20 Habits of People Who are Happy, Healthy and Successful

Do you want to be happy, healthy and successful? Of course, the answer invariable comes with a positive response! But isn’t it unfortunate that despite this deep seated desire, most of us do not make any productive effort to improve health and habits to be better people than we are before.

Alternately, when we do want to improve our health and mental conditions, we don’t know which way to proceed, what to do and what not to do. This page investigates the phenomenon with logical reasoning and then suggests you some of the worth-following habits of people who are happy, healthy and successful.

  • Nutrition must be your first priority
  • Avoid obesity
  • Don’t shy away from exercise
  • Keep away from depression
  • Have a sound sleep
  • Give time to yourself
  • Have occasional spa visits
  • Visit new places
  • Don’t be obsessed with future or lost in the past
  • Never exceed your limits in work
  • Observe moral values; kindness, honesty, sincerity
  • Build stronger ties with coworkers and friends
  • Give smiles to others
  • Always try to be optimistic
  • Avoid negative thinking and finding faults with others

They are the right first steps on a road to a productive and healthy lifestyle that ultimately leads to bliss and satisfaction. It makes no difference which field of life you belong to. Only by managing your schedule positively with the introduction of a few changes in your dietary habits and daily routine can bring immense advantages.

20. Eat a Balanced Diet

Eat a Balanced Diet

In any situation, your personal health always comes first to make sure happy, healthy and successful life. Hence, pay special attention what you eat and how nourishing it is for you. To function properly, you need hefty proportions of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains along with lean proteins. That defines a healthy diet. Calculate and monitor your caloric intake because to begin with, you don’t want the fear of weight increase to haunt you. It ultimately leads to depression, one which is currently the prime worry of millions of Americans and millions more worldwide. You need that balanced diet to fortify your immune system, and remain fresh all day long. Stay healthy and it ultimately leads to the happy and successful part.

19. Make Time for Yourself

Make Time for Yourself

Work gets overburdening, but that is no excuse to ignore yourself. Make some time for yourself in your daily schedule, no matter how hefty your work gets. It is possible that the upcoming business deal is tiring the daylight out of you, but you don’t want to risk wasting your time particularly if you are on a deadline. Plan for a yoga class all the same, or think of weekly spa visits, because the purpose of your job is to make your life easier, not the other way round. If you want to be blissful, you certainly can’t do that without embracing the habits of people who are happy, healthy and successful.

18. Sleep Well


Burning midnight oil has never been proved to boost your performance, and certainly won’t make life happy, healthy and successful that you actually desire. Besides, it is an obvious medical fact, that proper amount of sleep means healthy mind and body. Sleep helps you in an infinite number of situations, from weight loss to a sharper mind for all day long and more radiant skin with less prominent dark circles around the eyes. You also increase your stamina to concentrate on your job which indirectly boosts your productivity. Next time you feel like throwing an all-nighter, save yourself the trouble because it seldom pays back. Have your beauty sleep.

17. Exercise


With the advent of technology, people have shifted their attention towards more technical activities, shying away from exercise, and that problem reveals itself in the form of a dramatic and almost impossible degree of increase in obesity. That is a problem you need to address before you get the same physique and the much worse depression, which is devastating for your mental health. No doubt technology has made life a lot easier for you, but that is not without its price. Exercise to strengthen your muscles and bones, and fight a variety of chronic illnesses which include heart diseases and diabetes.

16. Stay In the Present

Stay in the Present

One thing about the habits of people who are happy, healthy and successful is that they always live in present and not in past or future. Being fixated in the past or the future is bothersome and distracting. When some people are mesmerized about events of the past, and the others waste hours anticipating events that have yet to occur, neither of them is going to make themselves happy. If you desire mental satisfaction, shift your attention towards the current situation. Live in the day, and you won’t lose yourself. This lets you live happy, healthy and successful in life, the way you never imagine you could.

15. Travel


This is an extremely important marker of mentally happy and healthy people. They prefer to travel the world in their free time or holidays from work. Rather than spending your free time in your own home and making it a complete waste, perhaps it is time for you to think outside the box. Plan a vacation, it doesn’t have to be a grand one to another country, the vacation should depend upon your free time, but make sure that it keeps you as far away from work as possible. Besides, it is always a welcome prospect to see the world. A little time spent in productive enjoyment outside of your usual circle is certainly welcome to you.

14. Challenge Yourself

Challenge Yourself

The only way to stay on top of your health and to manage a hostile and demanding job is to know your limits and to keep testing and boosting them. It means both physical stamina and mental capability to cope with crisis and desperate situations. One of the most treasured habits of people who are happy, healthy and successful is that they compete with themselves rather than with other people. This habit not only prevents you from harboring jealousy but also offers you much broader room to improve yourself in multiple fronts all at once. Keep learning new skills, and one day this improvement is going to pay off a lot.

13. Stay Strong and Never Lose Hope

Stay Strong and Never Lose Hope

When life hits a rough patch, and when you feel like there is no going out of the situation, disparity certainly questions your will and it is times like this where this particular habit offers a lot of help. A certain degree of optimism defines mentally happy, healthy and successful people. They see the glass as half full rather than half empty, and it is this strength in will which can make miracles happen in times of need.

12. Do Not Hold Grudges

Do Not Hold Grudges

This is one of the most important qualities of successful people, which pave the way for a healthier social life with stronger ties with coworkers and friends. Do not let competition harbor jealousy, and certainly do not let this competition be counterproductive. Heavy hearts bear no good, and it never brings any good to either party in question. It is time that before you have strong negative feelings for coworkers, think reasonably and weigh your position rather than act out of emotion and put the entire scenario to jeopardy.

11. Take Risks and Own Failures

Take Risks and Own Failures

Be mentally strong and adopt habits of people who are happy, healthy and successful to bring about a positive change in your life. Failures are the best way to improve yourself is to learn from your mistakes. That is what determines will and strength of character. A brave man owns his mistakes instead of blaming it on others to suit his purposes, and a wise man learns from these mistakes, which are both qualities of happy, healthy and successful men. If you want to truly earn a name at your work, stop shying away from odds, and take risks where your heart tells you to. It ends up serving your purposes.

10. Be Kind

Be Kind

Another habit of happy, healthy and successful people is that they show an impressive degree of selflessness towards those in need of their assistance. It signifies a bigger heart and a much greater capacity for compassion which counts as your compassion in the long run. Besides, kindness is contagious. The nicer you are to others, the more it pays you back. Not only will you make stronger ties and better friends, but your job, and your life will become much better. Besides, it has been proved to have health benefits. Serotonin, a hormone is released in response to kindness, and it helps you develop stronger relationships.

9. Smile More Often

Smile More Often

If you think your life isn’t happy enough, you need to fish for that happiness. Make it a habit to smile more often, because that works like magic in making your day seem a whole lot brighter. Try optimism for a change, although you might find it to be an unrealistic and futile effort in the beginning, it really does clarify a lot of issues in the long run and you invariably profit from it. Admire the beautiful things around you, be it a lunch with your family, a beautiful day worth enjoying or any small good news that you might receive in your job. There are a million ways to brighten your day, better start from the simplest.

8. Never Give up on Your Dreams

Never Give up on Your Dreams

One of the factors that contribute to make you happy, healthy and successful is their steadfastness. If you give up on your dreams that only mean that there is nothing left worth fighting for in your life. Call them your goals or your dreams, there should always be that position or that seat everyone has a passion for. Strive to meet your dreams, and when you do, make sure you have new dreams that await your efforts. Keep yourself busy in this struggle and it will change your life without you even knowing it. This is the purest form of success and it will bring you satisfaction that you haven’t seen before.

7. Be Punctual

Be Punctual

If you want to be good at your job, and represent the best in you, you don’t need punctuality issues to cause trouble. Besides, being on time gives your boss another reason to admire and appreciate you. Be punctual in your job and life. Don’t let others wait for you. Be it your appointment with the dentist, your friends at a party or any similar situation. Punctuality has a strong impact on your impression on others, and you don’t want your first impression to be a bad one. Don’t let time fly and make the most of it in the best of your capacity and you can promise yourself a job well done.

6. Worry Less

Worry Less

Everyone makes mistakes, but the habits of people who are happy, healthy and successful dictate that they maintain calm during desperate times as well. This not only prevents nervousness and panic from clouding your judgment, but it prevents you from becoming restless. In the long term, worrying too much is devastating for your personality. Stop being so jumpy, worry a little less, and you will discover that it grants you ample time and space to calculate situations and make better moves. In the long run, it enhances your confidence, and contributes to a stable lifestyle.

5. Self Care

Self Care

You alone are responsible for yourself and your health, and that is what determines how well you can take care of other and your job. Have regular medical check-ups, place an appointment with your physician and dentists more often and make sure you are taking good care of all the needs of your body, which range from nutrition to exercise and mental well being. Make sure you are conscious about hygiene at your home and workplace. These simple and basic steps can contribute tremendously to a future well-being, which is why it is one of the habits of people who are happy, healthy and successful.

4. Believe in Lifelong Learning

Believe in Lifelong Learning

A broader perspective of things is essential to become mentally strong and stable in your life. Whether you are sixty or sixteen one learns every day. It is only when you embrace this knowledge that you begin to see how you can be a better person: by learning and by becoming more and more knowledgeable each day. Either formally through academics or informally through the internet or books; try to educate yourself to the best of your extent. This increased knowledge always pays off. Learn new skills and discover new talents to have a productive life.

3. Embrace Change

Embrace Change

Nothing is going to stay same in life, and the sooner you adapt to new changes, the better for you. Don’t let change scare you and thus discourage you from embracing it but look at the brighter side. Analyze what improvements in life you might be looking at, and how will it let you get rid of things that bored you. Strong people change their surroundings when they feel like it without shying away from it.

2. Make New Friends

Make New Friends

This is one of the habits of people who are happy, healthy and successful which has everything to do with social dealings and interactions with people from different walks of life. It is always the smart decision to make new friends. It costs nothing but gives you an invaluable asset. Try and make as many friends as possible. If it didn’t work out with a few, that is no reason to be discouraged. Every interaction, no matter pleasant or disheartening has an important and invaluable lesson for you. Look for people who make you happy, people who are worth fighting for, and people who encourage you to be a better person. If you have such friends around you, consider yourself lucky.

1. Be Confident

Be Confident

A confident man stands out among others, he is much likely to attract attention, and that serves as the best way for you to earn a name in your job. Remember that you are your own hero, and use that to shape yourself. A man’s confidence shows in everything from character to work and other playful activities, and under normal circumstances, a confident man is most often the courageous one. If you want to be mentally healthy and happy with your life, this is the habit you need to adopt.

Begin a Happy, Healthy and Successful Life

To implement the above ideas, you must begin with believing the ground fact that we are the architects of our happiness. Make a vow today to better yourself, and you will start seeing differences in yourself instantly. Cherish what life offers you and make the best of your circumstances to excel at your job and in your life.

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