13 Sexiest Hair Colour Ideas for Blondes

If you love changing your hair colour very often but you get confused which hair colour to go with then this information is actually for you! The prom night is coming up soon and you need to get a sexy hair colour done to look fabulous that night, well you shall have no hesitation in choosing a hair colour idea for your hair from the given list below if you happen to have a natural blonde hair.

Yes, there is a slight of a chance that your hair colour would a minute variation but that will depend upon the texture of your for the most part, if you hadn’t had tried a couple of hair dyes previously. So, why don’t you just read what is stored for you here and see if you could find something for yourself as well. Variations are never bad and change is always food for the mind, so why not try giving your hair a new colour idea and change your look to a bit sexier maybe.

13. Sandy Blonde

Sandy Blonde

So what does it has to say! This is beach sand colour that looks perfect for a casual yet trendy look. This is a simple blend of golden and cool highlights. The blend has an even balance to make the colour look perfect for summers as well as winters. For both the seasons it needs slight of a variation like:

  • A winter touch would more likely to stay with a higher ratio of golden highlights.
  • While if you are looking for a summer look then try to keep the cool highlights more prominent.

This colour is said to be the most forgiving one as one warm up the skin and adjust it.

12. Sexy Blonde Hair

Sexy Blonde hair

Now going for this be like a mixture of brown with a hue of blonde. This colour could be carried with a wheatish skin colour really well. The ones who are not naturally blonde and still want to have that look can go for this hair colour easily. It is a blend of two colours that would go complimentary on each other.

  • This one is a bit hard to attain. You need to tell your hair colourist very specifically to get this colour,
  • Ask for an ash blonde base but this should be a dark one.
  • With these ways, you need to have subtle highlights to counter the dark effect.
  • This one is basically on darker side of blonde so go for it if you need a drastic change from light to dark.

11. Highlights Grown Out

Highlights grown out

So this one here is a bit time taking to give out the desired results. This all depends on the speed of your hair growth; it’s actually in direct proportion with the growth of hair. The faster the hair would grow less time would be required to get the desired results.

  • It is all about having a darker shade as the base colour and then according to it choosing a lighter shade of blond to have the desired look.
  • The technique is not really highlighting the ends of the hair but the roots.
  • Once the roots are highlighted in a lighter shade of blonde then wait for the length to grow a bit.
  • As the hair would grow the highlights would be pulled down and you’ll have an outgrown high lightened hair.

10. Warm Gold

Warm gold

This one is a warm colour that would look amazing on darker skin tones. The colour is more likely to be a warm caramel shade. The chocolate caramel to be a bit more specific if you want. This colour is not to be carried by every skin tone but only a few and preferably darker ones would carry it decently on them.

  • If you want to go for this hair colour and you have a darker shade of eye colour then let the natural colour of your hair stay on the base for just about half an inch.
  • More darker your skin colour, the more warmer shall be the colour of your highlight and vice versa.

9. Streaky Blonde

streaky blonde

This one is a nice blonde with a sun kissed type of a look. It looks hot with those medium to dark hues of blonde and brown. If you plan to go for a party where the lights would on a high voltage then prefer going for this colour as it would look just too amazing under the brightness of those lights.

  • This type of hair colour requires a special technique to colour the hair and get the results perfectly.
  • The technique is known as balayage.
  • This is actually done painting the cream without any foil on your hair to mimic the effect produced after a sunbath.

8. A Light Blonde

A light Blonde

This is such a simple shade of blonde to go around with. Not everybody prefers going with it especially if you are not of that particular skin tone type. This one is a rarely preferred colour among the dark skin women while usually a preference of those with a light skin colour.

  • If you have a light eye colour, brown or hazel too you need to carry this colour straight from the roots, no midways initiated colour would be preferred.
  • The lightest tone of your eye colour set a standard to be your base colour. Match the two closely, if you can.

7. The Pale High Lights

The pale high lights

This one is related to a light colour highlight and a dark coloured base. You need to have a very fair skin colour in order to pull this colour on your hair nicely. This colour combo gives a look of a dark base form on which a sheet of light feathers are laid. So it basically gives an overall effect of a hair originated from a dark base that has grown out to be light.

  • In this hair colour you would ask your hair colorist to give a base of dark golden colour.
  • Then highlight full head with light golden hue.

6. Blush Blonde

Blush Blonde

It really doesn’t mean here that you would blush after going for this hair colour, no not all! It’s totally different from what you might be thinking right now. It is just to say that women who have an extremely fair skin can also go for blonde hair colours without looking pale in that.

  • So basically it is choosing a hair colour that would with your skin in such a way that it wouldn’t let it look paler in fact it will give a warm appearance to the cheeks.
  • With such a hair colour you can fill in the gaps between the salon visits by using a strawberry toner.

5. Rose Gold


This could be a fall time look to be more specific. A good transition from hot summers to dry falls. The look you carry would look gorgeous up till the winters easily.

  • This particular blonde idea would require a mixture of many to talk in detail about it.
  • You would have to ask your colourist to homogenise golden, apricort and honey hues to get the desired shade.
  • In the end you can finish off with a few ivory highlights to give a brightened look to the face.

4. Dark And Light Brown Streaks

Dark and light brown streaks

This one is to be carried by the whitish to wheatish skin toned ladies. This look gives a warm hue to the hair with the blend of two different shades of browns. The ones who like keeping their hair brown and blonde and warm must go for this look. It would look amazing to be carried during the winters!

  • This is a dark brown based hair and streaked with high and low lights of blonde.
  • A bit to show an olive tone this high and low light combo will be perfect.
  • You can always touch up the outgrown roots with high and low lights of blonde when required.

3. Cinnamon Coloured Dye

Cinnamon coloured dye

This is a nice mid warm shade that has a hue of golden brown. A golden warm baked look more appropriately to call it a cinnamon hue. This looks good on those who have a skin tone towards a darker side or maybe a tan skin colour would be awesome to carry on with this hue of blonde.

  • In this one you need to give a mixed base of dark brown and golden shade to get a cinnamon coloured hue.
  • On this base, you can go for very subtle low lights to enhance the look.

2. Brown And Dark Blonde

Brown and Dark Blonde

As the name suggests here the colour involves a blend of two over here. This has to be a proper proportion to get the desired resultant hue. This is basically more towards the warmer side of blonde. It requires a blend of two to three shades of brown to have a unique look.

  • This one would require a dark brown shade along with a shade of copper.
  • Besides copper you can use a caramel shade to pull off the desired shade.
  • The other one could be a base of dark brown mixing a hue of sandy blonde.

1. Sleek And Classy Strips

Sleek and classy strips

This one is a nice classy look for the most classy events you have to attend. This could be carried out with a confident attitude almost anywhere and anytime. A really great office look when you have an important conference this look would create a very professional appearance for yourself. Besides the professional aspect, this could be a remarkable colour if you are about to go in an elite party!

  • This involves really sleek and little diameter strips of coloured high and low lights.
  • These high and low lights are carried out on a golden base to make the strips look more prominent over it.

Tips To Choose Blonde Shades

  • In order to keep your hair tone more natural always choose to three shades and mix them to get the closest natural appearance.
  • Get two nearly similar shades in order to curtail a wig type effect.
  • For warmer hues of blonde you shall choose between honey blonde, golden and wheat blonde to be on a safer side.
  • If you are confused between brown and blonde then go for a mid shade i.e. bronde which is again a safe option.

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