How To Curl Your Hair Without Heat – 11 Best Answers

Many women crave for beautiful curly hair as curls have their own way of making you beautiful, defining and framing your face. If you have wondered about how to curl your hair without heat, go through the tips given here. To curl your hair, it is not necessary to go for the heating gadgets always.

Many women don’t feel comfortable with the curling irons and other heating machines because of their adverse effects on hair. Their worries are not unreasonable because it stands scientifically proven that heating machines do havoc to your hair. They should be avoided. But then the question remains: how to curl your hair without heat? There are multiple ways using which you can have beautiful curls without any heat.

Given below is a list of such ways which can save you from the heat process and give you beautiful and healthy-looking curls.

11. Braid Your Hair


Using Braids to curl your hair is a very simple and efficient way of getting curls. You don’t have to work very hard; you just have to wash your hair and remove the excess of water from them. But be careful because you should not dry them completely. Keep them damp. The next step is of braiding your hair.

Now make only a single long plait. Making multiple small braids also serves the purpose. The choice depends on you. After this, let the braids be overnight, open the braids or comb them the following morning. You have your beautiful curls.

10. Use A Headband


This is another heat free curling method. It is easy to do and produces awesome results. You have to position a headband on the top of your head. Now carefully pin every single section of your hair over the headband but keep in mind to work with a single section at a time. This is like using the headband as a curling or holding tool, you must have gotten the idea. Now keep your hair this way all night.  Open it the following morning and you will have nice, good-to-go curls.

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9. Using Socks


The name may make this procedure look weird; but it is not weird at all. Rather it is very handy. You don’t have to put a lot of effort in this procedure. All you need is a number of clean and long socks for this hairstyle. Draw or divide your hair into different sections. Then treat them section wise in the following way.

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Take one section and draw/twist it around the sock. Keep in mind to cover the complete section, i.e. starting from tips and ending at the roots. Wear this setting for one night. The next morning your desired curls are there. Give this procedure a try, you will really like it.

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8. Using Rollers


How to curl your hair without heat is best answered by the good old rollers. They can never be replaced with anything. They produce such perfect and fresh curls which are difficult to resist. You should just keep a few things in mind regarding rollers. First of all don’t go for sponge rollers. Recent studies have shown evidence that the sponge rollers tend to eat away the moisture of your hair and also deprive them of some beneficial and required oils.

The magnetic types or those having sating work fine. Secondly, the size of the roller will determine the size of your curls. If you choose large rollers you will have large and loose curls and vice versa.

7. Using Soda Cans


If you don’t have rollers, and don’t have any strong braiding skills either and now you are thinking about how to curl your hair without heat then here it is. The soda cans procedure might sound awkward but its very easy to do and gives favourable results. You have to use empty soda cans the same way you would use rollers.

The only difference is that this procedure is more suitable for long hair, because you have to curl your hair around the soda can which is larger in diameter than simple rollers. Begin with mousse applied damp hair and divide your hair into sections. Now wrap these sections around the cans and to secure them you may use anything like bobby pins or elastic bands etc. Now let the hair dry naturally and then remove the cans. Here you are with your stunning curls.

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6. Using Curl Creams


This way is best suitable for women having already wavy hair. All you need is a potential curling cream which can define your hair into beautiful and distinct curls. Such products take less time and effort and result in the curls of your liking.

What is more attractive regarding these creams is that they don’t have to be applied every day. In order to reactivate the effect of these creams, you have to dampen your hair and comb your hair or work fingers through your hair. Poof! You are again blessed with beautiful curls.

5. Using Flexi-rods


Flexi-rods are another heat-free alternative to curl your hair. With the advancements in technology, more and more ways are being devised to answer the question: how to curl your hair without heat. The flexi-rods work on the same principle as rollers or soda cans. One advantage of these rods is that they give you a lot of liberty to choose the size of your curls. After dividing your hair into different sections, you have to twist them around the flexi rods and keep them in place until your curls are ripe and ready to go.

4. Bantu Knots


Bantu knots are a simple yet very good way to curl your hair. They give you two advantages and two different styles actually. Bantu Knots are themselves a hair styling technique which means you can wear the knots in public. But as the focus is on curls here, so what you need to do is that you should tie your hair into tight Bantu knots and give them some time to get curled. Open them out and you will have the beautiful curls you want. What is more to Bantu knots is that they work equally good on dry and wet hair.

3. Using Curl Formers


The curl formers are a unique way to curl your hair. They come in varied sizes which give you the leverage of choosing your desired size for curls. Be it tight curls or large waves, nothing is difficult when you are using curl formers. It is a handy and heat-free way of curling your hair to get one of the perfect curly hairstyles.

2. Pin Curls


Some women have reported ruptured scalp because of the use of over-night rollers. If you have also faced this problem and still want another way about how to curl your hair without heat then try this one. You need a lot of bobby pins and then some patience as well because this procedure requires more time and a little more effort. Arrange your hair into different sections.

Now either twist the hair or tie them into small knots and then secure them in the position they are with the help of bobby pins. You can conceal these pins by covering your head in any fashionable way. Keep the hair this way for a day or so. Open the pins then and you have your curls. It must be mentioned that the curls produced this way will be worth the wait.

1. Make Multiple Small Buns


How to curl your hair without heat is answered in the simplest manner by this procedure. You don’t need any special creams or anything to do it. You just need two hands and a little concentration. Separate your hair into several different sections. The thickness of these separations will determine the looseness of the curls. Now take each section and make a small bun of it. Remember you should make this bun by twisting the hair from tip to root. The number of curls will be directly proportional to the number of buns you have made. Keep your hair this way for the whole night. Undo this bun in the morning and flaunt your beautiful curls.

The above given list is a combination of the best answers to the often asked question: How to curl your hair without heat. By following these procedures you will save your hair from the adverse effects of the heat which different curling machines give.

Curling your hair without heat can be tricky if you don’t follow the steps keenly. If you want your hair to be curly and you also want to save them from the damage of heat then you have to pay the price of it. The price is not that much to be afraid of, it’s just that you have to do a little homework and put a little effort into styling your hair. Apart from it, one thing also needed is a little patience because when you are avoiding heat, you have to give your hair some time to curl naturally.

Lastly you must keep in mind that you should always use your own imagination, creativity and fashion sense while styling your hair. This will give you confidence regarding your hair and you will wear the styles more elegantly.

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