How To Make your Hair Thicker – 12 Natural Treatments

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Every second person is having a hair problem these days. There could be many reasons of it. It might be stress, imbalance of hormones or a poor diet and it can be inherited as well. Before you invest into expensive treatments to make your hair thicker, do try one of the treatments, given below. They are not just inexpensive but natural as well and have no side effects.

These will sure bring about excellent results and you will once again have those excellent hair which remained a great asset of yours. So do try them if you are in search of how to make your hair thicker as they are not just cheap and safe but very effective as well.

12. Use Egg Hair Mask To Thicken Hair


Proteins are very necessary for the health and nutrition of your hair they not just make your hair longer but thicker at the same time. Eggs are so full of proteins so if you want a hair treatment what can be better than eggs. Two more advantages of egg are that it is natural and secondly it is cheap and also easily available. In case of egg treatment you further have two options available you can either make a hair mask using eggs or you can make an oil like mixture. In case of a mask you simply have to beat the eggs and apply them on your hair as a mask.

The number of eggs that you beat depend upon your hair length. Keep the egg hair mask on for half an hour after that wash your hair. Separate the egg yolk and mix it with a bit of water and the hair oil you normally use and then apply the resulting mixture on your hair. It will prove to be the best remedy to make your hair thicker.

11. Olive Oil


Olives are a great gift from God. Olive oil for hair has so many benefits, no matter how and when you use it. Whether you eat it or apply it externally, it will have extra ordinary results. You have two options for using olive oil and you can go for the one which suits you. In the first option, warm up the olive oil in a microwave oven and then massage it onto your hair. Instead of your palms use your fingers so that the oil can penetrate deep into the skin. The more it is absorbed into the skin the more will be the benefits.

In the second option, add the olive oil to honey. The benefits of honey are enormous. If it is combined with olive oil then what can be better than this mixture to make your hair thicker. In the same way massage this mixture onto your head. You can either keep it on your head for about half an hour or for more benefits and a better result let it stay for the night. Then wash it in the morning.

10. Avocado Hair Recipes


Take one avocado and mash it up with a banana and add to them one table spoon of olive oil. Again mix them so that the olive oil is equally distributed. Once you are done apply that mixture onto your hair. You again have to massage with your fingertips as in this way the nutrients will reach up to your scalp and will be absorbed, otherwise they will remain on your hair and will be wasted once you wash your hair. Avocado has many advantages to make your hair thicker as it is a natural moisturizer and helps in adding body as well.

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9. Aloe Vera Makes Sure Growth And Hair Thickness


If you are searching for how to make your hair thicker, Aloe Vera can be a very good natural ingredient which greatly effects hair growth and hair thickness. You will need Aloe Vera gel for hair in this procedure. Obtaining the gel from the leaves is very easy. Cut a leaf into half and get the gel that’s all. Then apply that gel directly on your hair and massage it for added benefits and better results. You can also drink Aloe Vera juice but be sure that you do it when your stomach is empty and consuming a table spoon of the Aloe Vera juice is enough.

8. Orange Juice Keeps Your Hair Dandruff Free


One of the biggest barriers in the way of healthy thick hair is the dandruff. One of the best ways to get rid of the dandruff is citric acid and oranges are full of citric acid. Alongside, there are dozens of other benefits of oranges as well. So if you want dandruff gone for good from your hair then there is nothing better than oranges. Oranges can be used in two ways.

Either you can take orange juice with apple puree. Take them both in equal amounts and then mix them and apply on your hair. Apply it on your hair and let it stay on your hair for 30 minutes at least and after that wash your hair. In the second method, you have to take the peels of orange. It is a very cost effective way and you can use the peels which otherwise were useless. You have to beat the peels in a blender so that you may obtain a paste like mixture. Once you have obtained the paste apply it on your hair. Only 15 to 20 minutes are more than enough for this procedure. This is one of the easiest ways to make your hair thicker and lustrous.

7. Apply Fenugreek Seeds Paste


Fenugreek seeds are also a good option if you want to know how to make your hair thicker. They not only help you get rid of the dandruff and they add to the volume length and density of the hair. It also reduces the hair loss as well. All you need to do is absorb 2 to 3 table spoons of fenugreek seeds in water and leave it for the night. In the morning add that mixture in the blender and make a paste out of that mixture. Apply that on your head use your fingertips so that the mixture reaches your scalp. After that let the mixture absorb in your scalp. Give it nearly about 30 minutes to do so. After that you may wash your hair.

6. Indian Gooseberries


They are fully equipped with anti-oxidants, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory materials, hence a great natural hair product. It ensure s that you have a healthy scalp and better and thicker hair growth.

You need to make oil of gooseberry and for that take a table spoon of gooseberries make sure that they are Indian and are dried as well. After that add a table spoon of gooseberries to two table spoons of coconut oil and then you have boil the mixture. Once it is done, strain the mixture and in this way you will obtain the oil. Massage your hair using this oil and do this at night so that the oil can be left on your hair for the night. It is the best tonic for hair fall as well as to make your hair thicker so that you can get your desired hairstyles.

5. Protein Rich Coconut Oil Ensures Hair Thickness


Coconut oil is so full of proteins which are very necessary for healthy hair. Massaging this oil on your head promotes the circulation of blood and due to those nutrients are easily absorbed and as a result your hair become healthy thick and fully nourished. Massage the oil on your head using fingertip so that it reaches the scalp and be sure that too much pressure is not applied. Before using the oil warm it up a bit in the microwave. After massaging if you cover your head in a hot and wet towel then that will be so good for your hair and it will considerably improve the results.

4. Hair Cure With Henna Leaves


Henna Leaves are used to form a centuries old hair treatment used by the women of subcontinent to make your hair thicker. Not just gives your hair a natural brown color but improves their health and makes them look better as well. You have to use it as a hair mask. First mix some henna leaves with water in a blender to form a paste.

Then leave it for a few hours after that apply it on your head in form a mask after applying it cover your hair in a shower cap. Let it stay on for an hour and after that wash your hair with mildly warm water.

3. Castor Oil Increases Your Hair Volume


If you are trying to find out how to make your hair thicker try Castor Oil that is highly conducive to healthy and thick hair. As it is very dense oil, it covers your scalp and hair very well and prevents the hair from breaking and as lots of vitamin e is stored in it so it promotes hair thickness and helps maintain healthy thick hair and smoothens them u as well. Mix castor oil with some coconut oil as castor oil is very thick and by mixing it up with coconut oil it will be less dense and will be easier to use. After mixing them up warm the mixture up in a microwave. Apply it on your hair by massaging with your fingertips so that it evenly spreads on the scalp and the roots of the hair and penetrates in the skin easily.

2. Avoid Hair Products


Try to avoid hair products like hair waxes hair sprays hair gels and etc. as these are synthetic and have so many dangerous chemicals in them. They ultimately affect the thickness of your hair. You may use them once in a while but try not to make them your habit and shift your focus to natural treatments to make your hair thicker.

Moreover, keep in mind that hot tools to wear various updos adversely affect your hair as they make them fragile weak and dry and affect their color as well so try to use them only once in a blue moon. As these burn your hair and make them look lifeless, they also are a reason for split ends and so many other problems so try to avoid them.

1. Important Tips To Maintain Hair Thickness


You must ensure a few things if want to know the secret of how to make your hair thicker, along with the use of the above mentioned natural remedies. Never leave your hair uncombed and always use a wide brush for this. The benefit of brushing is that it evenly distributes those natural oils made by your scalp up to your hair ends. Moreover, remember that a better diet gives you excellent hair as all the nutrients required for hair growth mostly go through our diet into our bodies.

Try taking foods that are rich in vitamin and have zinc and iron as well as these are very important for healthier thicker hair. You should also know that shampoos and conditioners are something not so good for you hair. It is not necessary to shampoo your hair every time you take a bath. Another thing that you need to know is that the shampoo causes dryness of your hair so every time you shampoo your hair remember to apply conditioner afterwards as it moisturises your hair.

People have different types of hair and their hair are also affected by the climate they live in and they have different sort of problems but they have one thing in common that they are worried sick when something happens to their hair.

As you hair are your asset and they play a role in your personality. Whatever your problem the solution is right here just be patient and see the result. These all treatments to make your hair thicker are very safe with no side effects as these are all natural. No need to worry as you can find your suitable treatment right here. Along with these treatments make sure that you keep your hopes high exercise regularly and eat well as all these things also affect your hair.

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