21 Graceful Easy Updos For Medium Hair

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Usually, it is thought that you need long hair to get stylish updos but this is not the case. Medium hair is perfect for numerous hairstyles. In fact, there are some hairdos that look enormously magnificent with medium hair and do not give the same splendor with long hair updos. There are endless possibilities of easy updos for medium hair some of which will be under discussion in this very article. So move forward and enjoy these graceful and easy hair updos.

21. Twisted Updo


Twisted braid hairstyles, perhaps the most smart and subtle of all the easy updos for medium hair is this twisted updo. Curls will be easy to work with for this updo; however you can go for it with straight hair. Leave the bangs out with a side parting. Tease your hair at the crown followed by straightening the top hair strands softly with comb and lift those strands up to make a bump and secure with few pins.

Tease the bottom hair strands from the bottom and pin them loosely in the back taking a half inch at a time to give volume. Then start twisting the bangs at the front and bring them back and pin on the middle of head. Finish off the startling hairdo with spray.

20. Bun With Braided Wrap


First, side part your hair and then separate the front hair sections that are starting from one ear to another. Make a bun of your choice on the back but make a little lower than the center. Now braid the front strands at each side and pull them back and wrap around the bun followed by securing them with hairpins.

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19. Headband Hair Tuck


This is an amazing of easy updos for long hair that is breathtaking but takes just few minutes.  To style your hair like this, start with placing a headband on your head and fold your hair into the headband at the back side of your head.

18. Messy Bun For Medium Hair


For this outlook begin with side parting followed by texturizing your hair using any product of your choice that works well with your hair. Now tease the bottom of hair a little to form a base and give volume. Then swift your hairs back softly, fold and secure with transparent elastic. Stretch the bun in horizontal and vertical position.

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17. French Twist For Medium Hair


An absolutely stunning of all the easy updos for medium hair is the French twist. You can dress your hair with this marvelous updo by following these steps. Texturize your hair after side parting followed teasing the bottom of all the tresses. You have to pin the lighter side of hair towards the back in the middle of your head followed by the heavy side.

Once you have swiped the lighter side of hair in sections, start pinning the hairs from heavy side to the position where pins are, but pin in manner that the pins are not visible. Finish off the magnificent outlook with spray to fix the twist in place.

16. Ponytail For Medium Hair


Ponytail is the easiest among easy updos for medium hair and is widely used all over the world. It gets done in no time and is very basic. Just smooth out your hair with comb and grab them into a ponytail in the middle of head or a low ponytail at the nape.

15. Wrapped Bun


This is really very simple to make and looks enormously awesome; a must go for amidst the easy updos for medium hair. Start off with sectioning your hair into three from the back; make the middle section bigger and the side sections should be just two inch strands.

Make a low pony from the middle section and fold it to make shape of a loop; followed by wrapping the side section over the loop and pin it under the loop. Do the same with the other side and finish the incredible bun with spray for getting extra hold.

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14. Sideways French Twist


This is simply a horizontal version of the French twist. You need to give your hair volume and texture through using product and teasing on the strands. Tie your hair in a simple half updo and secure with hairpins. Then take a small strand from behind and fold to make a loop, now pin that loop to the head, repeat the same with rest of the strands leaving just one behind on the other side.

Make sure that you pin them together so that there are no gaps. Now wrap the last strand over the formed twist to hide the hole at the side; move the strand toward the other side and pin it under the first loop. Pull little hair from the first loop from lower side and slide and pin it upward to hide the hole.

13. Messy Side Ponytail


This is among unbelievably time saving yet classic easy updos for medium hair that will get ready in two minutes and will furnish you with great subtle looks. Wavy hair will look great for this look tie a loose pony at the side and give hair a little tugging to create the messy outlook.

12. Simple Braid For Medium Hair


A plain basic braid that is pan caked gives a traditional yet classy outlook. Curled locks that are falling on the sides and make a frame will further brighten up the looks.

11. Quick Twist Updo


This is very simple yet elegant among the easy hair updos. Divide your hair into two equal sections; twist one section and fold it just above the nape and give it hold with pins. Twist the other section and pin it above the first section.

10. Side Ponytail With Twists


This is an interesting combination, which is simple and is perfect to get a magnificent outlook.  Begin the updo with parting your hair from side, smooth the strands and start twisting your hair from downward to upwards from the thicker side and continue the twisting till you reach the end of nape.

Twist the other side and move downwards towards the nape, when you reach the other strands make a side ponytail followed by making a hole in the middle of pony and moving the ponytail inside out to enhance the beauty of the look.

9. Messy Side Braid


An enormously effortless and gorgeous option of back to school hairstyles is a messy side braid. Sweep all your hair to one side and braid it loosely using basic plaiting stitches; pull the stitches gently to get volume and messy outlook.

8. Fishtail With Pony


This is another simply amazing of all easy updos for medium hair that is enormously chic. Plait the hair with fish braid stitches but using little thicker hair strands than the normal one. Tie your hair into a pony after about four stitches and you are all done.

7. Double Dutch Braid Ponytail


This is a straightforward and extremely stylish between the easy updos for medium hair. Start with middle parting and plait both the sides with Dutch braid followed by a ponytail at the end.

6. Messy Fishtail Braid


This is one of incredible amongst the easy updos for medium hair that will give you an overall romantic and subtle appearance. Make yourself a side ponytail and use fish braiding technique to loosely plait them. Pull the plaits to make a fluffy look.

5. French Braid For Medium Hair


French braids are one of the chic hairstyles that have been there for long times. French braid that touches the nape and then flows into a normal braid is a classic of all easy hair updos for medium length.

4. Fishtail With Low Bun


Fishtail and a low bun is a perfect combination for any kind of event. You can go for side parting and braid both sides with French style fish braiding followed by making a low bun at the nape.

3. Braided Side Bun


Another amazingly simple and gorgeous of easy updos for medium hair is the braided side bun. Start off with braiding diagonal from the area above one ear and move towards the other side diagonally while plaiting. Once you reach the other end make a bun with the loose hair.

2. Twisted Buns For Medium Hair


Section your hair in three equal parts at the back of head, twist one section and turn it into a cinnamon roll followed by pinning it to secure. Do the same with the other two and the amazing outlook is ready.

1. Half Up Braids


You can make use of your braiding skills to style hair in half updos. Braid section of hair strands from the front pull them back towards the middle of head, tuck in pins and the updo is ready.

Got to know how easy it is to style your medium length hair? Focus on the kind of outlook that you need and keep that into consideration when styling hair; when going for messy hairdos avoid perfectly straightening and smoothing of your hair strands that will not lead you to the look you desire.

Practicing will make you perfect in doing the easy updos for medium hair and once you get hold of your hand movements and the techniques; any of the above listed easy hair updos will take just few seconds. So practice while watching television or listening music or any other leisure time to get your updos done quickly and flawlessly.

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