Long Bob Hairstyles For Women: 40 Latest Ideas

Long bob hairstyles for women are sure to bring a revolutionary change in your appearance. They are considered as beauty crown for women. The extensive hairstyle range in long bob will surely match your elegant demeanor perfectly.

It is said that beauty of woman is not in her beautiful expensive dresses but in the way how she wears her hair. It is really important to go with such hairstyles which enhance your personality. Trends of fashion and beauty keeps on changing. So in today’s time, it is very important to look presentable by considering every aspect of fashion and latest trends. Normally hairstyles change with season, area, and culture.

But there are very few hairstyles which remain classy and favorite all the time. Long bob haircut is one of them. Here you will find an exhaustive list of long bob hairstyles for women that will definitely match with your taste and choice of style.

40. Stacked A-line Bob


This is one of the cute long bob hairstyles for women. A line is taking a complete angle from the chin. Stacked style is the mixture of different lengths which extremely look dramatic and chic making you look different and standing. It suits on any type of face cut.

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39. Concave Bob Hairstyle

Long Bob Hairstyles For Women

This is one of the excellent curly bob hairstyles giving your hair a lot of volume and bounce. This style is graduated in concave shape. This is a great option for people with thick hair. You strands will add more funkiness to the style.

“The best thing about bob hairstyles is that they are specific to a particular age group. They look equally good on older women as well. Perhaps this is the reason that Long bob have survived through many turns of fashion and are popular in women even these days.”

 38. Angled Bob


Among long bob hairstyles for women, angled style is the one which gives you an extremely attractive look. This style has long layers at the front and short at the back which makes it unique. This hairstyle is perfect for any type of face shape. It adds beauty to both, sleek and wavy hair.

 37. Curly Bob

curl- bob

This style is comfortable to carry either at office or in party. To take this style, just blow dry your damp hair then apply curler to create curls all over the hair. At the end, apply a hairspray to give a finishing look. It will allow the curls to stay for longer time.

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36. Flowing Bob Hairstyle


This is one of most fantastic long bob hairstyles for women. All you need to do is apply volume mousse in hair after using shampoo and conditioner. Then blow dry them, this will give them a lift. Afterwards with the help of curling iron, create curls at the ends only. Mist the hair with hairspray for a hold.

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 35. Softly Layered Bob


This is among the wonderful long bob hairstyles for women. Mostly bob is confused with having same length layers, but this is not true. This style is a combination of different layers. The addition of highlights as well as low lights will add so much fun to the style. This style is best for people with oval and diamond face shape.

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 34. Asymmetric Bob


This style is little edgy but still a chic one. This is also in the list of office bob hairstyles. You can use a straightener to create a perfect sleek, asymmetrical bob. But don’t forget to apply hair protection serum before that as the health of hair is more important than anything else.

 33. Bangs And Bob Style


This is the classic and modern long bob hairstyles for women. The addition of soft curls and side swept bangs adds magic to it. You can create curls by curling iron or rollers as well. Medium texture hair is perfect for this beautiful style.

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 32. The Beauty Bob Style


There is so much that this hairstyle has in it. It is perfect for girls who are involved in sports or are students. It doesn’t mean that this style is not perfect for party and proms.

31. Added Twist Bob Style


This hairstyle is for those people who do not want that their hair fall on face. This style will give a changed look without anyone’s help. To create this look, just part your hair to the side you want, then twist the hair away from your face and fix the twist with the help of bobby pins. You can make this style with pony and braid as well. It also goes well with updo.

30. Updo Bob Style


You might be thinking that how can updo be created with bob haircut. But yes, updo is one of the coolest bob hairstyles. All you need is just bobby pins. It is not always necessary to have a defined updo all the time, messier updo looks wonderful also. You by your choice can take the front bangs on the face. This will create a more youthfulness in the style.

29. Rock And Roll Style


Among other styles, rock and roll is one of the coolest long bob hairstyles for women. With Teased crown and smooth sleek sides, this look is all crazy. You can add height to the middle crown by backcombing as well.

“There is so much versatility in long bob hairstyles for women which make them unique among other hairstyles. They can cater to the hairstyling needs of all women and bring out what is the best look in them.”

28. Retro Bob Style


This long bob hairstyle for women is inspired by 50’s era. To have your retro, just settle your hair with pin curls, and gently brush them for a little wave. Sides are settled behind ears.

 27. Center Part Bob Style


Center part creates a very dreamy look. It is not compulsory to have this style with sleek hair. But you can also add curls and waves to your hair as well. Center parting perfectly frame the face shape especially with longer bob.  Many celebrities have adopted this style in recent years. The benefit of having this style is that it never goes out of fashion, so it means all the time you have unique look.  This is a very simple and can be styled within very short time.

 26. Simply Straight Style


A long, straight bob requires less time for styling and is perfect for anywhere. Apply straightening cream over the hair then with the help of flat iron, give your hair a sleek look. Do not forget to apply a shining serum at ends to create a defined, finishing look. This style looks amazing on any type of face shape.

 25. Sleek and Framed Style


Great fringe with the sleek layers is what this style is all about. It exudes your beauty giving you a chic, modern look. If you have naturally straight hair, then this style is for you. You can create it by straightening iron as well.

 24. The Beachy Lob Style


The Beachy style is very much in long bob hairstyles for women. You can carry this style everywhere. To create the look, spray the Beachy hairspray all over after shampooing. Afterwards blow dry the hair, keep it in mind that this style is not about a very sophisticated look. Then with the help of curling iron, create loose curls. Spray again for a final look. People with straight, curly, or wavy hair can go for this look. Same wise thick, medium, thin hair anyone can wear this style.

 23. Red Waves Style


A perfect eye catching hair color is enough to create a funkiness and style. And nothing can be more eye catching than red. You will get noticed by everyone. Now it’s up to your choice, that you add soft, flowing curls to it to add more magic.

 22. Smooth Bob Style


This style is one of those styles that never go out of demand and fashion.  A longer side swept fringe and sleek layers are easy to style.

 21. Blunt Bangs And Bob


Blunt bangs are best bob hairstyles creating a modern and funky look. To have this style, just blow dry your hair and apply a spray for a final look.

 20. Graduated Long Bob Style


Graduated Bob is back in fashion and is considered as one of the hottest bob hairstyles. It is good to apply a shine serum at your hair to get rid of frizziness, so that graduated style looks more prominent. Bangs in this style are cut as short.

 19. The One Length Bob


This style is precise for straight hair. Mostly this style is created till jaw line. Bangs can be added in front.

 18. Classic Bob


This classic bob style exudes the prettiness. Highlights addition in this style is appraised as most fascinating and glamorous. The thing which makes this style more fantastic is its length. Ask your stylist to cut the bob upto shoulders; this will compensate the length if you go for curls.

 17. Pink Bob Style


Addition of pink highlights and dye color is more than enough for a perfect and wonderful style. It makes you look prominent. You can go for pink highlights with any type of bob hairstyle.

 16. Bangs with A Flip Style


This bob hairstyle is ravishingly attractive. Bangs with beautiful flip adds more glamour to this style and complements each other.

 15. Mandy Moore’s Bob Style


This style is recognized by the name of the beautiful actress Mandy Moore. The perfect bangs and the back sections of hair create a very mesmerizing and gorgeous look. You can easily obtain this look by yourself and go for stylist as well.

 14. Chin Length With Short Fringe


Chin Length with short fringe is best to accentuate your face cut and features. Blow dry would be enough to style the bob. Add a mist of shining serum for a beautiful look.

 13. Slice Of Light Style


This is one of the most popular long bob hairstyles for women. A slice of lighter color e.g. ginger color at front makes your hair attractive and beautiful. Blend of two colors can also be that slice of color. You can part your hair to middle or side according to your choice. Dry your hair using round brush from the neck to the upper side. Round, oval, heart face shapes are best for this style.

12. Inverted Bob With Layers


With the addition of layering, stylish and edgier look can be obtained. Short side bangs though are optional but can be added to have a funkier look.

 11. Crowning Highlights


Highlights added in crown will make that portion prominent and attractive. Apart crown, highlights can be added at forehead. Addition of volume will enhance the highlights and style.

 10. Beautiful Blowout Hairstyle


Well, going to a party; just give it a blow! Damp the hair using a gel and thermal spray. While carefully working through sections blow dry and increase volume using round brush. Be sure to create soft curls on the ends. Put on the hold medium spray and you are ready to go. Any face shape, any hair length; just don’t forget to ‘blowout’ before hanging out.

 9. Dramatic Sweep Style


This dramatic sweep is one of those best hairstyles which can be styled in a number of ways. Addition of curls or sleek locks, both create an amazing look. The hair can be opened as it is or can be styled in pony, braid or updo.

 8. Carefree And Casual Bob Style


This style is for those who have very busy routine and do not have much time to style their hair. To create this look, nothing is required; it can be styled with your fingertips. Or you can go for a quick blow dry to create a fresh and ready look to choppy layers.

 7. Dimensional Diva Style


This cool, long bob hairstyle for women is accented with low and high colors. This will give fresh look to choppy and sophisticated layers. Dark chocolate color is considered as best to be complemented with any light color. Combination of high and lowlights give a much defined look.

 6. Sleek Volume Style


Back comb your hair at the crown to create a volume and use straightening iron to give a sleek look to layers. For a final hold, spray some finishing spray. You can use your fingertips to give them a finishing and settling look.

 5. Bold Bob Style


This style is distinguished in having lots of layers. You can add different colors at once for a funkier look. Addition of volume will make this style more accentuating and prominent. Use of shining serum will give it a perfect, finishing look.

 4. Rounded Texture Bob Style


In the list of most fashionable long bob hairstyles for women, rounded bob is considered. Uneven and stacked layers look very unique, stylish, sophisticated and beautiful. This style is perfect for prom and any other formal evening. Matte texture wax can be applied to lower strands of hair to achieve a messy, free style.

 3. Full Fringe Style


A full fringe at the front with lots of textured layers adds a lot of drama in style. Adding up highlights at the fringe area will look most stylish and beautiful. Combination of lowlights and highlights all over fringe area and layers can also be done. This style is best for those who have very wide forehead. This style is perfect to cover their forehead with style. Spray over fringe area and layers a good quality shining serum.

 2. Pouf Bob Style


A hair pouf style is an ideal choice for long bob hairstyles for women adding volume on head crown. You can make pouf within very short time by teasing over a hair section on top of the head, part by part to add some height and volume. With the help of round brush level the strand surface and then pin it at the crown. Poufs can be made with lots of other hairstyles.

 1. Flipping’ Out


This style is so much dramatic and beautiful.  The beauty of this style is that almost all layers are equal in length but they are texturized in such a way that they give the appearance of different length layers. To create a flip style, give your hair a blow dry to add bounce and spin at the ends.

A good quality styling mousse can also be added to ensure the lift and volume in hair.  Afterwards sweep your hair sideways. Complete the look by the mist of texturizing spray, it will separate the ends from each other. Honey, ginger and lighter shades give a completely energetic and different look.

Long bob hairstyles for women are considered as hottest fashion of the year. Long bob looks even awesome on straight hair as well as on wavy hair. So people with different texture of hair can enjoy these styles. Whether you have thick hair or thin hair, you can go with bob hair styles both of these types of hair.

Bob hair styles are easy to style and you can get ready within no time as compared to other hairstyles. After reading this article, you will definitely add variety to your style by keeping in view the latest trends of the year.



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