25 Fast And Super Creative DIY Hairstyle Ideas For More Spectacular Holidays

Submitted By Alissa Ward  

25. Twisted Spiral Braid


This is a very unique hair style. It looks more elegant and beautiful than a simple hairstyle. In this hairstyle you have to divide your hair into two strands and then twist those strands in the opposite direction. Then you will have to wrap those two strands around each other. This will form a twisty spiral braid.

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24. Side Half French Braid


This is a beautiful coiffure. This is a french braid style which starts from one side of your face. You have to divide your hair from the front of your face and separate them into three strands. Then start by taking alternative strands and crossing them over each other. This way your hair strands will turn into a french braid and will make a perfect hairstyle for holidays.

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23. The Braid Wrap


This is also a good hairstyle if you are planning to go to a beach or some outing trip on a holiday. You first make a french sideways braid and wrap that braid around the back of your head. This will look very elegant and stylish. Whether you are going out on a beach with your partner or on a shopping spree with your friends, it will be perfect for all such occasions.

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22. Twisted Coiffure


This is a twisted pony style and it looks very unique and sleek. This style suits long haired women. Even women with curly long hair carry this style they will look equally amazing. In this chic hairstyle, you have taken strands from both the sides of your head. Twist those strands in such a way that they both join to form a loose pony.

This is an epic hairstyle for a party, a holiday trip or even for a dinner. This hairdo will make you look very stylish. Trust me! You will not regret carrying it on yourself.

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21. Knot Pony Tail


This gives more volume to your  ombre hair. If you have thin hair and want to give them a boost and volume then try this style. You have to divide your hair into three sections; the upper, the right and the left section. Hold the upper section in a clip and leave it aside. Then take the right and left section and make a knot from them. This way you will end up with a knot at the back of your head. Then open the upper sections of the hair and do some back combing on them to make them a bit voluminous. Tie another knot with either the right strand or the left, with the upper section. This will give you two knots in the hair.

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20. The Overlapping Style


This is a simple and unique hairstyle to give you a different look. In this you take two small strands of hair from the left and the right side, leave them aside or tie them with a clip on the top of your head. Then make sure that you make a tight pony of your hair between the strands. You have to then overlap the strands over the pony.

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“If you are going out on a holiday with a loved one or family then here are some hairstyles which will help you look beautiful, stylish and elegant at the same time.”

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