7 Extremely Sad Love Movies

One of the most difficult things to accept in your life is to let go your love. There would be millions of lovers roaming around in this world, aching with pain of not getting together in their lives. This is the reason, when you happen to watch the sad love movies, they make you cry like a 5 year old child.

7. Titanic

TITANICIn a league of sad love movies, Titanic definitely comes at the top. There is no way; you can stop crying in this movie. This is actually a real based romantic movie, revolving around two people falling in love with each other at board. How sadly the Jack and Rose parted from each other due to accident of Titanic ship with Iceberg shows the real sacrifice anyone can ever do for his/her love.

6. A Walk to Remember

A Walk to RememberAlways keep a tissue box with you, when you’re going to watch a walk to remember movie. A love story of two teenagers of high school, they fall in love with each other and then the hardest part to say Goodbye. In this movie, Landon’s a bad boy melted down for a charming innocent girl Jamie. The intensity of their love changed the Landon to a good person but along with that, he has to accept the death of Jamie (leukemia patient) and move on.

5. Forrest Gump

Forrest GumpForest Gump is one of such sad love movies you’ll always opt to watch again and again. The acting skill of Tom Hanks is the real class of this movie. He was in love with Jenny (Robin Wright) from a childhood but she takes him as an irresponsible person and refuses him apparently. Later on she confesses her love to Forest Gump but it was too late.

4. Legends of the Fall

Legends of the FallSamuel Ludlow (Henry Thomas) was married to Susannah Fincannon (Julia Ormond) but later on Henry died in a war. Henry’s brother Tristan (Brad Pitt) has a love affair with Susannah and he married to her. Tristan believed to be responsible of death of his brother which makes him guilty and he goes for traveling leaving her behind. Later, he sent the letter to Susannah mentioning that “All we had is dead, as I’m dead. Marry another.” A sad end when Susannah commits suicide.

3. Armageddon

ArmageddonDoomsday asteroid is going to collide with earth and there’s only one man who can stop this from happening. Yes, the oil driller Harry Stamper was the one, who can save the earth from destroying. Along with this entire story, there’s a love between Harry’s daughter and his employee A.J. Who would be the savior of earth in such critical situation at space Harry or A.J? And whosoever would go, aches equally to Grace (Harry’s daughter).

2. Seven Pounds

SEVEN POUNDSBen Thomas (Will Smith) believes to be accountable of seven lives lost in an accident. For that reason, he went to donate his various organs to others in order to compensate. In all such circumstance, he met Emily (Rosario Dawson) and fallen for her, which makes his life much harder and complicated towards his mission.

1. Gone With the Wind

Gone with the WindGone with the wind is one of the quite old sad love movies, you can never resist watching and crying. If you really want to enjoy the true essence of love, just play this movie in your DVD player, because this is totally worth it.

The purpose of sad love movies fulfills, when you have tears in your eyes and goose bumps on your skin. Such movies also provide a complete refreshing feeling and you get ready to do whatever it needs to be done for the happiness of your love.

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