3 Ancient Herbs To Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Stress and anxiety with the day to day life has become one of the biggest factors to affect the life of individuals. With the increasing time even the younger generation seems to be effected equally like the older one. A number of factors play a role for this. One must make sure this stress and anxiety should be cut down as earlier as possible.

Drugs are no good to take, if you have natural options available you must not go for them. Nature has provided with a variety of options to help ourselves with that. And out of those options there are a few herbs that can help with it. Here we have discussed about a few herbs that can help you with the stress and anxiety. Hope that helps you in the future.

3. Verbena Hasata

Verbena Hasata

Verbena hasata or blue verian grow in the summers. The blue violet flowers of this beautiful plant are long thin and more particularly tubular in shape. The spikes on along its body stretch out to give it candelabra like appearance.
This one grows out in soggy wet conditions and also in medium soil. Both conditions can work for this one. The flowers are seen easily in the mid-summers and could be seen stretched up to the season of late autumns.

These plants show a height of 90 cm to 120 cm and can grow in damp areas as well even if the cultivation place is not well drained.

  • This herb can help with cleaning the hepatic system of the body and not only this but it is also helpful in killing down the sugar cravings.
  • It helps to balance female hormones and soothes the nervous system. Therefore, as the hormones get balanced and the nervous system works calmly there are very few chances to experience any anxiety or any sort of depression.
  • With all this it even helps to relax the muscles. Hence, proving again its ability to lower down stress and anxiety.

2. Wood Betony

Wood Betony

This is also known as purple betony or bisphop’s-wort. Wood betony is a plant that is native to the European, West Asian and North African side of the atlas. This one is member of mint family and hence has the features similar to that family i.e. it has a square shaped stem along with thin and fine short hair on it. In the earlier times this herb was suspected to cure 47 diseases.

During the 17th century this herb had been of great use to combat diseases and disorders. Asthma, an immunological disorder was said to be treated with this herb. Back then, this herb was also used to treat the problem heavy and excessive sweating in individuals and also was used to purge the body of worms. Kidney problems were also being treated with it.

  • The leaves of wood betony are said to have astringent properties and its leaves are boiled to make tea. This tea can serve the severe ache of migraine and also help with anxiety.
  • It can also with menstrual problems and diarrhea.
  • Adding to it, wood betony is also helpful in hysteria and nervousness.

1. Slippery Elm

Slippery Elm

The other commonly used name for this one is red alm, Indian elm, sweet elm and moose elm. This plant is native to East Canada and Central US. Spring is the season when its flower buds appear and open up into small flowers in a clustered form at the tips of each branch. Initially it was used to make an ointment with its red colored bar that was said to treat the urinary tract infection and act to cure the boils as well. And a really good advantage for the conceiving ladies is its ability to help with the labor to ease it.

  • The inner bark which is white in color encloses so many nutrients within itself. Nutrients like magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, zinc and different vitamins.
  • With all of these slippery elm can give a good boost to the system.
  • And this is also helpful with the digestive system too.


  • You can make tea using the leaves of herbs and drink it. This is the easiest way to use them.
  • Sometimes even smelling the herbs can sooth your nerves really well.
  • You should always keep some flowers or herbs in your room that help reduce stress.

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