15 Foods That Make Your Butt Bigger

Big butts have now become a symbol of being sexy. It is found to be more attractive to have a bigger and a fleshy booty rather than flat one. Kim.K works to maintain booty like this with her diet and several workouts. So, here we will be providing you with a bunch of food items that are supposed to fill in your butt and make it bigger and better.

15. Egg

eggs..Your daily breakfast might include yumilicious mushroom and cheese omelet or a couple of boiled eggs, just because you know it is healthy to intake it. But did you know, eggs are not only the source of energy for your body but they are also a food item which can help you get a bigger butt! If you’re striving to have one. Eggs if you know can be a beauty secrete for you.

  • Eggs are a good source of protein and proteins help in building the muscle mass.
  • As it helps in building the muscle mass so this food could be taken before the exercise
  • As mentioned earlier here eggs could be taken in the morning too, there will be no difference in their effect.

14. Fish

FishFish, a seafood that so many of us like to have. Be it fried and sprinkled with different spices or be it an amazingly coated deep fried fish served with salty French fries, it is always a welcomed dish to be eaten by all. You know it’s a fresh fish when the meat is bouncy on pressing it the meat bounces back. You have a number of tasty fish to have like salmon, tuna, tilapia etc.

  • Fish contains omega 3 fatty acids which are known as ‘good fats’, good fats are the ones that basically help to remove the bad fats from the arteries which might lead to a coronary artery disease.
  • To increase the size of your butt you would have to have an increase in the calorie intake
  • Eating fish will fulfill the purpose of increasing the calorie intake and also in turn provide the body with good fats simultaneously.

13. Chicken

ChickenChicken can be your meal in so many delicious forms. It could be taken along with pasta or could be sandwiched between your bread. You can also just boil the chicken and season it before having. Chicken is a food which carries proteins in it which are beneficial to gain a muscle mass. Hence chicken could be considered as one of the food items that can help your booty get bigger. Consuming chicken instead of red meat can lead to lesser cholesterol formation in the body.

  • Chicken comprises of 37 per cent of proteins, 23 per cent of fats and 11 per cent fats.
  • It also comprises of niacin 34 per cent, vitamin B6 18 per cent, pantothenic acid 9 per cent and thiamine 7 per cent.
  • Chicken is also found with minerals like selenium 21 per cent, phosphorous 15 per cent, zinc per cent and iron 5 per cent.

12. Protein Shake

Protein ShakeAll the body builders who want to gain muscle mass take protein shake as a part of their diet to fulfill this purpose. They intake protein diet and do workouts to get the result. So one can try taking protein shakes and find out exercises that make the butt bigger, and see the results.

11. Oatmeal

oatmeal..Oatmeal is a good meal for breakfast. It can be taken with your favorite fruit and nuts. Oatmeal contains such micro-nutrients that are helpful in increasing the muscle mass. With this advantage one can benefit to increase their butt size and have a bigger booty.

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1 Comment

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