30 Dazzling Variations Of Ombre Short Hair

Humans have a natural urge to look different and this is particularly more evident in ladies, they need novelty in everything they do especially when it comes to their image. Girls with short hair usually have very limited choices of hairdos, which is the reason behind having long hair even if they are not comfortable in managing long tresses. Ombre gives a tremendous diverse range of colors and combinations to bring newness to the image.

The myth that ombre looks good only with long and wavy locks is gone long ago; and ombre short hair is a completely agreeable hairstyle in fashion. This article presents a comprehensive record of twenty eight dazzling variations of ombre short hair that will help you to grace your splendid looks and at the same time give you subtle options for softer looks. So here you are with the list to choose from:

30. Ombre Hair, Three Distinct Colors


Perhaps the coolest of all ombre short hair styles is the wonderful blend of three distinct colors, dark burgundy, medium brown and light blonde. This is a kind of complicated hairstyle, which means you need an expert stylist for getting a complete look. This ombre starts with dark burgundy at the top of head, which then transforms into medium brown, transforming into light blonde at the ends of hair. Subtle versions of the colors can also be tried for softer look as these shades give more dramatic appearance.

29. Barely There Ombre


An entirely ritzy ombre short hair blend is one of the superlatives for blondes who want a lighter look but also desire for a novel appearance. This is basically an ombre with soft hues that lightens the dramatic effect of dark colored ombre. Light touch of platinum blond at the ends look best for short hair and light to medium skin tones.

28. Sassy Ombre Short Hair


Those with short cropped hair should definitely go for sassy ombre. This not only brightens the cropped locks but also enhance the exquisiteness. Straight short hair looks fabulous with chocolate brown at the top and blonde hues at the ends of hair.

27. Natural Medium Brown To Light Beige Ombre


An A line bob haircut with loose curls at the ends are simply delightful with this ombre. Ask your stylist to make a smooth smudge between the medium brown and light beige colors to keep away from any noticeable lines to get the perfect look. This maintains the softness and subtleness while bringing a beautiful transformation.

26. Soft Medium Brown Bob With Ombre


This particularly amazing ombre short hair with a blend of soft to medium brown shades compliment the bob hair cut with wavy hair. Warm brown color at the top of your hair gradually melts into light almond shade at the ends of hair giving a trendy outlook. This ombre transforms the ordinary short hair into extraordinary hair style.

25. Dark Chocolate and Rich Chestnut Ombre Short Hair


This style is just the right option to wear in fall and winters for those with short haircut. It flawlessly compliments girls with green and brown colored hooded eyes. You can try different variations of the blend of rich chestnut and dark chocolate brown. It can be in a reverse ombre to give softer and supple look.

24. Brown To Blonde Ombre Short Hair


Brown to blonde ombre is one of the most popular hair color options girls are crazy for these days. Although this choice is usually recommended for medium to long hair but it successfully enhances the beauty of short locks. The look can be radically enhanced by styling in a messy hairdo.

23. Light Brown To Light Caramel Ombre


This ombre short hair look is exceedingly flattering and goes well with any occasion. It gives lovely boost to beautiful short curly hair with transition of soft brown hues into light shade of caramel. Gals with light to medium skin complexions can miraculously carry these shades.

22. Ombre Caramel Flows


Short A line bob with caramel flows looks simply dazzling but can only be worn by those with fair skin complexion. Caramel flows ombre short hair starts off with caramel tone and transforms into light hues of blonde.

21. Brown Ombre Pixie With Gilding Bangs


If you have brown hair and it feels impossible for you to manage long hair than o for a short pixie hair cut with long asymmetrical bangs in the front. Embrace your bangs with ombre contrasting pale blonde at the bottom and soft golden blonde at the top. This ombre short hair is eye catching and also accentuates the brown short pixie hair cut.

 20. Classy Ombre For Bob Length


Bob length hair can be effectively brightened up by trying this classy ombre combination. Starting off with Medium brown with gradual blend of light brown tinge makes this a perfect go for brown skin tones. This will help in maintaining the skin tone, will not make it any darker and at the same time will add to the style.

 19. Chocolate Ombre Curls


Ombre short hair can be a mix of classic and atypical trends. Classic face framing waves with ombre at the front in chocolate shades coupled with soft natural highlights of the same shade on the rest of hair create a dramatic appearance.

 18. Golden Ombre Short Hair


It is a glorious ombre option appropriate for those having gold or peach skin tones. The astonishing blend of golden apricot tinge that becomes lighter and forms golden brown shade creates a magnificent, chic outlook.

 17. The Ombre Lob


Most of the times ombre combinations are considered with waves and curls but there is no limit to use these options with fine hair. Fine short hair can carry ombre effectively. Small pale blonde splices in the fine hair long with amalgamation of sandy brown tinge furnish an enormous feathery look.

 16. Retro Ombre Short Hair


You can easily revamp your old fashioned bob and update it with ombre. The ombre short hair having deep brown fringes, which gradually dissolves into balmy golden brown hues result in an exceptionally magical transformation.  This incomparable ombre union goes well with gold skin tone.

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