7 Things You Must Know About Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

It’s not so easy to deal with makeup especially with eye lining and stuff. It needs a lot of practice and definitely some good eyeliner stuff. However with Kat Von D tattoo liner, you’re on roll now. This liner differentiates itself from others by its long wearing formula and innovative tip.

7. Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

Kat Von D tattoo linerIt is the most exquisite tattoo liner you can ever manage to get. The durability and staying power of this product is just priceless. It gives you the charm of real tattoo feeling, as it looks so firm and smooth when applied. This give you’re the real fashion instincts.

6. Application

ApplicationThis liner would able you to apply a line very evenly and precisely. You might feel a little difficulty in starting but later on when the tip of brush is build up, then its all yours. Do it in whatever style you want. This liner would be dancing under the skills of your hand. The other tattoo liners have mostly felt tip applicators which are not as good as the brush tip. Felt tip usually frays away.

5. Stila’s Vs. Kat Von D liner

Stila’s Vs. Kat Von D linerThe Stila’s stay all day waterproof liquid eyeliner has a felt tip while Kat Von D tattoo liner has got brush in its end which is one plus point. The brush head allows you to apply the liner more precisely and smoothly. This helps you to have a full idea in making thin or thicker line. Furthermore KVD tattoo liner is Paraben free and a little bit economical than Stila’s.

4. Why Only KVD Tattoo Liner?

Why only KVD tattoo linerThe people who are just starting with winged eyeliner, this product will suit them the most. It doesn’t remove or fade away if more than one layer is applied over existing layer. It’s all about the practice of applying this liner. Once you know how to deal with this thing, you would always be rolling in a style fro sure.

3. Staying Power

Staying PowerThis is definitely one of the most advantageous things about this tattoo liner. It stays all day and doesn’t fade away unless you don’t actually remove it. Plus this liner is waterproof, so feel free going outside the pool parties or rain. It won’t be fading away so easily.

2. Pros

prosOne of the best things about Kat Von D tattoo liner is its impeccable straight line. Unlike all other liners, this doesn’t come off so easily. It gives the true blackish liquid shade also called as trooper. It’s easy to use with a bristle brush head.

1. Cons

consThe KVD tattoo liner only comes in the black color. This top notch product should be available in different colors. Moreover, its availability is another issue as other than Sephora, there is no place to get this tattoo liner.

Hats off to this product, this is probably one of the best liquid eyeliner. Plus it is not so expensive, that gives you the freedom of expressing yourself in a very beautiful way. Last but not the least, Kat Von D tattoo liner is trademark of chic indeed.

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