22 Amazing Disease-Fighting Benefits of Fruits that Can Help You Save Your Life

Nutritionists agree that one of the most ideal approaches to protect oneself against chronic diseases is to eat a diet rich in fruits. This way, you can also reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular problems and certain types of cancers, let alone keeping yourself healthy, fresh and energized. Fruits have also lesser amount of harmful minerals such as sodium and have absolutely no cholesterol. Both of which have quite adverse repercussions on human health and level ways to get it fall a victim to so many health problems.

The other disease fighting benefits of fruit include their richness with those essentials that help body combat against maladies. For example, most of the fruits have considerable amount of potassium that enables body to save itself against blood pressure issues, prevent kidneys developing stones and as well as stop emerging bone loss.

Fruits also contain dietary fibres that manage the quantity of blood cholesterol, prevent body amassing fats and improve also the function of digestive system. Fruits are also an amazing source of vitamin C that plays a significant role in repairing the damaged tissues and strengthens gums and teeth. Similarly they have vitamin E, calcium, and iron – all of them nourishing and healthful. Fruits also provide folic acid that is vitally required during pregnancy and, in general, provides human body a shield against various infectious diseases.

  • Fresh fruits are the great blessing of Mother Nature and serve as the best diet for humans.
  • Ensuring daily intake helps you maintain antioxidants in body.
  • Having lesser calories, you can satisfy your hunger without overloading the stomach.
  • Fruits provide rare compounds such as phytonutrients that work synergistically with minerals and vitamins to fulfil deficiencies of essential nutrients.

22. Dates


One of the most commonly known fruit that has been mentioned in a number of cultures as an essential healthful dietary option! They are the best source to consume vitamins and minerals; sugar, fiber, calcium, vitamins A and K. A regular intake of dates keeps you safe from developing maladies such as digestive problems, anaemia and particularly against abdominal cancer. Their high nutritional value is also helpful in controlling obesity and the amount potassium in them is enhances the nervous system.

21. Figs


One of the very well-know fruits that is suggested to cure a number of diseases. In various ancient cultures of the world, figs have been mentioned as a marvellous disease fighting fruit. Today, medical science approves its healthful usefulness. Eating figs redeems you from constipation problems, cholesterol issues and helps you losing excess weight. Apart from its efficacy against colon and breast cancer, coronary heart diseases and reducing hypertension, it also cures you from bone loss, urinary calcium loss, and muscular regeneration.

20. Apple


Apple is known for its miraculous disease fighting benefits. It is enriched with antioxidants such as flavonoids that are immensely helpful in controlling diabetes as well as asthma. A normal sized apple contains 75 calories that makes it a proper diet source as well without causing you a feeling of satiety. Another amazing benefit is that it is full of vitamins. It works also as mouth-freshener and strengthens teeth.

19. Açaí Palm

Açaí Palm

This beneficial organic fruit from Central and South American is rich with antioxidants than many other berries. Even at low dosages, antioxidant agents from Açaí enter human cells and kill perilous oxygen radicals. Studies on utilizing solidified dried Açaí organic fruit pulp have demonstrated that it has also anti-inflammatory activity—particularly when there are chronic infections in body. A research study also proved the power of Açaí extracts to suppress the development and multiplication of leukaemia cells.

18. Blackcurrant


Recent studies, on the benefits of fruits for health, confirm that blackcurrant juice have great potential to combat against harmful bacteria. Moreover, blackcurrant juice is effective to reduce urinary tract infections in old people. Eating blackcurrants, alongside lingo berries and bilberries is helpful in lessening weakness caused by low-thickness lipoprotein (LDL). The enormous efficacy of blackcurrant does not end here. Traditionally, it is also known in various cultures and mentioned in the list of disease fighting benefits of fruit, combating arthritis, spasmodic cough and diarrhoea.

17. Bilberry


A relative of blueberries and huckleberries, bilberries have generally been advised for the treatment of ulcers. They also fortify the defensive mucus in stomach. Several research studies have demonstrated an impact of anthocyanin-rich bilberry extract against intestinal tumour cells. Bilberry extract helps regulating enzymes that shield against oxidative anxiety in eyes, proving that it might be valuable for guarding the eyes against age-related disorders, for example, macular degeneration.

16. Blueberry


These are not just minimal blue antioxidant powerhouses—wild blueberries provide omega-3 called alpha-linoleic acid. Blueberry is especially effective in protecting against age-related decay of memory and mind function. Blueberries in conjunction with probiotics provide the best defence against colitis and liver injury. Blueberry helps in curing tumours and is effective also in self-pulverization of oral and prostate disease cells. One study exhibited the capacity of blueberry to combat bone loss as well.

15. Blackberry


Blackberry is an important entry in the list of disease fighting benefits of fruits. Blackberry extract activates the self-pulverization of oral, colon, and cancer cells. Blackberry extract likewise has noteworthy antibacterial action. Blackberries are especially rich in the anthocyanin known as cyanidin-3-O-beta-D-glucoside, or C3G. C3G demolishes numerous other anthocyanin regarding ORAC values. Blackberry reduces the development of oxidative disorders created by bright (UV) light. It also shields liver from free radical damage, diminish inflammation, and secure blood lipids. C3G extracted from blackberries has a healthy effect on blood vessels.

14. Pomegranate


The disease fighting benefits of this fruit are innumerable. Pomegranate contains all necessary nutrients; fiber, protein, vitamins C and K, potassium and folate. With this richness, its efficacy in preventing and combating diseases is far more enhanced than many other fruits. Its extract enhances blood vessels’ health and decreases plaque in them. It also lessens circulatory strain in humans. The intake of pomegranate hinders the development of prostate malignant cells. It maintains also skin’s fundamental structure and keeps its youthful look.

Nutritionists recommend this fruit in special to people who are facing fatal maladies such as prostrate and breast cancers, Alzheimer’s disease and even fatness. The reason is its powerful antioxidant activity due to punicalagins that is immensely found in pomegranate. Moreover, punicic acid found in pomegranate’s arils is the best treatment against chronic inflammation and above all against cardiac diseases.

13. Strawberry


Strawberry contains amazing mixtures of nutrients and fibres that ranks it to the list of most beneficial fruits. It is especially rich with potassium that is 153 mg in 100 grams strawberries. Medical researches prove that strawberries are another awesome cancer warrior. Strawberry extract hinders development of liver, oral, colon, and prostate tumour cells.

12. Clementine


Medical advantages of clementine include alleviation of digestive problems, better cardiovascular health, reinforced immune system and ideal balance of electrolytes in the body. The supplements present in clementine contribute in building solid bones and support in muscle compression and relaxation. Besides, bioactive atoms present in clementine make it a disease fighting fruit and also contributes in smooth working of the brain.

11. Mango


On the list of the disease fighting benefits of fruit, Mango is a superb dietary option. Mangoes are high in the cell antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin, which support vision and diminish the danger of age-related muscular degeneration. Medical researchers agree that mango has rare antioxidant compounds that are immensely helpful in preventing many types of cancers such as leukaemia, prostate, colon and breast. Eating mangoes can help people having cholesterol issues. The fruit has a concentration of high levels of fiber as well as it is a rich source of vitamin E and pectin. All of these compounds lower Lipoprotein level in blood.

10. Kiwifruit (Chinese gooseberry)


Kiwifruit is rated among the best food items in the world for their enormous benefits for human health. Its origin is northern China but now it is available across the globe. With more Vitamin C than oranges, kiwis can help in the advancement and upkeep of bones, ligament, teeth and gums. They can likewise bring down blood triglyceride levels (high triglycerides build the danger of coronary illness).

9. Watermelon


Enumerating the disease fighting benefits of fruit, we cannot ignore nutrient dense watermelon that is traditionally branded comprising water and sugar only. Its exceptional usefulness for combating diseases particularly asthma, blood pressure, cancer, digestion irregularity and hydration is medically established.

Watermelon is 92% water; hence it is one of the best weight reduction diets that has significantly low amount of calories. It is rich with nutrients; most notable are vitamin A, C and B6. Watermelon also contain potassium, lycopene and a moderate quantity of antioxidants and amino acids – all healthful ingredients to regulate numerous functions of body and support it combat against diseases.

8. Cherry (sweet and tart)


Cherries are liked for their amazing sweet taste but they have also many useful disease fighting benefits. The antioxidants in them have curing properties to redeem insomnia, obesity and gout. Cherries are customarily known a remedy against joint pain. Cherries are rich in a phytonutrient known as perillyl liquor, which hinders the development of cancer in body.

Due to lower glycemic index of 22, sweet cherries have no adverse effects on diabetic patients. Being also a powerful source of melatonin, they are beneficial in regulating better and sound sleep. The other healthful benefits include prevention of Alzheimer, minimizing the risk of cardiac stroke and osteoarthritis relief.

7. Cranberry


This tart little berry has become well known for its capacity to cure urinary tract infections. Cranberry helps body to battle ulcers by curbing helicobacter pylori, the bacterium involved in peptic ulcers. Cranberry extracts can restrain the development and expansion of breast, prostate, and lung cancer cells. With this amazing potential, it can also be listed with the disease fighting benefits of fruit Researches also prove that advantageous compounds found in cranberries can secure cardiovascular health by various means, for example, tweaking pulse, hindering platelet accumulation, and reducing inflammation.

6. Elderberry


Disease fighting benefits of Elderberry are traditionally known. People used them in various parts of North America, Europe, Western Asia, and Africa against colds, cough and influenza. Elderberry contains bioflavonoid and proteinsis that work as a dynamic treatment against many harmful viral and bacterial infections. Elderberry is also helpful in maintaining blood cholesterol as well as strengthening immune system. In 1995, elderberry juice was officially recommended to control flu epidemic in Panama.

5. Grapes


The density of flavonoids, especially quercetin and resveratrol make grapes most beneficial for human health and impart it immunity against so many vital diseases. The intake of grapes enables heart to stop developing perilous clots. Resveratrol strengthens heart muscles and regulates blood stream to brain.

Moreover, grapes also contain antioxidant phytonutrients and polyphenols are the most effective nutrients to fight against a number of cancer forms that develop in lungs, mouth, oesophagus, colon and pharynx. Grapes are loaded with potassium (in 100 grams, it is 191 mg) that helps body stop developing high blood pressure. Grapes like watermelon also hydrate body and regulate bowls working. They are also known to have rich amount of vitamin C and manganese that cure allergies and minor skin problems.

4. Raspberry


Lab studies have shown the capacity of raspberry to restrain the development of tumour cells, including oral, cervical, and colon tumour cells. They are full of antioxidants such as gallic acid, quercetin and vitamin C that help body resist against cancer cells and circulatory disorders. Raspberries are also a source of flavonoids that play a significant role in enhancing memory. Raspberry fibres maintain lipids and insulin levels in body. These fibres also enhance the function of memory and controls inflammation in body and even help in weight loss. Consuming this fruit also has repercussion in preventing hypertension and gastrointestinal diseases.

3. Apricot


Apricot is one of those fruits that are used fresh as well as dried and in both forms it is equally nourishing and beneficial. Its healthful effectiveness is tremendous and provides the reason to be mentioned in the list describing disease fighting benefits of fruit. The consumption of apricot is particularly helpful in treating stomach and intestinal problems, skin diseases, respiratory conditions cancer and anaemia. Its use also relaxes the strained muscles and improves skin. Another significant advantage of eating apricot is to strengthen your bones as the fruit has considerable amount of important nutrients such as calcium, phosphorous, manganese and iron.

2. Aronia


This bright natural fruit local to North America is found in red, dark, and purple colors. Investigations on the prevention of cancer recommend the use of aronia due to ORAC values recorded in it. Aronia extracts have favourable effect on the coronary supply routes, lessen tentatively incited aggravation in eyes, and repress natural markers of colon cancer. Aronia juice ensures better liver function and protects body against the advancement of gastric ulcers.

1. Plums


Plums are termed as the ‘super-nourishment fruit’ by researchers. They are rich with antioxidants and phytonutrients. They are sweet and yummy in taste. If w count disease fighting benefits of fruit, plums remain at the top of the list. Having 46 calories per 100 g, they have no fats at all and thus greatly beneficial for weight loss. They are a good source of vitamin C (9.5 mg per 100 grams). The quantity of potassium found in them (113 mg per 100 grams) protects body from stroke risk while their reddish-blue pigment, named anthocyanins has a very positive role in preventing cancer.


  • Fruits are healthy source of essential vitamins, minerals and fibres. The nutrients in fruits maintain strengthens body against all health hazards.
  • Being low in fats and calories, they don’t have any adverse effects on human body.
  • A regular intake of fruits keeps your body healthy and energized.
  • To enjoy a sound health, make a personalized nutrition plan, stack it up with fruits.
  • Consult your nutritionist to know which fruits suit you the best.
  • Eating fruit guarantees good health and if you are facing already a disease, their intake help you recover.


  • Don’t be beguiled with the oft-used marketing cliché ‘super-fruit’. There is no such natural fruit that can be exclusively termed as super-fruit. It is just a selling tactic of some product manufacturers.

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