20 Natural Short Hairstyles For Black Women Over 50

This gallery of interesting and dazzling natural short black hairstyles for women over 50 is an exclusive collection to help out you to change your look, applying even variations on the basic formats of the widely appreciated updos.  

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The rich texture of black hair is the real pride of women of color. It is that striking eminence which eases styling even in the grey years when you are over 50. The thickness of your hair is what styling primarily needs and your natural hair are gifted with that. You have varied options in natural short hairstyles for black women over 50; they are incredibly smarter to be worn in simplest sober updos to the trendiest ones.

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Thus you can maintain your look with a hint of glam or develop a cool somber accent choosing from the new season’s sizzling hairstyles that are the essence of red carpet enteries and expert stylists’ collections.

 20. Bob Hairstyle For Black Women Over 50


If you want vibrant and healthy looking hairstyle, then it is a coolest choice for you. It is also one of the easiest and self-maintained short hairstyles for black women that have a strong accent of sophistication. It matches well with your mature look. You can create a parting wherever you think it necessary. Just make sure volume and for that use clip-ins. Sheen is used after drying so that natural shine should be achieved. This hairstyle sparkles particularly on round faces.

 19. Bobby Brown Hairstyle


In short black hairstyles for black women, bobby brown is preferred for its uniqueness and singularity. It remains the choice of many black women in the present season. It is actually a two- leveled cut and hair partitioning is must for this shag style. Section your hairs on desired side before starting the hairdo. Use flat ironing to keep that section straight. Proper conditioning and miniaturization is necessary for natural shine so apply Shea Cocoa Leave after done with styling.

A remarkable feature about bobby brown shag styled hairdo is that it is suitable for every type of hairs no matter longer or shorter. However, it comes out to be an extra bonus for ladies with round and soft faces. This hairstyle does not need any proper maintenance, but it is generally advised to cover your hair before going to sleep for long lasting results.

 18. Peacock Priss Hairstyle


There are numerous options in styling for women with shorter hair and few of these styles are exceptionally unique and exotic like red and black hair. Peacock priss is one such amazing hairdo that looks mesmerizingly attractive in very first glance. After washing your hair, gently mold them in circular motion but make it sure your hair should be little wet. Then prepare your hairs to dry naturally or use hair dryer for quick results. Peacock priss is ready! So rock the world with this awesome hairdo. Everyone can have this simple yet impressive style but it best suits to oval shaped rounded faces.

“The best part of your dark hair is that they have natural sleekness and gloss that enhances the grace of every styling option. You can easily opt for all the new trends of the season with your short hair and re-define your look whenever you like. This list of Short hairstyles for black women over 50 makes it pretty easier for you to adapt yourself with transition from long hair with time consuming complex styling to easily-managed short hair.”

 17. Inverted Curls


It is one of the most stylish and eye-catching braided hairstyles for black girls. Inverted curls are very much in fashion due to the elegance and fascination found in this particular hairdo. This hairstyle can be done on both types of hair either straight or curly. Commence your hairstyling by making a side parting of your hairs just like simple sectioning. Now curl hair on both sides with curling iron.

When you finish, use shining gel to enhance your natural hair gloss. For finishing, use quality hairspray and your desired style is done with. A wonderful hair idea in natural short hairstyles for black women over 50!

 16. Side Copper Swept Fringe


This extraordinary bob haircut for black women is extremely popular for its ultra mod look. It features bangs and tapered edges to move around the facial outlines and thus gives a stunningly rich impact to your hair. In the recent season’s groove, it sets its place as the most favourite one for black women over 50. Create light curls in your hair using a curler or flat iron. If you need to have an impact of long and firm fringe, then you must prefer to sweep your hair towards the front.

The use of serum is perfect for giving the finishing on the edges. Use natural grape seed oil to protect the hair from heat and to secure the shine of the hair as well. Remember that highly textured and relaxed hair are the pre-requisite of this style. Therefore, you must use fine quality dry hair shampoo to ensure texture. If you want light, stylish and soft appearance, then you must avoid plenty of products for saturating hair. This style suits well on oval and round faces.

 15. Black Side Swept Fringe


It is the perfect hairstyle for day and night gatherings. Start curling from the middle and back of the head after wetting them. Now put them on the side you want to. It needs to use the curler or an iron of ½ or 14 inches. Design Essential relaxer can be used to create the impact of soft texture. A moisturizer is required to wet your hair that get frizzy after repeated use of chemicals. It is suitable for textured air and perfect for oval and round face. The taper shears is perfect for weave blending for hair relaxation.

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 14. Classy Bob


Bobs have never been out of fashion in world of ladies, regardless of their racial and regional distinctions. Classy bob hairstyle is perfect for black women over 50 to attain the fresh and appealing look. Distribute your hair in parts and straighten them. It needs to give them curl from the bottom to give flattering look. Apply serum to make hair shiny and soft. For hair protection from heat and de-tangling them, the best product is Jane Carter Solution.  Oval face is the perfect facial outline for this hairstyle.

“The range of Short hairstyles for black women over 50 is considerably extensive and most of the hairstyles given here will best fit your mature looks. Go for wearing a style that helps you softening the appeal of your face, highlighting the adorable facial curves and features.”

 13. Natural Nancy Hairstyle For Black Women over 50


It is one the most flattering black updo hairstyles for black women over 50 that requires no extra effort to wear it. It is perfect for the ladies who have curly hair. Define the curls by using curling mousse to maintain them. Some kind of shiner can be used to give shine to the hair. Got2B Curling Mousse by Schwarzkopf is the most suitable product to enhance the curl and volume of the hair. It is suitable on all facial structures. Use small pins to hold hair in their place and keep your face clear and bright.

 12. Blond Fringe Copper Brown For Black Women


This short hairstyle is the best crafted ‘do for grey hair.  Copper brown color plays magic to make the appeal of your short hair impressive. You just have to give a light turn to your hair from the center of the head and at the back side as well. Absolute Repair Cellular from L’Oreal Professional can be used to prevent your hair from heat and damage. It is suitable for round faced ladies and for relaxed, textured and soft hair.

 11. Short Red Bob Haircut with Blunt Bangs


Red Bob haircut is one of those hairstyles for black women over 50 that are always fresh and will never fade out. It is extremely stylish in its brilliance and matches well with various facial curves and features easily. The red hair color is sufficient to complete your ultra mod look. The Model Selita Ebanks has carried this hair cut to attain the perfect sleek look.

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 10. Ready Copper Red Fringe


Begin styling from washing hair with a light shampoo and then blow dry them. Apply anti-frizz serum to the roots and mid length ensure softness in the hair. The real charm of this hairdo is the copper red dye. You must be careful in dying and must balance the color on the tresses. Light curls will make this hairstyle more perfect. Use tea tree oil in your shampoo for the enhancement of the cleansing of the hair. It is the best for oval faces and relaxed hair. Wide tooth comb is the best to detach the curls and to blend them.

 9. Blond, Red Highlights On Black Hair


The real glow of this style is the use of blonde and red highlights on your black hair. The basic required is obviously a good texture that imparts you a stately and classic look. When finish washing and drying hair, you can go for creating highlights. Start coloring hair choosing the side that you like. Use a 1 and half inch barrel iron for the ends of the hair. Give them weaves and clip them properly. A good shiner can be used for extra gloss. Spray your hair for fine setting of the hair. It is perfect for round face, textured and relaxed hair.

 8. Lavender Pink Voluminous Bob


Lavender pink voluminous bob is the combination of the dove grey and pink lavender that is perfect to enhance the beauty of your outlook in the extreme trendy style. It is very suitable for the thick but short hair. It is perfect to attain the extreme gorgeous appearance in the crowd of people. This short hairstyle does not suit the ladies who are having the wide face but suits well to the ladies who have oblong, diamond and round face. It is a wonderful option in short hairstyles for black women over 50 that give you an ultra mod look with trendy style.

 7. Sleek-Chic Short Hairstyle For Black Women Over 50


Sleek hair have a strong impression and when you give them a touch of chicness they are even more gorgeous. Emma Robert embraced this style and made a cute and saucy entry on the red carpet.  Black women over 50 can opt for this hairstyle to enjoy a stunning and trendy look, giving their bearing an entirely changed look. The deep part of thick, short hair comes on the face for hiding the wider sides. The straight bob hair create a perfect appealing shape with the help of angled ends. A shine pray completes the look after using the large barrel iron to mold the hair.

 6. Too Short Hair Lengths


A haircut that is a style in itself! It has always been as hot favorite in short hairstyles for black women over 50. It suits well on the afro hair texture of the women of color. The best part of this hair idea is that it is very easy to maintain, needs no embellishment and draws attention on your features and complexion. If you have no solutions and your hair are difficult to arrange then it is recommended to wear this fantastic hairstyle.

 5. Spiky Hairstyle


Easily maintained yet stunning in appearance! It is the hairstyle that suits all types of facial structures. It is the best option for black women over 50 who prefer to have short hair. Dry and clean hair provide the best texture for this hairstyle. Make smooth and spiky layers at the upside of the crown and then use Derm Organic Flex Hold Sculpting Spray to complement a perfect finishing.

 4. Sandy Shag Hairstyle


The wonders of this haircut can be seen with the spiral curls that gives black ladies a glamorous look. Use DevaCurl B’LEAVE IN to increase the strength of the curls that are the real glam of this hairdo.  Women of all facial structure can wear this hair idea. Moreover, it is good for those who are having short to medium hair structure. Wet your hair with the texturizer to strengthen the curls. Use blow dryer, and then separate the curls lightly, leave it from the crown of the head and spray to set properly. Your style is ready. Don’t forget to spry hair with a silkening mist to enhance their gloss.

 3. Wavy Curly Hairstyle


Another great hair idea for short hairstyles for black women over 50! Wavy curls provide the base for a number of hairstyles with slight variations. They have a charismatic and a distinguished appeal and are absolutely feminine when worn by maintain the gloss, sleekness and texture in the hair. You can take asymmetric, symmetric and even swept up options in your wavy curls as per your likeness. In all these styling nuances, your tresses take on the glam that you envision for your appearance. It is an excellent hairstyle that will enhance your appeal and redefine it with elegance.

 2. Exclusive Flips For Black Women Over 50


If you are searching for an elegant hairstyle for your mature look, nothing is more stunning than exclusive flips. A flawless hair style option for black women over 50! Worn by a number of TV and film icons, it proves its grace and now it is your turn to go for it. It is enormously simple to wear and maintain. Comb your hair towards your face and create a layer hugging the forehead. Use curling iron to twist the edges of the front layer inside. You can experiment with light colors also to make the style more noticeable.

 1. Majestic Natural Coils Black Women Over 50


This is the season’s hot choice because the women of color prefer now to mark and save the natural impression of their afro hair texture. This style helps out remarkably to materialize this ambition. Utterly unique and stunning with its overwhelming simplicity, styling with natural coils is even far easier to maintain than many of the other styles in vogue today.  If you like dying hair, experiment with a few colors. However, the golden locks maximize the impact of this style more than other colors.

When entering into 50’s, most of the women begin to abandon their innate tilt towards fashion and styling. Remember that styling isn’t limited to a particular phase of life. Keeping oneself best presentable is the need of every part of life. Your hair play always a key role in defining your personality. This collection of short hairstyles for black women over 50 is meant to widen your hairstyling options, explore your good looks and create your signature styles with the help of ideas presented here. Try them one by one and find out what goes with your hair the best and just made for you.

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