gifts in a row (diagonally, vertically, horizontally), shall receive a gift from the host team.

Note: Choice of gift is completely upon the host team.

32. Pass The Pacifier


This is one hell of an exciting baby shower game ideas. It is not only equipped to make you leave your seat, but the fierceness of the competition will get youth guests fighting for the first position. If you have some pretty competitive leaders on the guests list, it is great to have them select the themes, because they are sure to mess things around a bit in order to gain maximum benefit for their own teams.

How to play

  • This unique baby shower games is based on teaming and pairing people up.
  • Select your team and hand each of the team member straws and a pacifier.
  • The game is to make one team member hold the straw in their mouth and then allow the other team member put the pacifier on to the straw.
  • The key of the game now is to pass the pacifier on to the rest of the team members, straw to straw without being able to touch or drop the pacifier.
  • The fastest team to reach their final player wins.

New and old moms gather on a single platform and not only bless the mom to be with all kinds of presents but also tend to scare the life out of her for the future she should be preparing herself for.


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