10 Hair Color Ideas to Give You an Attractive Look

The beautiful hair color you wear should complement your skin tone, so it is very important to choose the correct shade for your hair. The most beautiful hair color on you will bring out the subtleties of your skin tone and enhance its natural beauty. You know that your skin color has been passed down to you from your parents, grandparents and hence generations.

But one thing that you might not immediately realize is that the color of your skin just not determines whether you are amongst the browns, whites or blacks, but the amount and type of melanin you have which is a natural substance which gives your skin, hair, and eyes their color — not only dictates which makeup colors work best on you, but also helps you to determine hair color idea which looks most flattering.

10. Beachy Brown

Beachy Brown

Who doesn’t love Emma Watson? There is so much more to this girl than her British accent. Recently Emma dyed her hair into a nice shade of brown. However, instead of sticking to one color she added two to three shades. You can do the same and bled it in with some highlights. This is something much more modern than ombre hair.

  • Subtle highlights of brown which blend in well with shades of golden are ideal for those who have naturally brown hair
  • It doesn’t look too drastic and this sort of adds volume to your hair
  • If you have layers and go for a simple ombre this might make the bottom layer look too thin or papery; however going for subtle highlight like these with shades of brown make your hair look more voluminous.

9. Hair Contouring

Hair Contouring

What? Contouring your hair! Yes, some of us hardly managed to get the hang of contouring our faces and then the style gurus come up with contouring your hair. Well actually it is a great technique. Hair contouring is adding a hint of color a shade or two darker than your base color in specific parts of your hair. This actually alters your face shape. However, this technique is not one style fits all. An expert stylist will know how to add hair contours according to your face shape and hair style. However, the general rule of thumb for different face shapes goes as follows:

  • Round Face: Light tones to be applied around the hairline, from ear to ear, while darker tones are to be painted underneath the ears and lower ends of the hair.
  • Oval face: For an oval face the idea is to add depth with color, thick texture, and shine.
  • Oblong face: Deeper tones are applied to the root along the part, this adds definition and slimming effect to the face
  • Square Face: To soften the strong features of a square face a stylist would blend in multi-tonal layers of light and dark to the corners of the face and around the jaw line and temples.

8. Caramel Brown

Caramel Brown

This year has been all about browns and different shades of it. There is so much variety to the color and so much that you can do with it. The best part about brown or brunette is that it suits practically any skin tone, and if done right it adds softness to your features. This is ideal for people with warm and olive undertones in their skin. However to spice up your color game don’t just go for any brown, instead go for a caramel brown shade which has a hint of gold to it. You could even try what j-Lo has done which just makes her look so much younger. To get her look

  • Go for a caramel brown base
  • Then add subtle highlights toward the mid-length and bottom ends of your hair
  • Get maximum highlights around your face and on the tips of your layers.

7. Colombre


So it was Kylie Jenner who started this trend and the whole Internet and Instagram community has gone gaga over the hair trend. Ombre is so last year, take your hair color game up a notch and go for Colombre instead. It is slightly different than its predecessor in the following ways.

  • The vivid color begins at the mid-shaft and fades away as I reaches the tips
  • You can go monochrome or add multiple colors, it is completely up to you
  • This style can be dyed on any type of color and length.

6. Fluid Hair Painting

Fluid Hair Painting

I am sure you must have come across a picture like this at least once if you regularly skim through Pinterest and Instagram. Though this sounds absolutely crazy, but get ready to get the best highlights of your life with this new hair coloring technique called “Fluid hair painting”. SO what is happening here?

  • Instead of sitting you will be lying down and your hair would be spread above your head 9I already like the sound of it)
  • Then just like a painter paints on a canvas the hair technician would color your hair
  • This technique is really effective to give that gradient or ombre shade.

5. Baby Pink Hair

Baby Pink Hair

We noticed this year has been more about softer hues which give your features and face a softer look. Instead of candy floss pink try dyeing your hair baby pink. It can be inspired from sorbet or honey whatever you prefer. Some celebrities who might inspire you to get a pink over:

  • Kendall Jenner
  • Rihanna
  • Niccole Richie
  • Pink.

4. Butterfly Blonde

Butterfly Blonde

This is something for people who are natural blonde or have been blonde for sometime but don’t want to entirely change their color. Instead of sticking to that golden yellow shade, change it a bit. Go a shade or two darker than what you already have. You can add subtle highlight of a slightly darker shade or even try color contouring using some of these butterfly blonde shades which have been quite in recently. The shades you must be looking out for to get that perfect butterfly look like Gigi hadid’s:

  • Honey blonde
  • Light buttery blonde
  • Ash blonde.

3. Champaign-y Red

Champaign-y Red

If you are a darker shade of blonde, instead of sticking to gold how about you experiment a bit and go for that Champaign-y sort of a shade. If you are blonde and looking for something which is not too drastic this is something ideal for you. Your hair will still have that golden undertone but would be just slightly darker with a hint of red. If you are undecided about how to go about it, whether buying your own color or going to a professional stylist, ask for shades which have the following words along with blonde.

  • Copper
  • Strawberry
  • Mahogany.

2. Cool Chestnut

Cool Chestnut

Although this is a shade of brown but it is different than what you normally see around. This is slightly darker and has a touch of red to it just like a chestnut has. It is a very rich color and compliments just about any skin tone. You can even go for one of those at home coloring kits, as you can’t possibly go wrong here.

  • This color idea is also suitable for blondes who want to try darker shades but don’t want anything too dramatic or a drastic change
  • When looking for a good cool chestnut shade, look for words such as: light chestnut brown or golden chestnut brown to get that perfect Jessica Alba type tresses.

1. Color Blocked Roots

Color Blocked Roots

Along with a lot of other fashion statement came this trend. Although for years women would not miss out on their root touch ups appointments for anything 2015 changed that. No more root shunning, but now the in things is to show your original color and that too in bold blocks. This is especially true if your roots are darker than the rest of your hair.

  • Instagrammer and famous model Kylie Jenner was among the first ones to put pictures with untouched roots on the Internet
  • We absolutely love this, all you have to do is just let your roots grow out an inch or so and voila you are sporting one of the latest hair trends.


Hair shades are one great thing that can enhance the look of your hair. You can have the desired pleasant looks, if you know the right hair color dye that matches your personality. When you check out for hair coloring shades you will find various options to choose from. All these options can leave you too confused and you might not be able to choose the best hair color for your hairstyle. Many different colors of highlights are available today and it is essential to choose one that goes well with the natural hair color. No wonder that hairstyling and hair coloring are inseparable and go hand-in-hand in making you look perfect and gorgeous.

What’s the idea?


Hair coloring ideas can involve changing the color of entire hair or just adding streaks of suitable color to the hair to make it more stylish and attractive. Techniques of shading your hair can cover the entire hair or subtle highlights in suitable colors. There are different types of hair highlights namely chunking, hair painting and foil highlights and each of these can be permanent or temporary. Golden, black, burgundy, brown and even black is some of the common hair color ideas used for styling and making them look more attractive.

It is natural that we all love getting pampered at the salon, but when you have to spend an amount of $150 for someone to wash your hair and then color them and lastly to blow dry … you’ve got to consider that you spend your money in the most effective way. So the hair color brand you choose and use must be the boast color that is brilliant and true, long lasting, capable of fully covering grays and best of all — it leaves hair shiny and actually soft to the touch. Avoid using temporary hair colors as they might cause damage to your hair.  No wonder these are truly a new generation of most satisfactory hair color brands because you no longer have to sacrifice the health of your hair to have a gorgeous new hue. To keep your hair safe and healthy and if you are really looking on how to grow hair faster than use the most recognized hair color brands in the market.

Shade it Right!

shade it right

Hair with red colors is certainly the most attractive of all hair colors ideas. You might have noticed many celebs with red hair no doubt look great. If you have red hair you can choose hair colors like bright copper, cherry, auburn, ginger, cinnamon, rosewood, apricot. Let me tell you that these colors are categorized from lighter shade to darker respectively.

If you are a brunette, you must know that brunettes have the widest range of hair coloring options. Blonde hair color of brunettes is very beautiful and sometimes you may feel like experimenting with your hair color. But before you decide your final hair color you need to keep in mind the skin tone, hair length and hair thickness for any hairstyles you want.

Warm gold tones can be done on the lightest and the darkest hair colors. Even over blackest color of hair! If your hair is super dark, you’re going to notice it more when you’re in the sun than when you’re inside, but it will definitely show up.
Neutral Hair Color can be worn by almost anyone! The most important thing to think about, however, sometimes just because you can pull it off doesn’t mean it’s your best color.

You can also try the funkiest colors like rose Raspberry, Blue Bob, Violet, Roots Alive, Metallica Blue wave, and shocking pink and set out some new trends down the street.

Match Your Skin


If you have fairer skin then the dark shades such as browns can be the perfect ones to go for. You can go for golden or light red highlights that will embellish your naturally brown hair. You can even choose light brown, honey brown or copper brown as your desired hair color to give you the glamorous pet look.

On the other side if you have dark skin complexion, you can opt for darker brown shades of chocolate-brown or caramel color. You can even select brown to highlight your hair. Plum color is one other that can be used if you wish to have a sporty adventurous look.

An African- American skin tone needs to go for lighter shades like cappuccino brown or mocha brown, or try darker shades like copper. You can even opt for darker shades of red like burgundy, cinnamon, or wine color.

However if you have olive colored skin you probably noticed that blouses in shades of gold, rust and roasted orange enliven your face. The warm colors of hair will reflect your skin tone and intermingle with natural shadows on the face, which will give you more depth and dynamism to your features. Dark colors will look best on you and it is recommended that you play with the drama of your dark eyes, but it is better that you stay away from ash tone, because it will only make your hair and your eyes look mismatched.

The natural reality is even if you do not like your natural hair color, you must accept that nature knows a lot more than you realize. Women with olive skin and dark eyes tend to have dark hair for a reason: that is what best suits them. You can enhance your natural color a few shades lighter or darker, but if you go too far, it will disturb the pattern of your look. A good rule of thumb is to look for a hair color idea that is just slightly darker than your skin tone.

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