20 Flattering Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

Whether you have a prom coming up, or you are preparing for a battery of weddings, you must have a variety of hairstyles for prom in your arsenal. A culminating event of student life, prom evokes memories in all of us for the rest of our lives. Rented tuxedos and luxury cars, extravagant dinner reservations, silken gowns, and gaudy makeups are what make these nights so memorable in a teenager’s life.

Prom thus has its own diverse and infinite array of fanciful hairstyles, ranging from astonishingly lavish to plain yet promising hairdos. They range from rather complex ones to very easy prom hairstyles.

A vast of variety is available for long hair. Feel confused for the right pick; do not worry, for help is at hand. Behold the 21 exotic prom hairstyles for long hair.

20. Soft Braids


Sometimes the simplest answer is the right one. You may call it too sober, but this most romantic of prom hairstyles for long hair is modest yet befitting, this easy prom hairstyle is sure to turn heads and invoke murmurs. Thus it wins the top of almost any list of formal hairstyles for long hair. Be it weddings, business parties or proms. Even more inviting is the fact that it barely takes more than five minutes to prepare.

You would never have imagined prom hairstyles to be so easy! Wear it to the prom with a modest gown for the best combination of beauty and austerity. Try it on blonde hair for the best results. Don’t want a braid all the way down, you can apply a few dainty braids, perfect for face framing. Make sure you use mousse for extra shine and stronger hold.

19. Long and Straight


It is a very popular example of prom hairstyles for long hair. If you have long hair, keeping them straight certainly gains advantage of the length. You get to show off those lengthy locks you worked so hard to take care of! The biggest virtue associated with straight long hair is that the hairdo goes well with all facial shapes, not suppressing anything. You get to show your true self. With a generous amount of shine serum, the hairstyle is guaranteed to make a statement at the prom night. The hairstyle is very manageable.

18. Herringbone Honey


If you are looking for excessively gaudy prom hairstyles for long hair, you simply must try this. Elaborate in impression and demanding in preparation, the fine mesh of braids intertwined with free locks is as exotic as it gets. The ultimate fabulous look is a guaranteed eye catcher. It also gives you the advantage of a free neck. Brush hair using a paddled brush and slightly comb the top crown area backwards.

Then, create a soft partition in the fringed area. Gather your hair from the right side and proceed with a typical French braid, make sure it gets thicker as you proceed by adding more hair to the braid. Once you reach the end, tie with a rubber band.

17. Side Braid Up-do


Designed particularly as a prom hairstyle for long hair, it looks the best with dark frizzy hair. It features a single curly braid to one side and teasing to decorate the crown area. It is ideal for proms and fabulous in every way. It especially compliments round faces, by highlighting cheekbones. All you need to do is tease hair from the last few inches of hairline into a crown. Then gather what remains of your hair into a ponytail hanging sideways over your shoulder, and curl them up if necessary. Coarse and dense hair can be molded into this hairdo very easily, with satisfying results.

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A perfect prom requires everything planned down to perfection. The perfect dress, the perfect shoes, and of course, the perfect hairstyle for prom! Amazing hairstyles can be easier to make than you think.

16. The School Girl Braid


This hairstyle is artfully loose with locks hanging sideways from the braid and best for unusually long hair. Unlike what the name suggests, it is utterly grown-up and perfect for proms. To dress your hair, first use volumizing spray to blow out hair, to add shine prior to the preparation, then using a comb, tease out hair randomly through the head, securing the bunch in a loose ponytail hanging low.

Afterwards, braid your remaining hair starting from your neck’s nape, downwards and flip it over the shoulder. The hairstyle is current popular among celebrities, and rightfully so for the gorgeous looks it gives.

15. Large Defined Curls


Unlike the smaller curves which are tougher to handle and difficult to shape, these gravity-defying curls in prom hairstyles for long hair can be shaped into any look. You can flip them over your shoulders, or let them fall back to allow for a strapless dress. They add bounce and volume to the hair especially around the neck. You could tease the hair from the forehead area sideways.

All that you have to do is blow dry your hair using a round brush, and curl them, for which you may use a barrel iron. Roll sections and gather with pins to allow them to hold. After they are allowed to set, remove the pins, and finish with a holding spray. Polish them for extra glamour.

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14. Side Bun


Side buns are perfect for formal events and proms. Buns never go out of vogue. Classic and least time consuming, buns are versatile and you can personalize them according to your flavor. Keep them rough and messy for a funky yet neat impression, or accessorize them however you like. It leaves your neck free, and makes the eyes prominent. Make a low loosely pulled side ponytail, secure it with a rubber-band and wrap into a messy bun. Secure with pins, and apply any accessory you feel like.

13. Braided Buns


These prom hairstyles for long hair are almost as fabulous as side buns and equally well suited for long hair, braided buns go back ages. Classic yet in vogue, the style is guaranteed to almost never go out of fashion. Also popular for weddings equally commonly used for proms, braids can be arranged in a variety of different patterns or styles, pick one which suits your face shape and hair color, and wear it with any type of gown. It will surely leave you positively astounded. You can put on a headband if you feel like it, for it impeccably complements the style.

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12. Wrapped up Half Up-do


This hairstyle for prom is classic yet alluring, the half up-do features parting at the front, with hair sweeping across the forehead, and a teased bump at the back of the head. Tease the hair from the crown area sideways. Secure the teased lock with hairspray and bobby pins. By using a curling iron, curl the rest of the hair, and wear them down the back. Set with a finishing spray and apply any product for maximized shine. Long hairs mildly dense and textured are best adapted to this style.

11. Side Swept Braids


These detailed long hairstyles for prom make use of the extra length, bringing it down in a captivating and prominent hairstyle. Work best with blonde hair which do not diminish or over power the facial features. It makes the face look less cheeky and more ceremonial with little makeup. This hairstyle is perfect for round to oval faces. To start, create a deep side part.

Start doing a side French braid moving from the lighter side forwards. Do not complete the braid but end it two inches from the hairline on the opposite side. Secure with a band. Curl all the freely hanging hair. Use bobby pins to combine the hair around the hairline with the hair hanging out from the braid.

10. Pompadour Ponytail


The pompadour at the very front makes you an instant party rock star without offering up the formality code that represents prom. This hairstyle highlights the forehead really well. Create three horizontal sections, securing the bottom-most section with the use of an elastic band. Curl the remaining hair.

Secure the middle with an elastic band and again curl the left out hair. Tease the top most section of the hair. Curl the untouched part of the hair into the curls of the ponytails left out below it. Use a finishing spray to set the style.

9. Wavy Layers


Girls with naturally wavy hair can wear all types of prom hairstyles for long hair. They can easily achieve this floating layered look. Popular among celebrities, this style particularly suits round faces, which it immaculately transfigures into a more angular form. You must try this if you feel you have a short neck or an excessively prominent forehead.

To start, wash your hair, then apply mousse thoroughly (concentrating on roots), completely scrunch with fingers. Make sure the waves are regular and not very rough. Then let it dry. Do not blow dry if you can help it. Then, finger comb the waves and tousle.

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8. Soft Voluminous Ponytail


Having dense hair certainly has its perks. You can try exclusive set of absolutely gorgeous ones, that suit the occasion no matter where you are. Such are these pony tails in prom hairstyles for long hair: very girly as having been softly pulled back into ponytail with full blown waves down the length. Wear it with dense hair. You must try this if you have an oval face.

Regardless of what dress you wear this hairstyle with, it is sure to be a stunner. Use any styling spray to wet hair thoroughly. Blow dry one prominent section of hair using a large round brush. Set this section in a roller once it is dry. Repeat this process using more sections until all the hairs are set in rollers. Allow the sections to cool, then, remove the rollers. Pull hair back into a ponytail. Set and shine the hair using a finishing spray.

7. Chignon


‘Like all magnificent things it is simple.’ This style has been around for quite some time, and the popularity just keeps increasing. It works for all hair types dense and rare. By merely altering the way the fringe is styled, you can make this adapt to any face shape. Exotic yet casual, this hairstyle will not let you down.

The style is achieved by pinning the hair into a tight not, more like a bun at the nape of the neck. There is more variety to it than any other style in prom hairstyles for long hair. Make sure you keep it tight and simple, and apply a finishing spray to allow for maximum shine.

6. Softly pinned Half Updo


Some may declare it out of date, but that would be folly. This style deserves to be worn at proms. It is the perfect blend. The style best styles with well hydrated hair and with one that is free of frizzes. Having silky hair does you extra good. It works well with all types of hair, and faces, though the best combination is with oval faces. Try not to create excessive volume on the top of the head, for it may compromise the style’s ideal proportions, and you may lose the shape.

5. Tousled Updo


This is an amazing combination of a low and messed-up bun and glorious silky hair reddish brown hair. This style is simple and elegant among all prom hairstyles for long hair. It makes your hair look healthy, and brings out the eyes. However, this style requires extra care both for preparation and care. You must keep the hair frizz-free, by prepping with a styling gel. Roll the hair up using foam rollers, or use a curling iron, once the strands are dry. Rough-up the hair by brushing through, and prepare a lose bun at the nape of the neck, and Voila! Try this hairstyle if you have a square or heart shaped face.

4. Curly Prom Twist


Wear it with any kind of prom gown, and any shade of hair. This prom friendly hairstyle looks great on all face shapes, with mildly textured slightly frizzy hair. Part you hair from the middle, then curl the entire mass of hair using an iron. Take one side at a time, twisting it back and upwards, gradually moving towards the center of the head, and then join it with the lock from the other side. Pin to secure. Repeat this with the other side. Let the remaining hair hang loosely.

3. Cinnamon Curls


Hairstyles featuring cinnamon curls are popular prom hairstyles for long hair. This classic style’s popularity is attributed to the popular TV show ‘Mad Men’. It gives the impression of short hair, by heavily texturing and braiding the lengthy locks into an elaborate pattern. It makes your neck look prominent, and cheeks less round all the while bringing out the glamour in your eyes.

Prep your hair, and then divide along a horizontal line at the back of the head at ear level. Make a ponytail out of the lower section with multiple loops one over another. Of the upper section, make a deep side part, and sweep to left side, then loop them back, curl away free ends and tuck into a bun using pins.

2. Bouffant


Though the classic raised bouffant may be declared out of date, the style still lives as a less massive mass on the top and light curls proceeding downwards. However the style requires fine hair deeply textured. It is elegant but not very showy. It is easy to prepare, requiring neither extraordinary time nor skill.

In fact, you can do your hair yourself! Simply backcomb your hair, and then smooth it down so that it is soft and not too frizzy. Gather locks from above ears from both sides and pull into half ponytails. Secure them with a pin where both locks meet at the back of the head.

1. The Bombshell Braid


Detailed, enticing and messy, this hairstyle may be regarded as an improvisation on the typical French braid. Wear it to formal occasions to make a lasting statement. However, this hairdo is difficult to keep in place, and the locks are prone to becoming loose and falling out of place. Apart from that, the style is brilliant. Looks great with curly, mildly textured dense hair and particularly suits round faces. Curl your hair using a curling iron, backcombing the hair in order to add volume to the hair at the back of the head.

Complete a loose French braid from one side at ending at the nape of the neck at the other side. For a messier look, pull out random strands from it. Pin the loose curls into place and finish with a finishing spray.

Just don’t be afraid of experimenting. Step out of the box for a bit. Remember, the hairstyle is a special if it makes you feel special. Easy prom hairstyles can sometimes be the best. Do this and you will be ready to rock those long red carpets this prom season with these prom hairstyles for long hair. Tangled up in your choice, take it slow!

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