12 Smart Choices in Weave Bob Hairstyles for Women 2016

Weave bob hairstyles have a lot of potential for fashion-loving women. They offer the perfect solution if you feel bored with your current hairstyle. Many celebrities came up with drastic changes in their hairstyles, opting for them. To stay on the pulse of current hair trends, the weave bob hairstyles for women collection provides you numerous ideas to wear the most gorgeous look, this season. Just ensure whether the style suits your face shape, hair type and texture.

The trendy and edgy weave bobs provide you a refreshing deviation from natural hairdo cliché look. Watch long weave bob of Zoe Saldana, posh weave bob of Tiffany Hines, Asymmetrical, angled weave bob of Beyonce Knowles and Brunette weave bob of Rihanna for inspiration and feel the ultimate glamorous impact of the weave bob styles. This season has lot more to offer you. Scroll the page below and guess what grabs your attention and help pronounce your feminine expression with the best adorable accent.

  • What perplexes most of the women in weave bob hairstyles is deciding the length of hair. The best solution to this problem is to see what’s best for you.
  • If you’re obsessed with having weave bobs and do not have volume, the immediate solution is to go for synthetic weave.
  • Try a few styles to reach a conclusive decision and stay with that, this season.

12. Choppy Medium Weave Bob Hairstyle

Choppy Medium Weave Bob Hairstyle

To enhance your generic medium bob to enhance the shape and the sleek look, the best way is to get a choppy cut. Upgrade your medium bob hairstyle with this finish and it looks way better. This personalized look will make you look classy and it will make you look absolutely adorable. With this great new look, styling is not any difficult either and can be performed in 10 minutes tops.

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How to Style:

  • Blow Dry hair gently
  • Whether you have bangs upfront or simple locks take a small amount of styling crème of your choice and add it to the front portion.
  • Use a paddle brush to slowly smoothen out that applied crème along with medium heat blow dry.
  • After finishing the front, brush along the rest of the hair, or use your fingers to tweak out edges.
  • Finish the look with some setting or holding spray.

Recommended Product:

  • For the perfect shine and a sturdy hold, get yourself Paul Mitchell’s Spray Wax.

Recommended Face:

  • It looks best on oval and round faces, where it brings out the cheekbones to enhance your beauty.

11. Sleek Long Weave Bob Hairstyle

Sleek Long Weave Bob Hairstyle

This hairstyle is a slightly longer version of medium length sleek bobs and it looks a lot more fabulous. If you are on the lookout for a perfect classic look with heavy bangs to complete the look, this type of weave bob hairstyles for women will do a splendid job in accomplishing that.

How to Style:

  • Blow Dry hair inwards with a classic cut
  • Add matte texturizing powder. This helps your hair on the crown area to attain extra volume.
  • Lift them up as you resume blow drying your hair
  • Use a paddle brush to comb the hair inwards and continue by folding the tips inwards rather than outwards
  • Add the final touches; add bounce to your bangs by lifting them up with a comb and blow drying the roots.
  • Secure the look with a flexible holding spray.

Recommended Product:

  • OSiS Dust It Mattifying Powder is the best product which will let you volumize your hair uniformly and to attain a natural bounce. Keep your volume to the top notch with this product.

Recommended Face:

  • This is one of the best bob hairstyles for black women and It will also look great on oval faces, but triangular and round shaped faces will also benefit from the face framing.

10. Blunt Weave Bob with Short Horizontal Bangs

Blunt Weave Bob with Short Horizontal Bangs

For a touch of elegance with an equal share of funk, try this showy and in-the now option from the list of weave bob hairstyles for women which is absolutely to die for if you have naturally curly hair or you have a nag for curly bob hair by using an iron. This hairstyle is a great choice with jet black hair, and it will win your heart. The weaves are essential to add volume to this look, which makes it bodacious and the effort worthwhile.

How to Style:

  • To begin, make a side part which works as a base for the final look.
  • Make small portions of your hair; add mousse to them for a boosted hold. Curl the sections with a ¼ inch curling iron. The mousse enables you to establish definitive curls to the hair and to maintain the curls for longer than usual.
  • Make sure you include the bangs in this practice.
  • To give the curls a natural and lively bounce, slowly pull and release the curls. This way, you free them of the solid hold.
  • Finish the look with a shiny spray wax.

Recommended Product:

  • This strenuous practice can be damaging to your hair in the long run. L’Oreal offers a wide range of shampoos to protect your hair from any potential damage.

Recommended Face:

  • It looks natural on oval faces and it is also one of the most perfect short hairstyles for round faces, it highlights the cheekbones immaculately and the side swept bangs upfront bring out the eyes and offer great face framing.

9. Smooth Shoulder Skimming Weave Bob Hairstyle

Smooth Shoulder Skimming Weave Bob Hairstyle

This bob is a sophisticated and yet fabulous hairstyle which can win you compliments at your workplace. It serves as one of the simplest weave bob hairstyles which are great to use as homecoming hairstyles and on proms alike. With a side part, this bob resembles layered long hairstyles. This classy and retro style asymmetrical look is achieved by wavy black hair and the weaves contribute to the extra volume. It is without a doubt one of the best long bob haircuts you can have. So if you’re looking for some attractive but easy hairstyles for long hair, don’t forget to try this one.

How to Style:

  • Begin with damp or wet hair. Apply a generous amount of mousse and proceed with a curling iron to generate short length curls to the strands.
  • To achieve the beachy texture, loosen up the curls by brushing them. The mousse makes the hair frizz free and solid, while it helps to maintain the beachy texture for longer.
  • Lock the hairstyle securely in place by applying setting spray. Use an extra shine product for a better finished look.

Recommended Product:

  • For stable curls for a longer period of time, Oribe Strong Hold Hairspray is the best choice to go with.

Recommended Face:

  • Suitable for all faces and will be perfect choice if you’re looking for some amazing prom hairstyles.

“Many techniques have been developed to enhance the texture, length and volume of hair, and when it comes to weave bobs, there is a wide variety of choices that you can choose from to achieve the desired look. With afro hair or simple hair, weave bob hairstyles are used to enhance volume and impart stunning sleek looks which are trendy and contemporary as well.”

8. Diva Weave Bob Hairstyle

Diva Weave Bob Hairstyle

This classic medium length entry is one of the most popular weave bob hairstyles for women, and that is because of its undeniable killer looks owed to the great texture and volume and funky face framing. It is one of the more refined entries on this list, which makes it a great choice for parties and also if you’re looking for some fascinating cute prom hairstyles.

How to Style:

  • Blow Dry your hair.
  • Run your fingers along as you proceed to keep the volume and texture at maximum.
  • At the crown area, tie up your hair. Use bobby pins for this purpose, and they promise a secure hold, while allowing some strands to fall through.
  • Do that and you get this diva hairstyle in absolutely no time at all.

Recommended Product:

  • Kérastase Nacre Wax is the best product to brighten up weak and dry hair. It is one of the products from the Nutritive line especially useful for amazing long bobs.

Recommended Face:

  • If you are one of the girls with an oval face shape, this look makes you look absolutely gorgeous.

7. Sparkle Medium Weave Bob Hairstyle

Sparkle Medium Weave Bob Hairstyle

Make the best use of sew in weaves by using this sparkle short and voluminous bob. Its rounded shape is the perfect choice and that is the star attraction of this style which makes it a terrific entry. This short bob hairstyle illuminates the eyes and frames the face perfectly thanks to the well fitting side swept bangs that come along with the look. You can also chose from some amazing emo hairstyles for girls here if you’re looking for something different.

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How to Style:

  • Begin with a classic blow dry
  • Try to get straight hair, because due to the short length, curls won’t bring out much unless you make the hairstyle wet, and that loses the perfect round shape.
  • Comb up the hair during the blow dry so that you make a good use of the weaves and have a boosted volume.

Recommended Product:

  • Redken’s Water Wax is the best choice to add shine to the hair but keeping it from becoming too greasy.

Recommended Face:

  • Weave bob hairstyles for women like this one look good on all kinds of faces from round to oval and square shapes.

6. Graduated Weave Bob Hairstyle

Graduated Weave Bob Hairstyle

A graduated bob is one of the best inverted bob looks, and it is an essential entry when it comes to the best weave bob hairstyles for women. To show off a perfect medium haircut, one needs a sleek look. It is made even more exotic and eye-catching by the extra volume contributed by the sew in weaves to generate this priceless asymmetric medium length bob with freely hanging tresses that reach the shoulder.

How to Style:

  • With a good straightening iron, get yourself straight shiny hair after you have had the haircut.
  • Finish off with a good shine spray which is essential for the ultimate shiny look characteristic of this graduated bob.

Recommended Product:

  • Healthy Hair Soy Paste is the best choice to bring out the edges and maintain a fresh shine for longer period of time.

Recommended Face:

“Make sure you are wearing the right hairstyle which impersonates your hair type and synchronizes with your face shape. Otherwise, these looks are likely to fall out of proportion and lose their glamour. A number of African American celebrities have embraced these styles and are enjoying their new found popularity. For the best chic looks, try these weave bob hairstyles for women that will win appreciation from everyone.”

5. Fine Weave Bob in Fluffy Curls

Fine Weave Bob in Fluffy Curls

This style is an absolutely essential choice if you are going with a neat edgy bob for a prom, homecoming or any other party of the sort. The fluffy curls are neat and they are held in place with an aggressive use of holding products, and they are made practicable with sew in weaves. It is an exclusive entry in weave bob hairstyles for women for a sweet adorable look. It offers a great choice for short to medium hair to wear on summer season in specific.

How to Style:

  • The fluff is generated by applying mousse to damp hair and then blow drying your hair which blends the mousse ever so slightly to achieve the characteristic texture.
  • Use a rod curling iron to add the short finely held and uniform curls. If you have enough time, use curlers to do it the old fashioned way.
  • Apply holding gel for the best shiny neat look after dividing the hair in a fine and neat straight side part.

Recommended Product:

  • Privé Grooming Cream is the best choice for this weave bob hairstyle because of its undeniable shine.

Recommended Face:

4. Lightly Curled Weave Bob

Lightly Curled Weave Bob

For an edgy look to wear on a contemporary themed party or prom, this lightly curled bob will fulfill your needs and impart an invaluable asymmetrical look with immaculate face framing and side swept bangs to go with it. It has been seen on the red carpet multiple times, and a number of celebrities have embraced this killer look.

How to Style:

  • Use a medium barrel curling iron in order to generate tight curls with the strands.
  • Use styling gel or some wax to prep your hair and then begin the curling process from the front to back. Keep the roots straight to contribute to the style
  • Tease the upper crown for a thick and full look and maximum volume

Recommended Product:

  • Shine Spray by Privé holds the look in place for extended periods of time.

Recommended Face:

  • It looks absolutely stunning on oval faces but women with round faces have a good chance of a well-suited hairstyle as well. You can also choose from these stunning haircuts for round faces if you want more variety.

3. Medium Asymmetric A-line Weave Bob

Medium Asymmetric A-line Weave Bob

Perfect for a vintage look in weave bob hairstyles! This priceless entry is worth consideration. The side swept bangs bring out the eyes and enhance your facial features. It is formal and yet a comfortable look with shoulder length hair. If you’re looking for attractive but easy diy hairstyles, just try this one without any hesitation.

How to Style:

  • With slightly damp hair, begin straightening. Run the straightening iron up and down the hair
  • Towards the edges, turn the iron inwards to generate a coil to add an outward edge to your hairstyle.
  • Curve the side swept bangs in similar face to synchronize with the rest of your hairstyle.

Recommended Product:

  • Privé offers the best shine spray to settle your face shape.

Recommended Face:

  • It works great with square faces and is a good choice for round ones as well.

2. Heather Bob Hairstyle with Highlights

Heather Bob Hairstyle with Highlights

It is one of the most popular weave bob hairstyles for women to appear this year, and thanks to its voluminous yet sleek looks. With jet black brunette hair, highlights are a great option which let you spice up your look and add charisma to your hairstyle. This particular mesmerizing hairstyle features keen brown highlights to go with the sleek bob. The side part makes it an asymmetrical look. With the right haircut, this is an invaluable choice with good face framing. It is a right choice if you’re looking for simple but elegant haircuts for oval faces or round ones.

How to Style:

  • For the highlights, get your hair colored by a stylist
  • Once done, go with simple straightening and add shine serum for a long lasting hold.

Recommended Product:

  • The best product available is Grooming Cream by Privé for chaotic hair.

1. Tapered Bob with Swoopy Bangs

Tapered Bob with Swoopy Bangs

For a bob hairstyle with shoulder length hair, this is the best choice out there. A narrow outline with volume atop is the right choice. Enhance the look even further by going for a coloring option. This bob is an invaluable choice if you are looking for weave bob hairstyles for women. If you are looking for bold and voluminous bob looks that will transform you into a rock star on the prom, this is the best choice to go with. It looks great for round to inverted pyramid face shapes.

How to Style:

  • Use volumizing crème for the look, and especially for the bangs because they need to be bold for the perfect finished look. Smoothen it out by using a straightening iron but don’t let that suppress the volume in any way.
  • Cover up the forehead by using the bangs and you are looking at unprecedented styling options to further personalize the look

Recommended Product:

  • Bumble and Bumble’s Sumotech is one of the best products you should get. It enables a better hold for longer time especially for harsh and chaotic hair.

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