15 Crazy Hair Colors You Wish You Had

Once upon a time in a faraway land lived a young and content couple. Both of them were very satisfied with their lives and most of all were extremely happy to be each other’s spouse. After two years of marriage they were pregnant with a baby and soon after a beautiful baby girl was born. Although the parents were simple people who lived a normal nomad life, their daughter however was pretty different from them as well as other kids around her.

Her wants usually countered against her parent’s wants, her lifestyle; the way she dressed, played and lived seemed very different from the people around her. She was a rebel who aimed for greatness and success, and didn’t want to spend the rest of her life feeding sheep’s and lambs but go to the city and earn a name. The little girl began to grow up and with time she developed a sense of fashion and a good taste in dressing up too. Her friend’s and even older women of the village used to come to her for a makeover before going to dinner’s, wedding’s or even random parties.

Soon enough, the little girl now grown up to is a beautiful and talented woman discovered the secret of hair dye. Henceforth, she started experimenting with different colors and created hair dyes of her own. Her expertise was in funky, crazy and distinct hair colors. Consequently, her hair dye fame reached so far that women and girls from the city began to come to her for amazing hair makeovers. Someone demanded a shocking pink whilst the other a burgundy red, someone a grey ombre whilst the other a dark blue hair dye and everyone left satisfied. Years later, in 2016 women especially young females are going gaga over such crazy and funky hair colors.

Below are some colors listed below from whom you can choose your next hair dye!

15. Yellow Hair

Yellow Hair

One of the most unique hair colors that can be worn is a yellow hair color. Celebrities like Nikki Minaj and Katy Perry have tried it too and my God, all the Katy Cat fans went crazy over her yellow hair dye because of how beautifully she carried it. However, yellow hair can’t be treated as a permanent hair color since it lacks the potential to be one and can be considered as a crazy hair dye for the sake of just trying it out for a few days and then changing back to the previous or another hair color. It can work best for particular events such as a costume party, a friend’s birthday where everyone dies their hair yellow or even a neon party!

14. Green Hair

Green Hair

The definition of a green hair color varies from person to person depending on their taste as to which sort of green will they prefer. Moreover, there’s a variety of green hair colors such as parrot green, bottle green, a combination of green and teal and even sea green! However, if you’re up for some crazy hair then a light or parrot green colored hair dye is a must. Celebrities like, Avril Lavigne, Hillary Duff and even Taylor Swift have tried this hair color and it looked bomb on them! You can,

  • Just get your bangs dyed green.
  • Get a full green hair dye which will look super funky.
  • Or some green streaks would do the trick too.

13. Blue Hair

Blue Hair

Another in the list of crazy hair colors is none other than the color blue. Furthermore, even blue has a number of varieties and different blue’s cater to different people such as electric blue, sky blue, navy blue, ink blue or a very light shade of blue. Moreover, the smurf head has become a viral trend these days with various celebrities trying it out such as Kylie Jenner, Demi Lovato, Cheryl Lloyd and even Selena Gomez. You can either opt for a jet straight electric blue hair, partial light blue dye for short hair or a neon blue color for wavy hair!

12. Purple Hair

Purple Hair

Surfing through the internet, I came across a Kim.K’s photo shopped picture in which her hair was dyed purple and did they look amazing on her! Moreover, the purple hair dye is trending as a pastel hair color which is admired by many. So what if you’re wearing shabby jeans along with a sleeping suit sweat shirt? Nothing would really matter if your hair is dyed purple and that’s what will bring attraction come to you. One of the most amazing pop singers, Kesha stunned everyone by wearing a cool hair dye as she attended a movie premiere. Moreover purple dye will look best on,

  • Long hair.
  • Wavy hair.
  • Curly hair.

11. Pink Hair

Pink Hair

Girls, if you’re looking for cool hair color ideas then you need to try a pink hair dye. There are numerous celebrities like Hillary Duff, Nicole Richie and Jessie J who has tried this hair color and it looks pretty amazing on them. This is one hair color which will make you feel young again and will take you to the old Barbie doll days when you used to play with them and buy edible doll hair from the nearby shop. You can either opt for shocking pink hair or baby pink hair but tea pink streaks can do wonders too!

10. Teal Hair

Teal Hair

The teal hair color has gained fame all across! This happened after Kylie Jenner uploaded a selfie of her on the internet wearing this hair dye and almost everyone fell in love with it. Honestly, even if you’ve never dyed your hair then this is one hair color which you should definitely try just like the Kylie Jenner style! Then put on the most sexy top, pencil heals, make a three (contour your face), enhance your lips by over doing them, straighten your hair and go on a date with your Mr. Right and that will be the very night when he’s going to fall for you all over again.

9. Rainbow Hair

Rainbow Hair

One of the most intense crazy hair ideas is dying your hair rainbow colored. Additionally, this won’t be your permanent hair dye for a 6 month period until you decide to change your hair color but it will be an experiment of a life time which you will enjoy and remember for days to come. Just like a rainbow cake, rainbow pudding, rainbow trifle, even rainbow hair will make you happy and will bring taste and color in to your life. Girls usually avoid trying this out as they find it awkward but once in a life try doesn’t harm anyone. If you ever plan to get this hair dye then finds inspiration in celebrities like,

  • Rita Ora.
  • Katy Perry.
  • Kelly Osbourne.

8. Turquoise Hair

Turquoise Hair

Someone who has carried turquoise hair better than anyone else is none other than badgirlriri i.e. Rihanna! (That was her instagram user name). Rihanna has been considered as a style and fashion icon in reference to her clothes, haircut, hair colors and even tattoos. She is looked up to by many as a trend setter for various fashion trends especially for her hair colors. Riri knows what will look good on her and takes it up, from her henna like tattoos to her signature makeup and nails, she looks flawless and the ones who follow her look just the same. Although she has got her hair dyed into various colors but turquoise is one of the best she ever did.

7. Mahogany Hair

Mahogany Hair

Now that we’re entering into warmer temperatures i.e. from winters to spring and then later summers, mahogany hair dye is the best choice for this weather. This will turn out to be the best hair shade for this season as it compliments and enhances every skin color because of the vibrant color it possesses. Recently, Katrina Kaif got her dyed in the same color for a movie role and it seemed more than gorgeous on her. Moreover, Ariana Grande carried this hair color pretty well too. This is one hair color which will go along with any hair type, hair style and skin type. However, it will look best on,

  • Medium length hair.
  • Silky hair.
  • Hair cut in long layers.

6. Red Hair

Red Hair

Once again Riri takes the lead with her phenomenal fiery red hair color! However, girls usually don’t tend to be a red head but it is one those hair colors which can be worn in different ways i.e. just by getting a few strands died red, only the roots dyed red or if you want to look fierece then go for a full red haired dye but it won’t be your permanent hair color. Red hair has been taken up by other beauties like Kristen Stewart too and it has never disappointed their fans or the critics. So why not be fierce for some time and try this pretty crazy hair color?

5. Auburn Hair

Auburn Hair

Beyonce, the Queen of music and fashion has flaunted beautiful auburn hair on numerous occasions and boy did she look exotic! Auburn hair color usually suits women with a darker skin and long hair. Girls, if you plan to get this hair color then be sure to dress accordingly as big wide eyes with lots of kohl will compliment such hair. Moreover, auburn hair color is a good spring shade as it adds brightness and color to your life along with the bright flowers that will be blossoming around you. However, if you are fair skinned then opt for a fierce red rather than auburn as that will enhance your hair color even more.

4. The Perfect Blond Hair

The Perfect Blond Hair

Girls, I’m sure you can relate to the good old days of growing up listening to Avril Lavigne’s ‘Skater Boy and ‘Girl Friend’, memorizing every lyric of her songs, dressing up just like her and even filling in the eyes with lots of kohl just like she used to! Moreover, she bought in the trend of a perfect blond hair after which the legacy continued by numerous other female celebrtities like the Kardashian’s too. Her hair color was her signature style and she was known by them, so if you idolize Avril even a bit then I’d suggest that you opt for this hair color as soon as you can because they look bomb on anyone! However, the perfect hair type to carry this hair color is,

  • Medium to short hair.
  • Long hair won’t harm too.
  • But the hair should be sleek and silky!

3. The Balayage Hair

The Balayage Hair

Chrissy Teigen, Jennifer Lopez and Khloe Kardashian are considered to be having the best hair color and all of them share the same one, balayage! One of the best things about this hair color is that it can be dyed in various forms such as a full hair dye, as streaks or just the half hair dye. This can be considered as one of the most decent yet crazy hair colors because it takes efforts to carry this hair color as it doesn’t compliment every hair type or skin type. It looks amazing on tanned skin and medium to short hair. Moreover, one has to be pretty choosy with what they wear too as this hair color demands lighter colored shades to compliment well.

2. Navy Blue Streaks

Navy Blue Streaks

To all the Selena Gomez fans, if you want to look chic whilst following your favorite singer then definitely go for a shade of navy blue streaks. Moreover, they will look elegant, trendy and will compliment your jet black hair pretty well. However, remember that you need to get a full black hair dye before going for the navy blue streaks as they won’t go along with any other hair color. Later, put on your favorite skin tight jeans, tank top, sneakers and head out to the park with your friend’s after you’ve achieved this look.

1. Two Colored Hair

Two Colored Hair

One of the extremely crazy hair colors for your hair will be dying them two different colors. Choose two of your favorite colors and begin dying, if the colors are vibrant enough then you’ll feel more excited and energetic. Moreover, try this out only if you can carry such a hair dye confidently and nicely. However, once your crazy phase is over you can go back to your normal old hair color. But rememver to click lots of pictures in that hair dye so that when you see them in the years to come with your grandchildren you laugh over how crazy you were! Some combinations which you can opt for are,

  • Blue & Blond.
  • Pink & Black.
  • Red & Brown.
  • Ombre & Brown.

Additional Tips

  • Choose the hair color which will suit your hair type.
  • Your hair dye should always compliment your skin type.
  • Keep the current season in mind when switching hair colors.
  • Opt for a crazy hair color only if you can carry it confidently.
  • Don’t make a funky hair dye your permanent hair color.
  • Dress well in order to compliment your hair dye.
  • It’s okay to experiment with crazy hair colors unless you aim to have them temporarily.

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