8 Long Bob Haircuts That Look Incredibly Good

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Looking to change your look through a long bob haircut? Find out some amazing long bob hairstyles to adopt on this page.

Short Bob haircuts have always looked good on women. Now that they are back in the season, and do not seem to go away anytime soon, many women are trying to get their hands on this new style. However, there is something new to the bob haircut this season. Instead of the traditional short bob haircuts, the long bob (or lob) is gaining much popularity this time. Long bobs are popular and trendy which is the reason why many famous celebrities have opted to go for long bob hairstyles.

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to style a long bob haircut. The best thing about long bobs is that they will look good on you no matter what type your hair is. Hence even if you have curly and unruly hair, you can go for a long bob and look beautiful. Let us see some of the ways you can style your long bob haircut.

8. Curly Long Bob


This is for all you curly bob hair girls out there. There is a chance for you to play with your beautiful locks in a different way through this curly long bob haircut. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it looks good in any season and any event. While this hairstyle is easy to get if you have curly hair, straight haired women can also go for this look with the right products and tools.

To get this hairstyle, apply gel to your hair and blow dry using small sections. Then use those small sections to define your curls using a curling iron. Use a flat iron to straighten the bangs from the front, use a hairspray to hold the hairstyle and you are ready to flaunt your curls.

7. Soft Layered Long Bob


This soft layered long bob haircut is definitely a head turner. The hairstyle is defined by long straight bob cut with soft layers on top of the head. Add to this your favorite highlights and you will look no less than amazing in any event. You need to blow dry your hair away from your face to create volume and to define the layers. Apply hairspray in the end to sustain the look for a long time.

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“A Long bob haircut is an amazing way to turn the heads around in events and hangouts. These hairstyles are popular this season and are adopted by many celebrities.”

6. Flowing Long Bob


This long bob haircut is climbing the charts of popularity quickly. This is because it combines two of the most popular hairstyles this season – long bob and soft curls. This haircut can give anyone a great look formal look, but is more suited for women with medium and heart-shaped faces.  To get this hairstyle, you need to apply a volumizing mousse and blow dry your hair using a round brush. Then lightly curl your ends in alternate movements and finish off the hairstyle with a shine spray.

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5. Asymmetric Long Bob


This sleek and stylish long bob angled haircut is best for any event. This hairstyle is appropriate even for your offices and will go well especially if you combine this look with formal dresses. Blowdry your hair and apply a heat-resistant hairspray initially. Then take small sections of your hair and use a flat iron to achieve a sleek look. Finish off the hairstyle with a shine and hold hairspray. You are now ready to go with this fun and formal hairstyle.

“There are a number of long bob hairstyles that the women can adopt. Each of them is fun and eye-catching.”

4. The Beauty Bob Haircut


This is the kind of black women bobs which is perfect for your parties and hangouts. This hairstyle gives you a very casual look as it is a combination of long bob and a lot of volume and soft curls. To get this hairstyle, you need to blow dry your hair using a small round brush and then use wax to crunch the ends.

The crunching will create a few soft curls which can be increased using a curling iron. Run your fingers through your hair to create a messy look and then let your hair fall back on your shoulders.

3. Framed Long Bob


This long bob haircut involves the classic sleek hair with the cool fringes. This classic look can make you look good in any event which is the reason why you will see many celebrities with this hairstyle. To achieve this look, blowdry small sections of your hair, making sure to turn them inwards. The inward turning will give a neat and framed look to your face. You may then use a flat iron to remove any frizz from the hair. Finish off with your favorite hairspray and flaunt this look among your friends.

2. The Beach Look


Another fun long bob hairstyle is the one in which your hair are given waves and soft curls right from the top. This is a famous hairstyle which is suitable for any formal or casual event. You can easily get this look by curling your hair from the top. Make sure you do not wrap the ends on the curling iron though. Once you are done with the curls, apply a beach wave spray to define the curls even more.

1.The Feathered Look


This is another amazing long bob haircut. It involves a long bob with nicely feathered hair to create more layers and steps. You can enhance your look even more by coloring your hair red. To achieve this look, you need to get nice bangs and loosely curl the hair to define the feathers. Finish off with any shine hairspray and use this look to gain more attention in the events.

Hence, there are a number of hairstyles you can adopt of you have a long bob haircut. All of these are famous for making you look good. What are you waiting for then? Get your haircut now and play with your hair through these amazing hairstyles.

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