20 Best Short Hair Updos Of All Times

Short hair have their own advantages and disadvantages. They do not give you as much liberty regarding hair styling as long hair, but they are way easier to manage and style than the long hair. Not only this, but you also have the leverage of experimenting with different short hair updos according to your own fashion sense.

Short hair updos are more exciting when you try to add some more spice to them using your own creativity and imagination. Here is a list of 20 best short hair updos of all times which can give you the look you have always dreamt of. These updos have been worn by different world famous celebrities as well. These updos will make you look classy or trendy, funky or formal, elegant or vibrant depending upon the updo you choose for your short hair.

20. Loose Curls


Is it a formal occasion and you want to look graceful and classy by styling your short hair? Well here you are! Short curly hairstyles are the most graceful of all updos for short hair. The American ballroom sensation, music singer and an actress also, Julianne Hough, was spotted wearing this beautiful updo.

To make this beautiful hairstyle, you just have to make a side part, make loose curls and leave them flowing; but don’t forget that the longest parts of these curls should be swept up to make this look the most graceful you have ever worn.

19. Tousled With Floral Headband


In a list of multiple short bob hair updos, Tousled updo is a hot favourite of many women having short hair. But only tousled updo won’t raise eyebrows now. It has to be coupled with something supportive so that the tousled updo is given a completely new and attractive look. This coupling can be of a floral headband. It would look beautiful on your tousled updo and even more beautiful on curly hair. The British acting sensation Keira Knightley looked awesome in this updo. If she can why can’t you?

18. Twisted And Rolled Updo


Getting late for office? Have to reach at a party ASAP? Don’t have enough styling tools? You don’t need to freak out at all. Bless the moment when The Twisted and rolled updo was invented. This updo requires the least time and very few styling gadgets. It’s the simplest of all short hair updos.

In a very short period of time you can have this very trendy short layered hairstyle. You have to side part your hair, smooth the bigger section to one side and then twist and roll. That’s it! If Charlize Theron rocked in this style then you also can.

 17. Mini Bun With Headband


The mini bun hairstyle with headband is a simple yet classy updo. It demands lesser hard work and comes with a beautiful appearance. After putting texturizing spray on your hair, make your hair into a mini bun. You can do some additional styling as you like and at the end put a beautiful headband onto your hair. This is it! A beautiful updo with minimal effort! The beautiful actress Natalie Portman was seen wearing this updo elegantly.

 16. Two-Tone Swirl Updo


This is a short hair updo fancied by many. Moreover the grace with which Rihanna has carried this updo is beyond explanation. You just have to sweep your hair back on the sides and make most of the volume stay at the crown area. After this, make a swirl and then pin the swirl. You also have to use an ultra-strength hair spray to make your hair stay where you have put them.

 15. Quirky Knots Updo


The Quirky knots with curly hairstyles for short hair updo brings the wild and bold you to the fore. It reveals the adventurous and brave you by giving you an audacious look. The number of twisted knots depends on your own will and to give yourself a trendy and modern look you should keep the knots asymmetrical. More vibrancy can be installed by making a clear side part. Gwen Stefani was also seen flaunting this short hair updo.

 14. Curled Side Fringe


Out of many short hair updos this updo is very unique. It frames your face and makes your eyes more visible, beautiful and deep. The curled side fringe also makes your forehead visible which is an added advantage for women with beautiful foreheads. It is an updo for completely curly and semi-curly hair or you may also create curls into straight hair using curling iron. Harry Potter actress Emma Watson has made the most out of this updo.

 13. Quiff Updo


A lot of Hollywood beauties including Amber Heard, Paris Hilton and Scarlett Johansson have worn this updo. If you also want to wear it then gather your hair on the sides and back pin them. Tease the hair remaining at the section of your head. This is it! You just have to do a little more, which is using some sprays to keep the hair where they are.

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 12. Fauxhawk Updo


The Fauxhawk updo is all about trendiness and newness. It’s a beautiful style which on one hand shows the vibrant you and on the other hand is easy to do. You can make it more attractive with the help of streaks in the back section of your head. The color of streaks depends entirely on you. You have to make use of your hair slides to make your Fauxhawk look. One thing should be kept in mind that you leave the top section curly as well as messy to accentuate the curly look.

 11. Half Hair Updo


Out of all short hair updos this updo is the best for fine, thin and short hair. To acquire this updo you just have to gather together the top section of your short hair. Then you have to create a small bouffant with the help of a crown section tease. Actor Farah Fath has sported this look in an exotic style and has given a new life to this gorgeous updo.

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