7 Essentials To Improve Your Thick Hair Diet

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Your hair are one prominent feature in your personality. Regardless of gender, both men and women look stunningly attractive and beautiful with a good hairstyle. There is a lot more to do with hair for good looks and their strength. For that purpose here are some best tips to improve your thick hair diet plan.

 7. No More Processed Food


Apparently there has been a melodrama in the commercials and marketing of processed foods, but in reality it is the unhealthiest diet. The calories it contains are far lesser in quantity than natural food items. If you’re up to improve your thick hair diet, then from now on you should have no more processed food in your diet. Just keep on focussing the fat burning foods.

 6. Milk And Eggs


The daily use of milk and eggs in your diet together makes a combination rich in proteins. It has been observed that the people taking regularly this diet have got very healthy and strong hair.

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 5. Pro-Vitamin A


Pro-vitamin A, also known by beta-carotene is also one such recipe which must be added in your thick hair diet plan. This constituent provides a form of Vitamin A, which is in most of cases absorbed from the body very quickly. Besides hair growth, this compound also plays role in nail strength and skin regulation.

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 4. Keep Welcoming Biotin


The biotin which is basically a B vitamin has been studied and concluded that it plays a very major role in nourishment of hair growth. It helps to get thick hair by continuously providing the chemical constituents which are needed for better hair growth to get you better hairstyles. The biotin is mostly present in seeds, eggs, spirulina, brown rice, chicken and fish etc.

 3. Caffeine Is Dangerous To Hair Growth


Yes, you have read correctly. Caffeine has been declared dangerous to your hair growth. It might sounds a bit strange to you but it has been proved that the caffeine in coffee, black tea and energy beverages etc is not a user friendly for people who have got thin or mal nourished hair. Apparently it has been noticed that the caffeine is basically involved in excretion of Vitamins (B) from the body.

 2. Friendly Omegas


The Omegas 3 and 6 play significant role in hair growth. It enhances the hair strength by rebuilding the collagen stores. The extract of Omega 3 and 6 can be obtained from walnuts, hemp seeds, flax seeds and wild fishes. The thick hair diet can’t be completed without including the Omega 3 and Omega 6.

 1. Washing And Shampooing


There must not be any compromise on daily washing and shampooing of your hair, especially the people who have got dandruff problems. The dirt in your hair triggers the hair fall greatly. That’s why the use of shampoo is recommended when you wash your head. Furthermore the gels used for hair styling must be avoided, because it significantly decreases the hair strength. 

The thick hair diet does not require the calorie and protein rich food. Just ensure that you are taking food that is medically beneficial for your health. Ensure also to save your hair from dust and harmful chemicals as they affect badly the growth of hair. 


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