30 Medium Short Hairstyles For Black Women

Medium short hair has an upper hand on short and long hair lengths because they provide the best hair texture to wear all simple to complex hairstyles. For black women, they are even more advantageous as they help them opt for their all natural afro hairstyles and even go for the chic and modish hairdos of the latest fashion signals. This extensive list of medium short hairstyles for black women contains a variety of hair ideas that would give your medium short black hair a glimmering and glitzy look. 

30. Medium Voluminous Tight Curls


To have a charming and charismatic look is the dream of anyone. The easiest way to materialize this dream is to select a spectacular hairstyle. Medium voluminous tight curls can serve you the best on your medium short black hairstyles. It is a celebrity inspired hairstyle that helps you get a cool accent with your funky and quirky tresses.

 29. Shoulder Length Short Hair For Black Women


Hairstyling with short hair is enormously easy to do. Especially to enhance or atone your facial features, shoulder length short hairs do a lot. Shoulder length short bob haircuts make your personality really adorable if you are blessed with a round shape face. It boosts up your beauty, charm and grace and gives you an attention grabbing appeal.

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 28. Flipped Side Bob


Bob style always gives cool and fresh expression. It can be ranked as one of the most flattering in medium short hairstyles for black women. Flipped side bob is very easy and fascinating style to do. To do it, at first, section your hair in two parts. Now fold your hair one inch with a curling iron on one side and now iron the hair on the other side. Make them straight and slightly round from their ends and let them free around your face. Sweep away all the hair on the backside of the ear of short hair side. A simple and nice bob style is ready in no time.

 27. Classic Bevel Under


This short hairstyle is an awesome choice to get a sober but still modern look. It displays your fashion savvy to décor your medium short black hair in the best manner. This is actually a face framing hairstyle. To do it, create a fringe on the crown as per requirement. It may be symmetrical and asymmetrical as per your choice. Iron your hair to make them straight and set the front locks around your face like a frame. This style can also be done with slight curly strands or bangs in front.

 26. Dark Silk Hairstyle For Medium Short Hair


Glam and simplicity are beautifully combined in this artistic hairstyle for black women. This is the best of outdoor updo that promises a very special dignified and decent look. Comb your ombre hair first and then use a flat iron for slight curls. The other option is to straighten hair and leave them free.  This style with oval or rounded shape heightens its beauty and freshness.

 25. Classy Layers For Black Women


The name of this style is enough to reveal that how classy and trendy the style is. It can also be added in the list of those updos for medium hair for black women that do not need any particular expertise to wear. After ironing the hair with flat iron create shallow curls for a layering look. Never forget to use heat protection products before using iron or blow dryer; otherwise your hair will become weak, dull and unhealthy.

‘No pretension or showy play of face hugging tendrils’ seems to be the keyword of the new hairstyle fashion world of black women, these days. This is also the message the stunning hairdos of black female celebrities’ publicize by providing a hairstyle Keyline for their own medium short hair.

 24. Curly Sue For Medium Short Hair For Black Women


In rush hours a style with elegance and debonair but still simple and time saving is a bonus for anyone with short hair. Curly sue with messy look isn’t difficult to wear. Slightly dry your hair after washing them and then wrap your hair around flexi rods and let them dry completely with a dryer. Now unwrap the rods and separate the curls.  Spray the curls to fix the style. You can now enjoy the pleasure of having a stylish and eye-catching curly hairstyles.

 23. Natural Medium Short Hairstyle With Red Color Tone


This hairstyle clicks a super cool idea in your mind to give a pleasant surprise to style your short hair with different dark shades. Red hair color tone with short haircut looks naturally stunning because dark shades give great personality impact to black women. You can also try some other shades as per your desire. Best of medium short hairstyles for black women!

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 22. Medium Short Straight Bob Hairstyle For Black Women


Among all the shiny hairstyles of recent season, this one is the most simple, sophisticated and elegant hairstyle. Your medium short hair look stunning in this style without spending much time to wear it. Especially in rush hours, it helps you to get more decent appearance just in a few minutes.

 21. Simple Medium Short Daily Hairstyle For Black Women


An effortless, short hairstyle for daily use is really a way to receive lots of appreciation.  It flatters your facial features and enhances their beauty. Its layered appearance can easily be made by using a curling iron and silkening hair products to channelize it further with glitter and sleekness. So, wear it and enjoy your casual style with gaining a very special attention.

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 20. Feathered Flip Hairstyles For Black Women


The alluring look of this fabulous hairstyle with bangs can impart the women of color a mesmerizing appeal. This fantastic hairstyle for medium short hair attends the attention of everybody with the shades of caramel and shiny gold highlights. Its layering style gives a surprising harmony with oval, diamond and oblong face shapes and prominent their facial, natural beauty.

 19. Blonde Straight Hairstyle For Black Women


This is one of the most exotic hair art in medium short hairstyles for black women. It’s really a cool and fantastic idea to wear blonde straight hair for black women. Straight hairstyle looks gorgeous and makes you an adorable figure. You’ll love it if you wear it once.

 18. Toni Braxton Medium Short Hairstyle


The specialty of this hairstyle is that it is a celebrity-worn hairstyle. Its appearance as a recognition of celebs increases its popularity. A simple, short and straight haircut with slight curls on the backside adds exquisite charm to your demeanor. It is really wonderful to copy your beloved celeb and enjoy the modern, glamorous look.

 17. Medium Short Curly Hairstyle For Black Women


Your natural black curls have a tremendous appeal with their unmatched unique curls and glossy texture. This particular hair idea in medium short hairstyles for black women brings out this magical charm of you and accents it further. Its tight curls with volume enhance the magnetic essence of the style.

Your short medium hair can impart you a more neat and refined look with a number of face-framing hairstyle nuances. It depends on you what you select to bring into force the robust gesture of your sleek, curly tresses, and you’re your audience.

 16. Formal Black Hairstyle For Black Women


This hairstyle is basically introduced for formal occasions such as prom, wedding ceremonies, homecoming, etc. It works amazingly nice on round shaped faces of African American fashion conscious ladies. To enhance the divine feminine look with its cute girlish face framing curls is a mind blowing idea. If you wear this medium short hairstyle, you are sure to receive a huge appreciation.

 15. Medium Short Wavy Hairstyle For Black Women


Black women with medium short hair have a wide range of styling options. This is one of the easiest and beautiful hairstyles that is added here to present you an appealing personage. Create the sections of 2 inches, as much as possible on all around your head. To make it more attractive, section your hair in a zigzag pattern. Now hold a strand, twist it and make a mini bun tightly and secure it with bobby pins. Do the same procedure with all sections. The next thing that you have to do is to take all the free hair strands and wrap them one by one to make slight waves. Apply a styling wax on the wavy strands for a shiny and fresh look.

 14. High Bun Updo For Black Women


Updos medium short hair with various styling variations never get out of fashion. High bun updo is a very superb example of these styles. It adds more aesthetics and sophistication to the appearance of black women. With the versatility of embellishment, this hairstyle definitely inspires your fellows and stands you at the central point of your circle. You can do this style with braided twists and bangs on forehead.

 13. Half Up Half Down Hairstyle For Black Women


It is not wrong to say that this hairstyle for black women is such a masterpiece of creation in the entire range of medium short hairstyles for black women. It gives a fresh, healthy and decent look.  You can have this style with a bumpy crown on upper side of your head with light wavy but untied hair.

 12. Asymmetrical Bob Haircut For Black Women


Ensure you a crazy voluminous and weighty look and impressively suitable for medium short hair. This hairstyle works with front asymmetrical locks along with trimmed bottom edges. You can also wear this style in different ways particularly with wavy locks and light curls to create a signature style.

 11. Messy Spiky Medium Short Haircut For Black Women


If you are looking for some lavishing and ultra modern demeanor, then you must not think about anything else but this haircut. This messy cut is more than enough for cool, chic and stunning expressions. This style is worn by many celebrities so you have the opportunity with this hairstyle to look like a celeb.

 10. Quirky Bouffant Bob For Black Women


It is suitable on all types of hair, whether curly, straight, thin, and thick.  To create this style you need to have a haircut 2-3 inches below of your chin. The next thing that you have to do is to give the style to your haircut with backcombing around the head on the crown. Mold your hair from the bottom to the inner side with iron. But if you have already very thick hair, then you need not backcombing. This style can be more attractive and funky if you add some color dye with your hair.

 9. Soft Curly Hairstyle For Black Women


In medium short hairstyles for black women, this option is a starry-eyed updo that can give you a perfect-picture glam. Moreover, its trendiest look allows you to get into the new season groove and get an entirely new look. A short section of hair on the crown of your head adorned with fancy accessories also gives your curly hairstyle a different flavor.

 8. Sleek Bangs For Black Women


It is astoundingly impressive and noticeable hair idea that is absolutely perfect for a black woman to grab a cool, decent look! This is the style that suits to every type of face cut. To be the central part in your gatherings, it’s a very wonderful idea to wear this alluring and classy style. You don’t have much more to modify your exciting layered hairstyle or wear embellishments.

 7. Medium Short Ombre Hair For Black Women


Ombre hair have their firm place in hairstyling. On your medium short hair, you can try a number of variations and flatter you sweet natural updo. Especially it is amazing with medium brown color and gives the stunning look to them. You can use double shades for the upper side and the bottom of the hair.

 6. Big, Beautiful Braid For Black Medium Short Hair


If you have black medium short hair, try singer Alicia Key’s a stylish and eye-catching updo. She has this stunning style and enjoys the big, beautiful braid that gives her a demure look. It can be named with the simple yet pretty impressive natural hairstyle.

 5. Sleek And Straight Hairstyle For Black Women


If you possess an oblong, oval, square and a diamond facial structure, then you can have this sleek and straight hairstyle. It is the choice of celebrities. Angela Simmons, Rowland and many more made stunning enteries on red carpet in the recent season wearing this cute hairstyle for a chic glamorous look.

 4. Deep Side Parting Curly Hairstyle


Just add a slight touch of side edge to your long curls and enjoy a stunning look like the sensational actress Melanie Fiona. It is suitable for the ladies whose facial structure is oblong, round face and oval. You will be glorious and glamorous as well if you are wearing this hairstyle. This is again one the easy medium short hairstyles for black women.

 3. Tousled With Bangs Hairstyle


Tousled with bangs hairstyle is responsible for your elegant look. Every woman needs to be glorious and glamorous, and this style ensures a trendy and to get an ultra mod look. If you are worried for the hairstyle because they are having oval facial structure, then no need to bother. Oval Face is the perfect option for this hairstyle.

 2. Big Natural Afro For Black Women


Absolutely natural yet the trendiest hairstyle that gives you the opportunity to come with an attention-grabbing natural hairdo! It reminds the stunning hairstyle of Solange Knowles, a fashion icon in the showbiz industry. This hairstyle, however, demands special care because it is not easy to maintain moist in the natural hair.

 1. Cute Corkscrew Curls For Black Women


Highly compatible with your medium short hair and can impart you an A-line silhouette for any occasion! Keep your corkscrew curls loose for a perfect glam look. Check this face flattering style on Singer Kelly Rowland’s dashing look. Certainly you won’t miss the opportunity to copy her this season.


Long and lengthy layers are scarcely seen as the part of the hairstyle fashion world, presently. There is an overwhelming concentration now on short to medium hair. In women of color, this tendency is even more prominent. This can be observed in the hairstyling of the distinguished black women dignitaries and celebrities such as Rihanna, Alek Wek, Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Solange Knowles and even the First Lady, Michelle Obama. The most fantastic feature of medium short black hairstyles is that they help you bring out the magnetic force of your facial contours and features and not hidden under the bangs, curls and layers. This gallery of glam presents what could be ‘the most pleasing to the eyes’ medium short hairstyles for black women and is meant to widen your choice to define yourself in terms of fashion.

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