7 Striking Red And Purple Hair Color Ideas

The combination of red and purple color in hair dye looks exquisitely beautiful. Mostly this combination suits with very fair complexion but the thing is that the red and purple hair color ideas have to be carefully selected and applied. A little negligence on your part may ruin the overall look of your personality. Go through the following possibilities in red and purple dyes for your flattering hair.

 7. Mixed Red And Purple Hair Color


The mixed blend of red and purple in hair is very much common in women. In this dying, equal proportion of red and purple color is added to hair. After a complete dying process, you have to mix both colors in hair which looks very pleasant and appealing. With red and purple hair color ideas, you can go far than imagination.

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 6. Redheads And Purple Streaking


With so many red and purple hair color ideas, the women who have got red heads can go for the streaking of purple color. It looks surprisingly awesome for many of women and surely this one suits you also. If you want it so badly, don’t miss the chance.

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 5. Red And Purple In Boho Hairstyles


This is the most exclusive hairstyle with the most amazing red and purple hair colors. This unique combination can be the showstopper, if dyed correctly with equal shades of color and most importantly if hair styled correctly.

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 4. Shades Of Red And Purple Hair Colors In Blonde


The light purplish and red color to your hair will appear stunning combination, particularly if you have got fairly good complexion and silky blonde hair. The highlighting of few layers with these colors in blonde hair will enhance your glow. This makes your hair quite darker and shiny at the same time.

 3. Redheads With Purple Highlighting


Unlike streaking, highlighting produces very fewer shades of dye. It produces a very glossy and shiny look if perfectly dyed. However, there is no limit in mixing the shades in red and purple hair color ideas; it all depends on your own vision and preference.

 2. Red and Purple with other Color Shades


The red and purple color is so versatile and widely acceptable that women have been streaking and highlighting various dyes of other colors with this combination. It includes the amalgam of red and purple with others including the strawberry blonde, bright copper, ginger cinnamon, auburn, apricot, rosewood and cherry bomb. Here the very light and lesser shades of dark purple color are applied to make the red color more prominent.

 1. Funky Bright Color Scheme With Red And Purple

Funky Bright Color Scheme with Red and Purple

As its name reflects, this hair color combination is the trendiest one and will impart you a fresh and juvenile look. There is possibility of many shade variation in this style that can make it easy for you to go after your own choices easily.

In so many red and purple hair color ideas, you have an extensive range of choice. Each and every shade looks attractive and gorgeous and will best suit to your facial outlook. When you’re up to the hair dye of red and purple color, you’re going to be a show stopper among people around you.

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