7 Stunning Ideas For Your Long Wavy Hair

Long wavy hairstyles are quite a trend now. Just get a curling iron and create amazing and fun hairstyles that look pleasing in any season. Long wavy hair can be created quite easily by sweeping brush through your curls. The soft roots of hair are aesthetic for every face shape so you can easily pull off a style you like or make your own. Some ideas to help you are written below.

7. Vivacious Volume Wavy Hair


This is a great idea for your long wavy hair. Make your hairs curl with a soft swoop and twists and create flattering waves. To enhance the contrasting appearance, add caramel highlights to the dark chocolate shade. Use a shine spray to turn your curls into huge large waves.

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 6. Cascades Curls for Wavy Hair


Combing through a centre part and curling your hairs away from face can give a soft and warm cascading feel which is trending nowadays. A platinum blonde colour looks even more gorgeous which glows when light hits at distinct sections of your hair. This is one of the best hairstyles for wavy hair.

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 5. Summer Locks For Wavy Hair


Spiraling around in a twisting fashion, golden brown locks shine when sun light hits on them. Its colour is gorgeous for a long wavy hair. This style looks more fresh and natural as compared to others.

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 4. Long Wavy Laval Hair


Looking like flames, these blazing waves add a beautiful dimension and stunning texture to your long wavy hair. If you add thick bold bangs, it will increase the intensity and drama to your brilliant cut and colour. Lava locks are red hot and can bring quite a change in your hairstyle. It’s definitely a popular choice among Asian girls.

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 3. Ringlet Waves For Wavy Hair


Another hairstyle that is perfect for long wavy hair is ringlet waves. In this type of hairstyle, you have to create tight ringlet waves beginning from centre. It gives a look of curls but since the locks have been loosened up, ultimately the effect is of a tighter wave pattern.

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 2. Goldilocks For Wavy Hair


This hairstyle is for those who want to look and feel like Taylor Swift. It looks a fantastic wave curl with gorgeous tendrils that swing inside and outside create a personalized fashion statement. This look is entirely on trend nowadays.

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 1. Soft Waves For Long Wavy Hair


A beautiful focus on the end of your wavy hairs looks sublime. This hairstyle gives a feathery look and curls give the effect of waves.

To create wavy hair that can stand you out in crowd, loose curls are the secret. Also note that in order for your natural hair to truly shine, you must wear the proper heat protection while using hot iron or other tools.

These hairstyles only look good with healthy hairs so you should also take care of your hair. You may also use hairspray and shining spray to create a shinning look on your hair. Now you have the ideas. So take these classic long wavy hair options and distinguish yourself!

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