25 Gorgeous Goddess Braids Styles

Braids have potential. They go beyond French and Dutch braids. That is particularly so for African American women. There are great trendy looks going about which make use of the most basic braiding techniques. If you love braids; if you have long hair that you wish to tuck away for the summer season or if you want to tame your curly hair, here is a bunch of the trendiest goddess braids styles that you are going to love.

Check out these quick to prepare, low maintenance and comfortable hairstyles which are also good protection hairdos. From proms to casual family gatherings to formal dinners, these hairstyles will get you anywhere.

25. Goddess Braided Chignon

Goddess Braided Chignon

A braided chignon is absolutely beautiful. The only thing that makes the average chignon even better is braids. These braids are not cornrows. The larger braids are more attractive and they hugely improve the texture of the chignon. Besides, this is a key to a voluminous and bodacious chignon. If you enjoy updos then this is a perfect summer hairstyle which you are going to benefit from greatly.

24. Four Goddess Braids Combined Hairstyle

Four Goddess Braids combined Hairstyle

Braids can be fun looks. All it needs is a tad of creativity. Take this style for example. Four big braids that are divided by neat parting lines make a chic look. The pattern on the head is the crown jewel. You can finish the individual braids or you can leave them loose down the back of your neck. Either way, this is a successful style which has made its mark in the trendiest goddess braids styles. Hence it is here to stay.

23. Goddess Fishtail Braid

Goddess Fishtail Braid

A fishtail braid is the second most popular form of braids. It uses four strands, but the pattern is adorable. This may be a new braid technique, but it opens up a new species of hairstyles. Take this elegant updo for example. This quick to prepare hairstyle will qualify in any form of occasion. It looks great but without demanding any serious attention. That is more than a fair bargain and thus, this look should be on your arsenal of hairstyles.

22. Long Tumbling Braids

Long Tumbling Braids

This girly hairstyle is a feminine version of the usual cornrows. Multiple tightly drawn braids originate from the front. You can tie them off in a ponytail or any other way. This style can have plenty of variations. From straight down to a twisted ponytail to a low bun, it can be worn in any way you like.

21. Twisted Braids And Ponytail

Twisted Braids and Ponytail

This hairstyle is one of a kind with the twisted braids, which are bundled in a ponytail. Beware of the incredible wait of this hairdo. It may not be the most comfortable style to wear, but it certainly is good to the eyes. You can still last a day with this hairstyle. Gather the twisted French braids at the back of your head and make a high ponytail without separating or loosening the braids. Tie it on both ends to keep it secure.

20. Smooth Hair With Side Braid

Smooth Hair with Side Braid

This hairstyle is not just braids all over. The smooth and shiny hair are parted with a deep side parting. The resulting hair from the both sides is made into two braids. One is thicker than the other. Both braids merge together backwards. The thick braids gradually thin out in this style. A little shine spray is necessary for the perfect look. It’s one of the best goddess braids styles to start with.

19. Braided Mohawk

Braided Mohawk

Mohawks are particularly popular among African American women. They have been adorned by many celebrities. Try this trendy Mohawk style. It’s an alternative to the extra long braids mentioned so far. The hair remains simple and the style is symmetrical. The braid atop the head is not excessively bodacious. Leaving out some strands at the sideburns makes curls which only make this hairstyle a bigger deal!

18. Goddess Bun

Goddess Bun

A style like this will change your hairstyle priorities. This is a fitting choice for a queen. For both casual and formal nights, this is a summer hairstyle which is worth the time and the effort. Thick and bold braids are seamlessly drawn backwards and coiled into this bun. It will turn heads and it will earn compliments. With updos like this, there is always the choice of accessories. Try earrings or perhaps other trinkets to adorn your hair.

17. Curly Braids

Curly Braids

If you have had enough of the thick and straight looks, go curly! This hairstyle is an intricate mixture of thick and thin braids intricately dran backwards, where they merge and spread into a cloud of curls. Natural or artificial, your curls need this hairstyle. No need for appliances or shining spray. Let the curls do their magic.

16. Curved Braid

Curved Braid

One of the best things about goddess braid hairstyles is the mesmerizing amount of detail in it. To get your thick and voluminous hair a design is much easier. This is a hairstyle which uses that to its advantage. The u shaped curved braid up front surrounds the roots of the second braid which descends backwards. The resulting pattern is one of a kind and it certainly has its merits.

15. Elevated French Braid

Elevated French Braid

This is not the ordinary french braid. It is a Goddess look, which makes use of the volume and the lengths that you are blessed with. It is sleek and lithe. This style will suit all face shapes but women with round faces can particularly benefit from this look. Braiding from inside out creates this wonderful hairstyle. It retains the volume and it keeps the braid elevated for prolonged periods of time.

14. Cornrows Goddess Hairstyle

Cornrows Goddess Hairstyle

Cornrows may be some of the most ordinary hairstyles but this Goddess inspired hairstyle is unique in many ways. The braids have added height and decorum. It’s also a great way to show off your hair colors. The thick braids need extra volume. This version of cornrows is a great hairstyle for the summer season. It is trendy and it qualifies as an outdoor look.

13. Crown Braid

Crown Braid

A thick crown braid has face framing which is not the case with many hairstyles on this list of goddess braid hairstyles. Crown braid is a vintage look but it is making a comeback. This casual hairstyle is meant for comfortable wear but it can still take you anywhere. You can personalize it further with any variety of accessories. Crown braids are a useful hairstyle if you wish to securely tuck away your hair. They won’t bother you because this is a low maintenance hairstyle.

12. French Braid Mohawk With Bun

French Braid Mohawk with Bun

This chic French braided Mohawk is elevated and it is super neat. The impression is magnified and improved greatly with the low coiled bun. If you have relatively shorter hair, then a weave is a must. This style is great for summers. This chic new look will certainly do you good.

11. Diagonal Braided Design

Diagonal Braided Design

Braiding straight down the back of your head! This look makes use of diagonal braids to complement the shape of the head. They twist around and end in an intricate bun. It is an updo that qualifies as a prom hairstyle, but it is comfortable enough that you can wear it anywhere. It is secure enough to last a day easily.

10. Upset Bun

Upset Bun

The ideal number of braids for a braided bun is four or five. The more braids makes a bulkier bun. This style makes use of three braids. It is symmetrical which certainly has its benefits. Complement the style with some shine serum or any other shine enhancing application and you will love this look. The upset bun is particularly great braided hairstyle for women with a round face.

9. Multi Directional Braids

Multidirectional Braids

Braids are going back and forth. These intertwined braids are crossing each other in every direction in the bun which is what makes this modern look so gorgeous. It’s a great hairstyle if you wish to tuck away your shiny mane but still look contemporary. The high bun is the best part. It is intricate and it has a balanced shape.

8. Coiled Goddess Braid

Coiled Goddess Braid

It is a modern look made of gradually thinning braids. They are wrapped near the neckline to make asymmetrical twisted wraps. It is a contemporary look which makes use of the braided texture to enhance the shine. It is a great look when it comes to goddess braids styles. It takes time to plan and to set these intricate wraps. One must be careful to keep the hairstyle balanced, but once executed the style is simply adorable.

7. Mohawk Inspired Braid

Mohawk Braid

Though the sides are shaved, this braid is not exactly a Mohawk. To be more precise, the hair fall down the back like an ordinary braid. It resembles the Mohawk because the inverted braid style gives it the picture perfect elevation in the midline. This style is contemporary and it is a perfect hairstyle for a rock star look. It is also a great look to show off some neck tattoos. This style looks better with highlights and even with accessories.

6. Snakey Braids

Snakey Braids

This style features three thick braids, descending backwards, and in between, there are sleek and snakey miniature braids. These smaller braids are an improvement compared with the straight parting lines. The smaller braids are seamlessly merged into the bigger ones. That is what makes this style so good. It makes use of dense hair to create the extra volume.

5. Twisting Goddess Braid

Twisting Goddess Braid

This is an creative look which is made with only a single braid. The braid begins at the top of one ear. It twists around and covers the rest of the head before it ends into a low bun at the back of the head. This hairstyle is an example of an enticing look. It is intricate and it looks and feels gorgeous, but it is generated with a simple braiding technique.

4. Goddess Braids With Pigtails

Goddess Braids with Pigtails

This is one of the easiest goddess braids styles. Make two equal size braids and voila! However, where this style truly shines is the versatility. Make use of smaller braids and different braiding styles to generate different looks with the pigtails and you will be surprised how different it can look. Create your own pigtails goddess look and you will get the added bonus of individuality. It is an awesome style for everyone.

3. Forward Directed Goddess Braid With Bun

Forward Directed Goddess Braid with BunSometimes, one has to take the fashion forward notion quite literally! That is the case with this amazing hairstyle in goddess braids. An inverted braid runs in the opposite direction from the neck to the forehead, and there it ends in a flat bun. No need for hats this summer. This style looks great on its own. The inverted braid is not so easy. It is best to get assistance with this hairstyle, but once you try it, there is a good chance that this will become your new favorite!

2. Crown Style Goddess Braids

Crown Style Goddess Braids

It’s not the ordinary crown braid, but the oblique braid resembles it because this braid circles the head and covers the forehead. It belongs to the category of sleek new designs which are revolutionizing goddess braids styles. It is contemporary and you are going to love this amazing look. It will look great on all face shapes. Let your shine stark black hair show with this hairstyle.

1. Flower Braids

Flower Braids

There is only one thing that brightens up goddess braids dramatically. That is a bright gaudy flower. This vintage accessory is eternal because it is unparalleled in the mesmerizing effect that this style boasts. A twisted braided bun is excellent for housing a flower at the nape of the neck. Go colorful this summer and check out this ultimate outdoors look. It is a certain success. Better still! If you really feel like this hairstyle shows off your persona, this could become your next signature look!

Braids are infinitely versatile. They fall under numerous categories and each category is more enticing than the other. Needless to say, one can always find a new braided hairstyle. Goddess braids are unparalleled because their sheer shine, volume and length give you ample room to experiment with all kinds of braids and all kinds of braided buns and chignons. These experiments are continuously generating hot new trends. Check out these goddess braids styles. These styles are the best in the business. They are trendy and they are versatile and can be worn to casual occasions, formal gatherings and day time outings. Choose your new summer look from among this braided looks and you will not make a bad decision.

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