How To Trim Your Own Hair – 15 Expert Tips

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You cannot go to hair salon every time because it gets expensive if you go continuously every five weeks. On special occasions, a trip to a salon is fine. You can save money by trimming your hair yourself at home to look simply pretty. Though it will look daunting to you at the very first time, but if you really want to master the instructions for how to trim your own hair, you must practice again and again. And eventually you will get the hang of it. Let’s read the tips on how to trim your own hair whether long or short!

15. Have A Pair Of Scissors And Tools Ready


To start with, you must have the right tools available at your home for trimming your hair. For a basic haircut, you would need a fine sharp pair of cutting scissors (the hair cutting scissors not the simple scissors lying around at your home) and a sharp-toothed comb. The hair cutting scissors can be found at all beauty supply stores and they are really cheap in the 25$ to 60$ range. However, do not use dull scissors because it will be harder for you to cut your hair and you may end up having split ends of your hair which will totally ruin your haircut.

Moreover, if you want extra-short hair cuts then take an electric razor as well. Besides, make sure that you have a wide-toothed comb which will let you brush hair while keeping it flat. Buy Fiskars scissors which come at around $10 and provide a crisp and sharp cut to your beautiful hairs.

14. Wash Your Hair Properly


To trim your hairs, it would be better to wet them first. They are easier to cut as compared to dry hair. Hence try to shampoo your hair first before acting on instructions of how to trim your own hair and condition them properly before snipping your hairs. As you get out of shower, fully comb your hair. Your hair should not be meshed into each other but rather be tangle free.

You may also use a conditioner and leave it on hairs for few minutes if your hairs are a little frizzy. For long and thick hairs, some of the sections of hair tend to dry before you start to trim them. In order to tackle this, fill up a bottle with water and mix in it a little amount of good conditioner.  Now you may use this mixture as a spray to dampen your hair if they get dry.

13. Clip The Top Section Of Your Hair


This is one of the rules of how to trim your own hair as you will have to cut in several sections beginning with the bottom-most layer and move upwards towards top layer. So before you start to cut your own hair, use elastic hair ties and clips to split your hair into distinct sections. Beware that any sectioned hair is not hanging loose as they could become hindrance when you are cutting with scissors. Later when you are done with the extreme bottom layer of hair, you may lose the other sections as you proceed.

12. Look For Split Ends


Inspect your hair in the first place to find out how much hair should be trimmed. Take a good look at the extremes of your hair. If your hairs are disheveled and unruly and you can clearly see the split hairs then they are damaged and must be cut. Trim about 8mm above where the damaged hair are so that your hairs are in good healthy condition.

11. Try To Cut Perpendicular To The Hair Strand

Wash your hair properly

You are reading instructions to how to trim your own hair because you want stronger and nice hair cut as well. So trimming your hair perpendicular will keep the ends stronger as compared to a slanted cut.

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