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30 Trendy Yet Easy Updos For Long Hair

Having long lustrous hair, flowing down in thick neat locks is every girl’s dream. They like it and love how beautiful they actually are. Only those who actually have long hair understand that long hair can be a real pain. Preserving your hair demands you to put in a lot of time, effort and money.

You need to have ton of appliances including sprays, irons, rollers, and what not. The time it takes to style your hair is another issue altogether. Most styles require both time and multitude of hair products, making them disagreeable for daily use. But do not fret, for this list of dashing yet easy updos for long hair will surely allow you to add an entirely new perspective to styling long hair. Look exotic in less than five minutes with these easy updo hairstyles for long hair.

30. Waterfall Braid


Looking for easy hairstyles for long hair, the waterfall braid is certainly the best. Look exotic and flattering with this spring hairdo. This is one of the most amazing and easy updos for long hair. You can wear it to formal events and proms, or at home. It suits both needs. Section hair into three parts horizontally. Proceed with French braids out of the three sections. Exchange strands among the braids to create the waterfall effect. It takes less than five minutes.

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29. Low Chignon


Haven’t had time to wash your hair, wear this hairstyle. Make it messy to add vogue to the style. Pin your hair into a tight knot resembling a loose bun at the nape of your neck. Let a few strands hang free here and there. It takes only a few moments to wear this style. Works best with medium textured hair and almost all faces.

28. The Fishtail Braid


Commonly known as the herringbone braid, this style is really easy and a lifesaver on rushed mornings. Try it and you might just end up making it your favorite. Make two sections of your hair parting straight down the middle with a comb. Take a small lock from above the left ear; pull over the left section and under the right section. Repeat with the other side. Proceed with a typical French braid, and tie with a rubber band.

Quick link = How to do a fishtail braid

27. The Side Fishtail


This is one of the least demanding easy updos for long hair. It is often considered a sibling to the Herringbone braid, only more personalized. Tie your hair into a tight ponytail, using a rubber band parallel to your chin. Proceed with the simple French braid, and then cut the top rubber band. Wear the braid over your shoulder to look extra fabulous.

26. The French Braid


This style is more exotic than the classier braids. Although it needs a little more attention to it, than other braids, the end result is mesmerizing. Start by sectioning your hair into chunks, each to be made into its own braid. Add hair to them as you proceed, this is where it differs from the classic braid.

With more intricate texture and a truly breathtaking pattern, the French braid surely pays for the extra few minutes you devote to it.

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25. Perky Side Pony


Don’t want your hair to be too flat and straight as in the typical ponytail, or don’t have the light straight hair for a high ponytail? Do not grieve. Try this alternative pony. Gather your hair into a side ponytail, and then arrange hair on the top of the head to tease them out. Let strands hang loose here and there for a messy look, and behold this unique piece of art. You simply cannot do this wrong, nor can you give it more than 2 minutes.

24. Boho Braid


You will find boho braid one of easy updos for long hair. Although it demands a bit of practice, but once you have mastered the skill, you can execute a perfect boho style blind folded! Start with knot-free dry hair. Side part with your fingers and pull all your hair to one side. Complete with a French braid. Loosen around wispy strands around the face and down the braid for more vogue.

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23. Triple Twisted Ponytail


Try this unique alternative to the traditional pony tail. This rare combination of beauty and simplicity is rarely matched by other hairstyles. Split the hair into three sections vertically. So you have two parallel sections above a third. Put the two parallel sections over shoulders and start working with the middle section. Tease from top to bottom. Wrap around your middle finger.

Pin the twist in place with bobby pins. Twist the left section similarly. Drape and twist the right section hair over both twists and pin in place.

22.The Island Tendrils


This style is one of the easy updos for long hair exclusively for curly hair. Wear it to any kind of event, formal or casual. The hairdo is manageable, and does not require any time to time care or resetting. Separate hair into small sections, pining away at the roots. You will find a straightened crown area with gentle curls. Generate the tendril effect by pinning the curls one over another. This spring themed looks great on oval and square faces and bright curly hairstyles.

21. Messy Bun


Instant transform your bad hair day into this beautiful hairdo instantly. The Bun is elegant yet comfortable and casual easy updos for long hair: a true epitome of creativity. Section your hair, arrange them into bangs and then pin your bangs into a small ball on top of your head.

Keep pinning your hair, one section at a time to attain the desired shape. Wear it at home, to work, parties or weddings. The style works best with dense hair. It brings out the facial characters, so be sure not to fall short on makeup.

20. French Knot Braid


Think it’s too complicated and heavy? You are surely mistaken. This style is a sure head turner no matter where you wear it. Just the usual braid, with hair added to it at regularly spaced junctions down the length of your hair. The final product is stylish as hell. Make sure your hairs are shiny, and clean for this style. It won’t take more than 5 minutes to prepare.

19. Sleek Knot


Try this f you don’t have enough time to dry your hair. Apply any shining product, pull back your hair to the nape of your neck and make a ponytail. Then start coiling the ponytail around the base. The knot emerges by itself. Secure it with pins. Great for straight rare hair!

18. French Braid Bun


French Braid Bun hairstyles is termed also as parted hair in easy updos for long hair. Divide each section into three parts for a diagonally made French braid. Secure braid with a band. Roll the braid into a bun and secure with pins. This style is a special for proms! You simply must give it a try!

17.Bun Curls


Especially for straight extra-long hair, this style works best with damp hair. Take a piece of cloth, approximately the length of your hair. Section your hair. Wrap your hair sections tightly around the pence of cloth and tie it. Let them stay like this for a few hours then untie your hair. The style looks great with formal dresses. Though this style isn’t quick to prepare, it is easy.

16. The knotted Bun


This elegant style in easy updos for long hair surely has a casual and airy flair to it. Make a typical sideways diagonal pony. Twist it around the base, tuck the bun and pin it carefully. Wear it to all sorts of occasions, and at home, without worrying. The style suits all kinds of faces and hair. If you want it messy, loosen strands here and there. Add an accessory if you feel like it.

15. The Faux Bob


You will love this faux bob look. It is glamorous yet sophisticated Up front, it gives the impression of short hair. If you are trying to be playful with your hair, try this hairdo. Curl two inch sections of hair in alternating directions to maximize the texture and disheveled appearance. Make pack your hair into a ponytail. Tuck the ponytail beneath your hair at the nape of the neck. Pull out thick strands around the face to finish with the faux Bob.

Quick link = Long bob haircuts

14. The Classic Bun


This is perhaps the simplest of the easy updos for long hair. It is in glamorous and in vogue. Perfect if you have textured wavy hair, this bun suits all kinds of faces. Be your true self with this modest look. It reveals the facial features and transforms you into a different person instantly. Make it messy to personalize your appearance.

13. Messy Chignons


Dense or rare, blonde or brown, curly or straight, your hairs are born for this style. Wear it with your daily t shirts or party or party dress this style will make a breath taking impression. Pin your hair into a tight knot resembling a bun, at the back of your head. Be sure not to pull your hair too tightly.

Let them flow a little. Tuck out strands around your face and neck. Personalize it with ponytail making a crown on top of your head or backwards, and by determining the way the fringes are styled.

12. Regal Braided Updo


This hairdo is alluring and avant-garde in all easy updos for long hair. This innovative hairstyle will steal the show. You need practice to achieve perfection in this style. It makes your face look more elongated and chin pointy. It also brings out the eyes, and distracts from the cheeks if you have a round face.

Start with wet hair. Shine them properly, and then pull them into a tight high ponytail. Make a three stranded ponytail, and tightly wrap it around the base to give you a bun. Set in place with pins and apply any shining accessory to finish.

Quick link = Braided hairstyles

11. Maiden Twists


Give an interesting to the typical Maiden Braids with this elegant design, and be your sweet cute self. Start with a maiden braid behind your ear. Wrap your braid over your head and pin behind the other ear. Let the hair at the back fall down straight or in waves. If the braid is too slim, you can make a braid at the opposite ear and twist them both together. You can wear this style with a low bun as well.

10. The Half Crown Braid


It is an amazing and glorious spring hairdo in easy updos for long hair. Consider yourself lucky if it suits you! Works best with dense hair, so that the horizontal braids are thicker and more prominent. Pull your hair back, take two inch section from above one ear.

Make a three stranded braid, pull it to the other side and secure with pins. Repeat this process with the other ear. Make the two braids are at the same level. Add sparkly pins or flowers to your hairdo if it suits the occasion you wear it on.

9. Half Updo Braids


This style essentially resembles the half-crown braid, only better if you have shorter hair near the ears that don’t make it to the other end. Simply attach the two pony tails together in the middle with a rubber band, this style suits curly hair as well as straight hair.

8.  Beach Waves and Side Fishtail


This style is actually the combination of two different hairdos. Arrange your hair into beach waves over your shoulders, after you have made the wavy texture by using a straightener; make a fishtail braid over one or both the sides by gathering hair from the head. This is the ideal spring hairstyle, great for outdoor events.

7. Plaited Bun


Yet another variation of the bun! Simply make a low ponytail, divide it into two sections making a loose French braid out of each, leaving free randomly. Ease the two ponytails together into a bun. The free strands make it messy for you. This style looks absolutely breathtaking with jackets and coats. It brings out the neck for enhanced beauty.

6. Double Braided Updo


Be it a date, a night out with friends or a wedding, this style will look perfect for the occasion. One of the easy updos for long hair useful for hot summers, this style takes slightly over five minutes to complete. Simply divide your hair down the middle of your head. Divide one section into three sections and proceed with a French braid, adding more hair as your proceed. Make a French braid from the other half as well.

5. Gibson Tuck


The easiest updo after the ponytail, this style has been hitting the red carpets for many years now, and is steadily gaining popularity at proms all over the world. Begin at one side, picking a bunch of hair and twisting them, adding more hair to it with each turn up to past the ear. Repeat with the other side. You will notice a pouch forming at the back of your head. Bunch up your hair together and tuck them into the pouch. Set them in place by using pins.

4. French Twist


Elegance and neatness at their peak make this style so incredible. Pull all your hair to one side. Comb them in order to remove any tangles. Then gently twist those inwards, towards the center of your head, thus creating a tunnel inside. Fill it with the ends of your hair.

3. Braided Twist


There is no end to types of occasions you can wear this kind of easy updos for long hair. It takes only a few minutes. Make multiple low braids from your hair, twist each upon itself and adjoining with others into a mesh at the nape of your neck. Easy and fabulous!

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2. Low Lock Bun


Having locks, but don’t want to lose them? Apply this hairstyle for added comfort and beauty. Now braids. Just a tight ponytail at the back of your head, and twist it upon itself for a simple bun. What you need is a few bands to tightly hold the bun in place. Wear it to all sorts of occasions, and no one will mind your locks. You might actually steal the show!

1. Pig Tails


Who thinks you only wear them tight and straight like a school girl? Wear them messy with rough or dirty hair. Tie the two loose ponies with ribbons for a very stylish look. Wear it at home or to work. The style suits all hair and face types.

Long hair can be a subject to your frustration most of the time. They require endless hours of washing drying straightening, oiling and of course, styling. They have a variety as large as life. Most of the time, you get tangled up trying to choose the right hairstyles from the wrong ones. And then there are the bad hair days, which really drain the life out of you. Lucky for you, help is at hand.

Not only will these easy updos for long hair instantly transform you unlucky day into a new style statement, but they can save you from being late for a meeting or class. Remember to be pretty and more importantly feel pretty, for that is what brings out the real glamour in you.

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