25 Long Bob Hairstyles For Black Women

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Hairstyle is a woman’s best accessory and it gets its real meaning when it comes to afro hair. Each new season, the hairstylists surprise us by splendid mix of natural and weave hairstyle for every occasion and event. Long bob hairstyles for black women are made to suit various facial contours and features and impart a dramatically sizzling look. They have become a trend of new season and even girls with poker straight hair copy the image. Well, if you already got fluffy curls you should definitely wear them. Below is the list of some funky long bob hairstyles for women of color.

25. A Sleek Bob For Black Women

A sleek Bob for Black WomenIf you want a ‘do between reserved and modish; it is no other than classic sleek bob hairstyle. Apply a styling crème on towel dried hair and then blow dry your hair. Section off the top of your hair and begin flat ironing hair. Work in small sections and lightly bend the ends under. For an added sleek impact, use oil on middle lengths and ends of your hair. Use a finishing spray to end your styling preparation. This is one of those long bob hairstyles for black women that look amazing on all facial outlines.

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24. Blunt Bob With Short Horizontal Bangs

Blunt-Bob-With-Short-Horizontal-BangsIf you want to give yourself a touch of elegance with style, you should opt for this beautiful bob haircut. The blunt bob will accentuate your lovely facial features, drawing attention to your facial contours. Your freshness is highlighted with a touch of arresting juvenile signature look.

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Bob hairstyles dramatically accentuate the thickness of your hair and their sleekness and sheen is tremendously highlighted. There is no surprise, therefore, that celebrities find attraction in bob hairstyles and hence their fans love to copy the gorgeous looks.

23. Smooth Shoulder Skimming Bob

Smooth-Shoulder-Skimming-BobIn long bob hairstyles, it remains one of the simplest forms of long bob hairstyle for black women. This hairdo has similarities with the classy asymmetric versions of sleek updos for women of color. Here you have a little tapper layering at the ends. It surely enhances your feminine appeal. The skimming bob looks extremely gorgeous when done on oval or round faces.

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22. Shiny Bob With A Side Fringe

Shiny-Bob-With-A-Side-FringeIf you are looking for volume and grace in your hair, this gorgeous wave hairstyle is a perfect choice. Recommended to adorn particularly round faces! You get a classy image with this style and best present the chubbiness of your jaw line lacing it with gorgeous tendril that move all around it. However, it can also go pleasing on oval and heart-shaped facial outlines. Your preparation for this styling begins from applying a good quality styling cream on your hair. You can choose OSiS Buff for the purpose. Now start wrapping the hair with the help of a paddle brush. For turning the ends of the hair inside, use a flat curling iron.

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21. Creamy Asymmetrical Long Bob For Black Women

Creamy-Asymmetrical-Long-Bob-For-Black-WomenIn the extensive range of long bob hairstyles for black women, it uniquely stands as the best and the most flattering modern version of a bob haircut. The asymmetrical parting hugs on one side your chin point whereas on the other side reaches to your collarbone. It is an elegant yet simplest long bob hairstyle that has no complex styling and can easily be worn.

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20. Stunning Inverted long Bob for Black Women

Stunning Inverted long Bob for Black WomenWhen going to party, try this long bob hairstyle. It looks very natural and you can wear it temporarily if you do not want to cut. You can easily personalize it by dying your natural hair with colors that are suitable to your personality. The fluent layering appears absolutely gorgeous and makes a dramatic effect and defines your classy taste in styling. If you have thick hair with a toned body frame, it is surely your style. Your glam look can further be accentuated if you opt for hair coloring.

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Long and medium-length bobs look breathtaking and splendid on perfectly smooth and glossy hair. Thus, to ensure the real luster of long bob hairstyles, you should apply the best of styling products and styling techniques to bring forth the real magic of your chosen bob cut.

19. Glamorous Diva Bob For Black Women

Glamorous Diva Bob for Black WomenThe glamorous diva is one of the unique long bob hairstyles for black women. It is worn by the most glamorous celebrities and fashion icons like Rihanna on runways and red carpet. This fabulous long bob looks fantastic, and is a more refined hairstyle to make you look outstanding and confident when in public. Don’t forget that a haircut is your face frame, and it should be ideal for its shape. This long bob is not only outstanding in its silhouette; it highlights the natural glow of your face and the sparkle of your eyes. This hairstyle is best suited to round and oval shaped faces.

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18. Layered Long Bob For Adorable Curls

 Layered-Long-Bob-For-Adorable-CurlsYour smart curls make it easy for you to get into the new season groove by taking the option of layered long bob.  The preparation for this style begins from wet hair. Apply a smoothening cream to tend the texture and then blow dry them. If your curls are not much visible, go for adding more curls to ensure a perfect look. It looks more impressive when styled off from the centered.

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17. Elongated Long Bob for Black Women

Elongated Long Bob for Black WomenThis bob hairdo is best known for lengthening your face shape. If you want to diminish the round outline of your facial contours, this is your cup of tea. This long bob will make your chin look elongated and will make the chubbiness of your cheeks disappear. It remains the best option for a showy play of lines with your unique tendrils and getting a sure smart look.

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16. Shoulder-Grazing Lob with Long Bob Hairstyle

Shoulder-Grazing-Lob-with-Long-Bob-Hairstyle.If you want to enjoy the silk and sleekness of your relaxed black locks, you must try this dazzling shoulder-grazing lob. It is exceedingly spectacular in appearance and best complements your look with bangs and waves.

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15. Layered Lob With Thick Bangs Across The Forehead

 Layered-Lob-with-Thick-Bangs-across-the-ForeheadWhen thinking about having a bob hairstyle, do not miss this beautiful example of flawlessly straight polished bob. It is certainly the most pleasant option in long bob hairstyles that you can generate only experimenting with variation in length and finish for the edges. For twisted face framing and blunt bangs across your forehead, this is the best hairdo with all its gorgeous long angled layers.

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14. Asymmetric Bob With Uneven Length

Asymmetric-Bob-with-Uneven-LengthIt is not always the symmetrical and even length hair that can make styling. A little deviation from the formal and conventional pre-requisites widens your options and looks more stunning and eye-grabbing. This is perhaps the reason that makes asymmetric bob with uneven length in the entire styling nuances of long bob hairstyles for black women more appealing. This hairdo not only decides on the classy haircut with a unique twist, but also the wavy and crippled look in your hair length. It is achieved if your bob is styled with a side parting. It is of great value that asymmetric hairstyles often look more sophisticated than the symmetric ones, and most of the celebrities adopt this trick to their advantage.

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13. Classic Symmetric Bob

Classic-Symmetric-BobAnother sophisticated choice in the extensive range of long bob hairstyles for black women.  This stunning symmetric bob encircles your face and brings out the lovely girlish image of you. By doing this hairstyle you will fall in love with its A-line silhouette, flattering length and layering for the face-framing tendrils. Perfectly suitable for round and oval faces and will be the best hair alternative to attend offices as well as formal events.

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12. Jaw Grazing Long Bob

 Jaw-Grazing-Long-Bob.jIt is meant for those who want to flatter their long sleek layers in bob cuts styling. They can try this jaw grazing bob that will give them the pleasure of being prominent in a crowd and all eyes will be on them. Elliptical and triangle face shapes are the best to wear this amazing haircut. To personalize it further, go for adding curls at the ends for a modish smart look.

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11. Chopped Shattered Bob

 Chopped-Shattered-BobAs the name indicates, the choppy ends of this haircut impart you the chic A-line picture. The fabulous texture of your hair plays to complement its real glow. Thus it remains the best in different long bob hairstyles. The shaggy ends with sleek and glossy layers are enough to prove it face flattering hairstyle. Perfect to create a sedate and decorous look in all long bob hairstyles for black women!

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10. Long Bob Rebel Layers Hairstyle

Long-Bob-Rebel-Layers-Hairstyle.The styling in this hairdo is shorter layers on the front longer on the back part make it more appealing to the eye. This allows you to keep your face clear and hence grab attention on the features and the complexion. This characteristic of the long bob rebel layers hairstyle makes it an ideal choice for all those who have narrow features. What makes this style sizzling and eye-catching is the setting of natural hair in an entirely reverse flow. Begin styling with the wet hair and create first a deep side parting. Now use a styling brush to level the hair towards your face. In the next step, use flat iron to make the hair smooth. For a final touch, use a finishing hairspray and fix the flyaways.

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9. The Fringe Long Bob Hairstyle

The-Fringe-Long-Bob-HairstyleThis long bob hairstyle recalls the much admired fashion icon Rihanna’s wispy curved fringe long bob stunning hairdo. Absolutely stylish and unique layers in this particular hairstyle will turn your look entirely new and impressive. Use a round brush to level hair and finish their waves and curls getting them wet and applying a good quality hair mousse in the roots and on middle length. For a perfect look, it is necessary to add volume on the crown and for that create lesser elevation on the sides. With this amazing bob style, you can easily balance the elongated faces and make them look symmetrical. Only you need to create an impression of width in the overall impact. For this, you need only to make sure volume on the sides and lesser volume on the head.

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8. Long Bob With Steady Layers

 Long-Bob-with-Steady-LayersSteady layers play a vital role not to make it an exquisitely fancy updo in long bob hairstyles for black women but also help you in achieving a balanced look keeping the hair fixed horizontally. The basic preparation process is the same as you go through for other bob hairstyles. Pay special attention in keeping every strand in place with a flexible hold hairspray. There is no fixation of facial curves and outlines with this hairstyle. It is equally adorable on all features.

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7. Graduated Lob For Black Women

Graduated-Lob-for-Black-WomenAnother fine option this season to wear a fabulous look! It reminds gorgeous Tyra Banks with her stunning sleek layers that are well-matched with her agility and imposing look with a dashing style. Have a deep centre parting and leave the angled locks covering both sides of your temples, flowing upto your shoulders. The styling is nothing complex, rather it takes no time to set the weft and create an enormously attractive hairdo adorned with a confident smile.  If you want a little variation, the best way is to go for coloring hair with ombre streaks. However, your natural hair color is also enough to wear this style perfectly.

6. Cropped Bob With Thick Blunt Cut Bangs

Cropped-Bob-with-Thick-Blunt-Cut-BangsThis attention-grabbing hairstyle is absolutely girlish and heightens your exquisite charm of your face and sleek hair. Make sure accurate edges of your hair ends and curl them inwards with curling iron. Use extra gloss to maximize the silkiness with products such as Kenra Platinum on wet hair first. If you thin hair, use volumizing shampoo to impart texture and thickness that is the prime requirement of this style. Absolutely perfect to wear on outdoor gathering and gala evenings!

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5. Slightly Angled Symmetric Lob For Black Women

Slightly Angled Symmetric Lob for Black WomenIt is one of the funkiest long bob hairstyles for women of color. Get ready to show off this chic slightly angled bob that brings out the shine and strength of your gorgeous thick strands more adorable. It makes your hair look graceful in terms of volume and present your graceful demeanour in the best possible manner.

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4. Layered A Line Bob

Layered-A-Line-BobGetting bored of your casual hairstyle? Try to have this long bob. This exceptional bob looks ideal in wavy and slightly messy hairstyles. The real charisma of this gorgeous A-line bob is the razor layering with occasional streaks that make your hair look fabulous. It imparts you even an absolutely new and stunning glow.

3. Choppy Bob For Black Women

 Choppy-Bob-for-Black-WomenYour elegance in long bob can also be enhanced by just upgrading your long bob with the choppy finish for the ends. This will make you look classy and adorable in way that you will feel change in your whole personality. This hairstyle works well on oval and round face shapes.

2. Fabulous Fridays Hairstyle

 Fabulous-Fridays-HairstyleGet this style for your weekend to become invigorating in an awesome way. This hairstyle is amongst the most cute and saucy long bob hairstyles for black women. The best feature of this ‘do is that it will go equally fantastic on every facial cut and hair texture.

1. Dare To Be Danica Hairstyle

 Dare-to-be-Danica-HairstyleThis hair idea is one of the cutest funky long bob hairstyles. Following the new fashion trends, a black woman wants these days to be natural in styling. This style serves the purpose best fusing fashion forward bangs with sparkling asymmetrical bob extensions. You just need to section out the top middle of the head. Braid hair into 5-6 rows and sew the extensions.

“Though it is the basic texture of your hair that gets appreciation for you and opens up myriads of styling opportunities yet styling does not end here. It counts a lot what you opt for and what pains you take to achieve the real worth of the strongest feature of your femininity.

Bob hairstyles provide you tremendously worth-appreciating hairstyling ideas. They have never been out of fashion and serve well the specific needs of your personae with their suitability on various facial curves and outlines. This collection of Long bob hairstyles for black women pictures the most popular and stunningly new styling options that merge excellently with the hair of black women.  They will give your image a whole new prominence. Select styles considering your face cuts and personality.”

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