19 Breathtakingly Cute Homecoming Hairstyles For Short Hair

There is a very wide range of cute homecoming hairstyles for Short Hair and you can’t decide which one to choose. The best tip for selection is to make sure the hairdo is absolutely stunning and equally sophisticated, just like a normal homecoming is supposed to be.

“Homecoming is the kind of event that demands extra attention to everything, because you get to interact with old friends and mates. Leaving an impression is essential. You probably have already chosen your costume and shoes, now it’s time for the hairdo. Here are a few ideas for cute homecoming hairstyles for Short Hair that will surely make you adore your hair and attend the ball with pomp and confidence.”

19. Sleek Bob Homecoming Hairstyle


First up is a reminder that you don’t essentially have to for a more pompous choice of hairstyle. A sophisticated well cut and styled bob that suits your choice of attire looks like the ticket. Don’t be shy to bring out your modest self; perhaps this is the right time to make a surprise appearance. Have your hair straightened and shined till satisfaction. A deep side part is part of the style requirements.

Another beneficial feature of the bob is that it will go with any kind of face shape. If you are looking for a style that should make a remarkable entry to the ball, this is certainly one for you to pick.

18. Disconnected Bob Cute Hairstyle For Short Hair


This style is another reasonable addition to the list of potential cute homecoming hairstyles for Short hairstyles for round faces.  Add a touch of creativity to a simple lace dress or an elegant low gown with a hairstyle that expresses more fiery emotions. You will see that the combination brings good results.

In that context, the disconnected bob is a favorite option among hairstyle experts and short hair geeks. The mild texture and gentle waves brings this hairstyle to our list of most desirable hairstyles for short hair. However you will have to pay extra care to the texture. If it doesn’t feel natural to you, do ombre hair for a straw like layout.

17. Pixie Cut Homecoming Hairstyle


The pixie cut is appropriate enough for a home coming party and funky enough to make you look and feel like the same young girl at the college. Pixie cuts come in various shapes and styles and accurate selection is elementary. A poor combination may look out of the place. Among the favorites is a feathered look with a side part and extra short hair. It looks great on angled faces and pointy chins.

Wear the pixie with a formal dress and add a dab of persona to a formal event. Keep a hold on your hand and refrain from undue extravagant style and hair color, you might end up becoming a party chic rather than a proud alumni.

“So you are a graduate and the homecoming is up in a few days. It’s natural to be freaked out or super excited. To ease your way through the choosing part, here is a list of amazing and cute homecoming hairstyles for Short Hair to aid you in the selection.”

16. Voluminous Wavy Bangs Homecoming Hairstyle


Wavy bangs are absolutely stunning. They make you look like a real life irona. This solid updo features regular and well administered haircut with a deep side part and volume to the front. It frames the face impeccably. A wise move would be to accessorize it with something that goes with your dress. A hair band or a vivid clip.

For styling, begin with damp hair and prepare them for the shaping by applying shine serum. This hairstyle looks better on blonde women as compared to a more brown hair tone since, however, you can cover that up by adding a decent measure of shining spray.

15. Backswept Waves Hairstyle For Short Hair


Backswept waves never looked this impressive, not even on long hair! If you are looking for cute homecoming hairstyles for Short Hair, this one should probably be on your list of favorites. What you need is a medium sized curling iron in order to add texture to your hair. Make sure the hair are not very regular, or it will create a packed impression.

Try to keep it simple, don’t bother for any personalization, the style is rare without them. It makes your ears and forehead stand out quite prominently so it is essential for you to accessorize with elegant earrings and a headband that goes fine with your dress. Although it is a homecoming hairstyles, it does have this very sweet sense of ease and calmness which is to die for.

14. Knotted Bun Homecoming Hairstyle


Knotted bun hairstyles is a straight hair specialty for short hair. It is appropriate for homecoming dinners. You can prepare your hair in ten minutes tops, and it doesn’t demand much in terms of hair texture lengths and cutting style. It would be interesting to leave lose strands hanging out of the knots. It has a uniquely catchy effect and makes you look more business-like; attributes of a person who has grown out of college life.

Knotted buns can adjusted to suit all kinds of faces; but are particularly impressive on oval faces. You can compensate for a round face by placing the bun higher than usual.

13. Short Pixie And Fringes Hairstyle For Short Hair


Short pixies are independently not very vivacious, but when worn in addition to fringes they instantly transform you to an extraordinary blissful look. Fringes covering all the forehead create a silky finish. They bring out the color of the hooded eyes. You, however, need a haircut. Be sure that your stylist knows what you want. Once done, it is impossible to change the hairstyle since this version of the short pixie is as short as hair get.

Furthermore, there is no place for any kind of accessory. Abstain from this pixie if you are looking forward to is a day time homecoming gathering rather than a night ball and a formal dinner. A combination with a formal suit would be most impressive.

“This year has come with a blast, and has brought with it all new arrays of gorgeous and sassy hairstyles for short hair. Many of them have proved ideal homecoming choices for women with cropped hair.”

12. A-line Bob Homecoming Hairstyle


A-line bob is an ideal choice in all the cute homecoming hairstyles for Short Hair particularly for chin length hair. It is sleek and classy. Hairstyle experts absolutely adore this derivative of the original short bob. Simply was your hair and apply a straightener while the hair are slightly damp. This ensures picture perfect straight lengths. It is recommended to get s styling trim after this ton ensure perfection in the cut.

The style features a deep side part and side swept bangs that frame the faces with breathtaking style. Wear it to the homecoming and you will surely turn heads and ear admiring glances. It is easy to prepare and even a novice can set the hair right with no time to waste on braiding and styling.

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11. Curly Side Bun Homecoming Hairstyle


Curly side bun maybe difficult to recreate but it is an awesome hairstyle for the homecomings and proms. Homecoming hairstyles for short hair include some new entries that have appeared on the red carpet multiple times that actually belonged to the genre of long hair.

Hairstyles are evolving each year. Make sure you have tightly pulled all the hair to your side, while leaving superficial strands to reduce the impact of the tightly pulled hair. Make the bun and be sure to lose it up just a tad to let the hair ends decorate it. Side swept bangs or complete fringes ought to do it justice. There is an obvious soft spot for women with chin length curly hair in this style. It is absolutely perfect for bowls.

10. Twisted Pixie Hairstyle For Short Hair


This addition to the genre has special value. It is flirty and showy instead of being too simplistic as most pixies tend to be. A twist on the head adds volume to the top area and allows oval hair to look particularly pretty. The swirl demands texture and a slight and sophisticated version of ombre. Combine it with showy makeup and Voila! You just finished a picture perfect updo for you homecoming. A side part is a part of the style description, and it would be vise to keep side hair long so that you don’t feel like the swirl is pushing the entire head out of balance.

9. Braided Bob Homecoming Hairstyle


It’s just a simple bob but with the addition of stylish braids. If you are looking for sophisticated yet cute homecoming hairstyles for Short Hair, this one should be on your list. The braids have this mesmerizing the effect. With less than ten minutes of work, you can boast a look of sheer texture and elaborate features.

Sweep the braids backwards slightly to keep them at an angle from the rest of the hair. This keeps them prominent instead of just dying out in the volumes. This style has different looks for curly and straight hair. It is up to you to decide which category is better for you. Better to stick to the natural shape of your hair.

8. Beachy Waves Hairstyle For Short Hair


If you have hair just above shoulder length, you are technically in the category of short hair but beachy waves can be applied on you since the length is sufficient to boast a vivid texture and thus you can make an attempt at the beachy waves with messy spiky ends. The volumes are impressive and a center part keeps your face balanced in symmetry. It would be wise to stick to a simple setting.

Don’t let the messy theme get the best of you. You must keep the hair in order. For extra texture, scrunch your hair with the fingers while they are drying. You will certainly find the end result satisfying especially when worn with a strapless formal dress to keep the neck and shoulders free.

7. Bouffant Hairstyle For Short Hair


Bouffant, when applied on short hair can sweep you off your feet. It says everything in the volume at the top of the head. If you are looking for hairstyles for short hair that gives you the look of maturity and professionalism this should be priority number one. It suits all kinds of hair and face shapes and works on all events.

Learn this hairstyle, and this one single skill can help you through all the different kinds of events when has to attend. Bouffants are particularly breathtaking on straight hair with dry shampoo or shine spray. Make sure you hide the bobby pins when you tuck the knot in the back.

6. Messy French Bun Hairstyle For Short Hair


The”messy” part is so essential that it has made its way to the title. This hairstyle is an absolutely flirtatious and showy entry to the list but somehow manages to be one of the most popular homecoming hairstyles of the coming year. The style has undeniable beauty. So much that it takes one a couple of minutes to completely absorb all the dense combinations of twists that leads to this elaborate bun. If you intend to do it yourself, practice is essential. It is essential to wisp out hair to mess up the bun and cover the twists for ultimate glamour.

5. Shag Bob Homecoming Hairstyle


The shag bob is a popular choice in the list of cute homecoming hairstyles for Short Hair these days, and it deserves to be embraced as an appropriate selection. Although it is shaggy, it fails to be sloppy. That above all is the reason it is a formal hairstyle choice. Jagged edges do compliment the hairstyle impeccably. Side swept bangs also do it justice and balance out the style.

The sleek style features neither bulk nor locks protruding. For a picture perfect hairdo, you need dry shampoo and shining spray for the finished product. Curly heads are not so luck, since they will now have to straighten the hair before they can go anywhere with this bob.

4. Faux Bob Hairstyle For Short Hair


When it comes to popularity on the red carpet, the faux bob gets special coverage. The side swept hairdo with natural waves and lengths tucked away so no simple entry. No bangs means a clear forehead, which means multiplied heaps of awesomeness for all the oval faced girls out there preparing for their homecoming. It is elegant and modest.

No disproportionate modifications, still you look unique in a good way. You can mix it up with all kinds of ombre to make it look special. Faux bobs tend to lose their shape after some time. To remedy that, be sure you have a shine spray tucked in your purse if you are taking one with you on the party.

3. Bob With Temple Undercut Hairstyle For Short Hair


There is an undeniable glamour to this style. It gives you a sassy appearance, which has the potential to steal the show, when styled to perfection by a practiced hand. Wear it with collared dress and you will fill the excitement of an edgy and unique look. Although it is gradually gaining popularity, this style will still suffice for a style statement for homecoming parties this year.

Women with square faces should give this one some thought. Of all the cute homecoming hairstyles for Short Hair, this entry might just be one of the rarest styles.

2. Layered Bob Homecoming Hairstyle


Since the beginning of this century, layered bobs have been celebrated as the forefront of innovative fashion and the retro versions of the classic bob, and there is no way the style is going out of date anywhere near. Celebrities are getting themselves the layered bob more often than ever. The tips fall from the level of the nape of the neck gradually down to the chins at the sides of the faces.

This graduated slant in the length works exceptionally well to hide the jawline while framing the face impeccably. It goes with both parties and work days. Both messy and neat versions of this hairstyle are equally attractive and popular. Both are good candidates for a homecoming hairstyle.

1. Voluminous Backswept Bob Hairstyle For Short Hair


This bob hairstyle is a successful choice for homecomings and proms both equally. The bob is medium in its length, but all the forehead hair are pulled back. This makes a voluminous mass at the top of the head which is an extra perk for round faced women. It comes in a million different variations and it is up to you what kind would you prefer.

You can always be your funky self with back swept hair. Use mousse to keep some strands aloft. This has an imposing impact, and it will be a successful trick to enhance your look on homecoming balls this year.

Cute homecoming hairstyles for Short Hair are easy to discover, but pointing out the perfect one for yourself is the difficult part. The best part of homecoming is deciding the perfect make up theme, hairstyle and dress for the grand gathering. Different people have varying motives in mind, concerning the homecoming dinner. Here you need to ponder over your own person and see what best fits on you. A sensible choice will definitely add to your charms and will make you a showstopper.

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