16 Wonderful Homemade Hair Conditioner For Your Hair

Women’s most precious yet free of cost ornament is their hair, they can manipulate them effortlessly to create a new look for every occasion. Hair is an element with utmost emotional importance in women’s lives but the dilemma is that they also tend to neglect their hair most of the times.

This can lead to plethora of problems ranging from dryness to dull and frizzy hair, which become aesthetically displeasing and disappointing. Conditioning can make wonders for your hair; the irony is that women who are aware of the importance of conditioning mostly do it the wrong way. They use the costly and damaging chemicals.

No doubt they are easily manageable but what about the cost you pay for them; every chemical you use in any form has side effects. This article will enlighten you with green and entirely homemade hair conditioner that you can use to maintain and enhance the beauty of your hair.

16. Coconut Milk, Almond Oil Conditioner

coconut-milk-almond oil-conditioner

It is amazingly superb homemade hair conditioner that will deeply hydrate and condition your hair to give them smooth texture. Coconut milk has all the proteins required by your hair, which will help providing the nourishment. You will need one tablespoon each of honey, coconut milk and whole milk; few drops of almond oil and few drops of rose water to make this hundred percent natural and nourishing hair conditioner. Cover your hair with a towel (damp it in warm water to make it warm) after application and wait for fifteen to twenty minutes followed by regular hair washing.

15. Hot Olive Oil


This is the simplest of all the homemade hair conditioner in which you just need a single magical ingredient from your kitchen. Olive oil is one of widely accepted and effective emollient and it goes deep down in your scalp to provide extra hydration.

Hot Olive oil works marvels to moisturize and deeply condition your hair. Massage your scalp in circular motion with olive oil warmed to a bearable level followed by covering all your hair with it. Tie your hair loosely and cover it with shower cap or preferably a towel. For best results keep it on for an hour and then rinse your hair afterwards. It makes your hair soft, tangle free and you can try different hairstyles of your choice.

14. Banana Deep Conditioner


This homemade hair conditioner is the best for damaged hair as it contains all the required nutrition. It will help you to deep condition your hair while restoring the damage. Blend one fully ripe banana with three table spoons of olive oil until the mixture is perfectly smooth. Finish the mask by adding and mixing one forth cup of unflavored Greek yogurt and a big tablespoon of pure honey.

Cover your hair in a plastic cap or a shower cap and try to relax your muscles by sinking in a comfortable sofa for at least half an hour. Be sure to cover your sofa with some cloth to avoid creating mess.

13. Coconut Oil And Honey Conditioner


Absolutely wonderful homemade hair conditioner is exclusively for dry hair and will bring luster to your hair through deep conditioning. Grab a bowl to mix one forth cup of coconut milk with few drops of rose water and glycerin and two tablespoon pure honey. You can add a vitamin E capsule to provide your hair with further nourishment.

Glycerin comes in different form but the best one to use for hair is the vegetable glycerin. Get the mixture on your hair covering the entire surface area and let it work for about fifteen to twenty minutes. Wash your hair afterwards to discover silky smooth hair.

12. Avocado, Mayonnaise And Banana Hair Conditioner


If you want to give your hair a moisturizing treat than this homemade hair conditioner is the answer as every component has immense hydrating capacity. Blend one forth cup of mayonnaise, an avocado, half fully ripe banana, half cup coconut milk and one forth cup of honey in an electric blender.

You need to be extra careful in making this concoction as it needs to be creamy smooth without lumps or else you will be in trouble while getting them out of your hair.  Cover your hair with the creamy blend and let it remain there for at least twenty minutes. Your extra shiny and hydrated hair will be ready to be styled for the party after hair wash.

11. Mayonnaise Hair Conditioner


Mayonnaise is simply magical when it comes to moisturizing hair; it helps in deeply hydrating the hair while penetrating in the deep. Take the quantity of the mayonnaise required for your hair depending on their thickness and length. Apply and cover your hair with shower cap for no less than fifteen minutes to get this work. Clean your hair with regular shampoo and you are out with smooth finish of your moisturized hair.

10. Shea Butter Hair Conditioner


This homemade hair conditioner will not only give your hair the smooth finish but will also aid in combating the troublesome split ends. The modus operandi is to apply a perfectly unified mix of one and one third cup of liquefied Shea butter, half cup extra virgin olive oil and one teaspoon of Vitamin E oil on your scalp and strands for about thirty to forty minutes.

9. Avocado Deep Conditioner


The homemade hair conditioner that brings marvelous texture to the hair is avocado deep conditioner. You need to mix one flawlessly mashed avocado, a tablespoon of avocado oil and two tablespoons of organic honey to make this outstanding hair conditioner. You will need to leave the mixture on your head for an hour to get perfect outlook.

8. Honey And Olive Oil Conditioner


For this incredible homemade hair conditioner mix equal quantities of extra virgin olive oil and honey and apply on your hair for thirty minutes. This will become more effective if you make use of warm olive oil.

7. Greek Yogurt Deep Conditioner


Another amazing homemade hair conditioner made by blending a cup of Greek Yogurt with one tablespoon of castor oil, an egg and one tablespoon of coconut oil in a ceramic or glass bowl.  Apply the mix to damp hair for minimum an hour to get the desired deep conditioning.

6. Avocado And Cream Conditioner


This is ideal DIY hair conditioner to get lustrous hair. You will a homogenized blend of an avocado, two tablespoons of heavy cream and two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Apply on entire hair and wash the hair after waiting for twenty to thirty minutes.

5. Vinegar And Egg conditioner


For this extravagant homemade hair conditioner you require two egg yolks, 4 ounces of vinegar, 5 ounces of lemon juice, three tablespoons of honey and 8 ounces of olive oil. Whisk all the ingredients to make a unified paste and apply on hair tips for ten to fifteen minutes. Don’t forget to wash your hair afterwards!

4. Mayo, Egg White And Yogurt


Go for this extra moisturizing DIY hair conditioner by mixing an egg white with half cup yogurt and same quantity of mayonnaise. Wait for thirty minutes and in the mean time enjoy watching TV and then wash the conditioner out of your hair.

3. Coconut Conditioner


This homemade hair conditioner is absolutely best choice if you posses oily hair. All you need is an egg yolk, a tablespoon of coconut oil and a cup of water, whip them together and enjoy the goodness after massaging for about five minutes.

2. Lemon Juice And Coconut Water


Fresh lemon juice and coconut water make a simple hair conditioner that provides the required hydration and is best suited for oily hair as lemon juice helps removing the extra oil from the hair.

1. Aloe Vera Conditioner


Aloe Vera gel makes a perfect deep conditioning homemade formula. Just remove the gel from Aloe Vera leaves, blend it and apply on your hair while massaging with finger tips. Cover your head with shower cap after tying your hair and give the heat through your hair dryer. Wait for thirty minutes for the gel to do its magic, followed by a hair wash to complete the process.

The best thing about going green and using homemade hair conditioner is that you save money, plus you save your precious treasure “hair”. These simple recipes will not only enhance the texture your tresses but will also aid damaged hair to recover again and look more healthy and gorgeous than before. With perfect conditioning in accordance with your hair type you can enjoy the freedom of styling your hair in any way you want. You don’t need to worry anymore these homemade hair conditioner are there to help you out.

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