Makeup For Hooded Eyes; 17 Amazing Tips

For starters let’s first know what hooded eyes are, and then we can go on and talk about the makeup for hooded eyes, and subsequently list the several makeup tips. Hooded eyes are a pair of eyes where the eyelids are nearly covered by skin and seem invisible when the eyes are open. One possible way to identify that you have hooded eyes is to check in the mirror by looking directly forward. In this case, if you cannot see the entire shape of your eyelids; it means that you have hooded eyes.

Don’t worry it doesn’t mean that you are ugly; there are several gorgeous women out there with hooded eyes in the world. However, if you feel uncomfortable with hooded eyes than there are several ways to make hooded eyes look gorgeous. You can easily improve the look of your eyes. Few eye makeup tips have been listed below to help you out.

17. Lining The Lower Eyelids


One of the tips that include makeup for hooded eyes is to line the lower eye lids. It makes your eyes more prominent. You should never forget to adorn your lids as they help your eyes stand out and make them more prominent.  Add a little bit of shadow to them to get the eyes you want. In fact, it gives dimensions to your eyes. Play with a little bit of mascara and watch the wonders unfold.

You just have to play to your strengths, to bring attention to your lower eye lashes. Before you go on and use any of makeup for hooded eyes tips, you must get your eyes ready for application of makeup. Else the oil and the dirt will not only adversely affect your eyes but will also not get you the desired effect and look that you want.

 16. Sneaky Makeup For Hooded Eyes


By applying a shimmery or shining eye shadow, create an illusion. You can create the illusion of bigger eye lids by using shimmer shadow under the brow. This gives the effect of more space being under your brow and will make it seem more elevated. You can also use other tricks like applying white colored shadow or liner to on the inside and outside of the corner of your eyes.

Another thing that you can do is to pluck your eyebrows and plaster them to your face. This will give you a whole different look and will make you look a lot more bright and cheery.

15. Arch Your Eyebrows Upwards


If you want to brighten your face and make it look much better try to brush your eyelashes upwards rather than in a downwards direction. Remember to stroke upwards when applying eye shadow. This is a must do if you want to compensate for hooded eyes.

This will make your eyes look much bigger as well and it will give you that perfect arch that is essential for beautiful eyes.  This is a double check on the makeup for blue eyes or hooded ones tip list.

14. Highlight Your Eye Lashes


While adorning your hooded eyes, your prime emphasis should be making them appear wide set and this can be achieved by putting emphases on your eye lashes. Use mascara to impart this effect to your eyes. Remember also when applying makeup for green eyes or hooded ones; sweep your eyes with the lightest shade of eye shadow. And do it all over your eyes.

 13. Choose Right Kind Of Fake Lashes For Hooded Eyes


For people with hooded eye lashes, it is hard to find the right kind of fake eye lashes.  Having hooded eyes makes it very difficult to have full or long fake eye lashes however it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. The long fake eye lash almost reaches the brow and makes the eyes and the entire face look strange. For every problem there is a solution, and for people with hooded eyes and fake eye lashes the solution is to trim them according to your eyes or face. So that they don’t seem weird when you put them on.

Another problem with extremely full lashes that many people face is that they hide any shadow that you may have had applied and reduce the effect of the shadow all together. They also seem completely fake as too full lashes make it seems like that you have no lids at all. It will give you a very plastic and artificial look.  So avoid it and follow this essential makeup for hooded eyes tip. No adhere to it strictly actually!

12. Work The Eyebrow Of Hooded Eyes


People with hooded eyes have eyebrows that lack the proper arch and are lower than they are usually in other eyes shapes. Instead of getting depressed having a particular eye shape, you should work with your brows, use the pencil, tweeze it and wax it to create the brow you want. Remember however not to alter the natural starting point of your brows as that may give you a very weird appearance. Keep it simple while doing eye makeup of your hooded eyes as it will have more striking appeal.

 11. Accentuate The Natural Crease Of Your Eyes


To quash the impact of droopiness of hooded eyes, it is immensely important to work on the natural crease. The resultant impact is obviously an open appearance of your eyes. Use a brush and blend the makeup by swirling gently in circles. Apply make up to the closed eye, start from the outer side and work towards the inner side. When applying mascara, remember to brush along the eye lashes and across them as well.Use black mascara and start from the top lashes.

 10. Winged Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes


Eyeliner is an essential tool in makeup for hooded eyes. For people with hooded eyes applying eyeliner can be really frustrating. Whether it is liquid eye liner or the pencil one; all sorts of messes can happen. It is essential to remember that when you are drawing a wing, you should draw it really carefully and slowly and while looking directly straight forward. While ending, remember to end with a base line or an outline but don’t fill it yet. You fill it in after your eyes have relaxed. This allows the eyelid fold to fall in their natural place and does not alter the appearance. Now the wing is not hidden behind the folded skin. This is just one of the many tips for makeup for hooded eyes.

There are many ways to apply eyeliner to hooded eyes you have to determine your own special way. But remember always that it should be a way that doesn’t mess it up and gives you your special look and allows you to apply it with comfort.

 9. Eye Shadows For Hooded Eyes


Applying eye shadow on hooded eyes, in particular for those who are not good at applying makeup is tricky business. For the normal eye shapes, oval, circular and etc it is easy to work with on all sections and you can see all the dimensions and features. It is however not so easy to work with hooded eyes as the skin folding prevents that from happening.

For hooded eyes, you are mostly left with the outside of the skin folding to work with. The inner and the outer corner of the eyes is where you are to apply the most colour, preferably darker colours on the outer side and lighter shade on the inner side. Mix them around the centre to give the needed effect.

 8. Lifting Cream For Hooded Eyes


Owing to their particular form, you must lift up your hooded eyes to make them prominent. You can do this by applying lifting creaming, as it gives you more eye space to work with and makes your eyes wider. It makes application of makeup for hooded eyes much easier and convenient. Rub it carefully from the outer side to the inner side. Eyes in general and hooded eyes in particular need moisture to stay young. Use a moisturizer on your eyes after cleaning them.

 7. Pluck Eyebrows To Widen Eye Space


One of the simplest tips for makeup for hooded eyes is to pluck eyebrows and shape them according to the outline of your face. It will definitely widen the actual space eyes you have. This enlarged look will surely accentuate the eye line and will impart a brightened look to your face.

 6. Curl Lashes For Hooded Eyes


If you curl your eyelashes, it will be an amazing makeup for hooded eyes that will add up a trendy look to them. There is no complexity involved here; just use an eyelash curler and move it softly on the eyelashes, giving only a gentle squeeze. Your hooded eyes will have a stunning look within no time.

 5. Cut Crease Makeup For Hooded Eyes


Cut crease makeup for hooded eyes is the best option to make them appear as prominent and gorgeous. It imparts your eyes a graphic look and is an ideal makeover for a special event. It has a glamorously dramatic impression that can cover up the weaknesses of your hooded eyes easily.

However, Cut crease makeup is not so easy to master and thus needs practice. For perfection, you need to assistance of a professional beautician or polish your own skills by watching the tutorials many times.

 4. Pin Up Makeup For Hooded Eyes


Selecting a makeup option for hooded eyes is really a daunting task. However a few techniques can impart your eyes a true bombshell and bring out the best of them. Pin up makeup is one such makeup for hooded eyes. The most remarkable instance is Katy Perry eye makeup that is widely appreciated.

 3. Avoid Using Black Colour


It is essential that you combine different colour shades rather than just applying black all over your eyes. Applying just black will hide the various features and dimensions that you want to show. Save the frosted shadow usage for the highlighter.

 2. Avoid Your Eyes Look Puffy


Over using accent colour or wet eye look applications doesn’t look right and it is counter intuitive to the larger eye effect that you want. Such mistakes make your eyes seem smaller than bigger. When applying eye liner on eye lids start from the inner side and slowly work towards the outer side. Remember to draw it slightly past the edge. Create image of a lift by drawing the line slightly up.

Do not use eye liner on the bottom of the eye. Moreover, use darker shade of the eye shadow on the outside and the lighter shade on the inner side. Remember also to accent the colour with a third colour for more prominent looks.

 1. Avoid The Drowsy And Sleepy Look


You can avoid it using eyeliner on just the bottom eye lid. To finish off with a strong look and to cover dark spots on the corner of your eyes use concealers on inner eye corners. Applying the right makeup for hooded eyes helps them look brighter, luminous and larger. However, you should practice your make tips before you actually do it for an even and keep these must avoid in mind.

Eye makeup in general is not an easy task and applying makeup on hooded eyes is quite a feat.  The suggestions mentioned here about makeup for hooded eyes are sure to help those who want to multiply the charisma of their personality. The essentials tips given here for people with hooded eyes have been carefully crafted so that you can get desired look with your eyes and show of those gems.

So go start practicing ladies as eyes are very essential in the appeal of a woman. Never think that hooded eyes aren’t gorgeous. They are unique and special in their own special way. You should just know how to work with them and what to do with them and how to adorn them to look glittering.

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