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7 Most Appealing & Common Eye Of Ra Tattoo Designs

Eye of ra tattoo has Egyptian background as people of ancient Egypt used to worship the god of sky and had belief that god is observing their actions. Eye tattoo designs are really common as eye tattooing look tasteful, attractive and remarkable. Here you will find some common and appealing designs of eye of ra tattoo with brief symbolism.

7. Ankh Ra Tattoos

Ankh ra tattoosThe symbol of magical protection and powers, Ankh tattoo is surprisingly common in people. Mostly it is placed on ankle, wrist, lower back and shoulder region to depict eternity and power. The design is in cross pattern as that of Christian cross style embedded with deep meanings inside depicting life.

6. The Eye Of Horus

The eye of HorusAnother common type of eye of ra tattoo is that of Horus, the symbol of royal powers of healing, wisdom and good health. Horus is also the Egyptian symbol of goddess Wadjet that protects from unseen evils and illness. Eye of Horus is popular tattoo mark among all age groups and it was extensively used on ships, amulets, bracelets.

5. Isis Pyramid

Isis pyramidIsis was actually considered as eye of Ra that was worshiped across millions because of the belief that Isis protected Horus from dangers, snakes and evil forces. Therefore, Isis pyramid is believed to be the symbol of magical powers that will save the children with an exceptional power of Ankh.[mobile_ad]

4. Eye Of Ra With Wings

Eye of Ra with wingsA wing with eye of ra tattoo actually represents the angelic powers and people thought that tattoos will save them from all evils and bad things going to be happen in their lives. Eye of ra with wings is quite popular and these tattoos are mostly seen on the shoulders and inner wrist placements.

3. Eye Of Ra Butterfly Tattoo

Eye of ra butterfly tattooThis is one such amazing design of eye of ra tattoo that is the ultimate symbol of beauty, love, prosperity and good luck. Another specialty of butterfly eye of ra tattoo is that it is very famous among women so it can be called as feminine tattoo too. These tattoos are usually favored on neck region, shoulders, lower back and sides of a rib.

2. Eye Of Ra With A Symbol Of Sun

Eye of ra with a symbol of sunAs it is assumed that eye of ra is actually the God of sun protecting world from evils and unseen happenings so eye of ra tattoo is mostly circled by the symbolic representation of sun. Eye in the center and sunrays emitting from the eyes creates spell bounding effect.

1. Eye Of Ra With Decal Gold Pyramid

Eye of ra with decal gold pyramidEye pyramids were astoundingly common in ancient Egypt depicting the culture and civilization of that era. Eye pyramid tattooing is equally common these days that looks appealing with artful taste.

Eye of ra tattoos are not just tattoos, in fact, these demonstrate the cultural identity of Ancient Egyptian myths. The above-mentioned description of eye of ra tattoos will surely be beneficial to you regarding the designs with their actual meanings.

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