7 Promising Workouts To Lose Love Handles

Submitted By Jenny Smith  

Usually people get worried about their love handles and very often fail to find a perfect solution get rid of them. It results into disappointment and depression. However, they must not forget that there’s a solution to every situation. Go through the following note on very effective workouts to lose love handles. If you really follow these tips, you will easily shed these fat pockets for good.

7. Bicycle Crunch

Bicycle CrunchThis is one of the exclusive workouts to lose love handles that have direct impact on burning of fat deposits. In order to do this exercise, lay flat on your back by the help of your hands. Then elevate your legs up to 90 degrees and then bring about your left knee near to your chest by twisting your right elbow to meet it. While you’re bringing one leg to chest, make sure you keep your other leg straight as much as possible. Repeat the same process for other side of your body also.

6. High Plank From The Hands

High Plank from the HandsTo perform this exercise, maintain your body in a push-up position. Try to keep your legs completely straight and then place your hands straight on the ground. To create the immense strong back, you must ensure that your belly button has sucked up into your spine.

5. Russian Twist

Russian TwistThis is considered as one of the best workouts to lose love handles. Here in this exercise, you need to bend your knees with flat feet in a seated position. Now lean slightly to the back to get a more comfortable position. This will make your abs muscles to contact and by stretching your arm out in front of you; twist the torso to the sides.

4. Side Plank Hips Dips

Side Plank Hips DipsThis is another plank exercise you can start over with your elbows, so that they are touching the grounds. Now your hips must be so positioned that they touch the floors in response to your inhalation and exhalation pattern when you bring them back up. The drill of 15-20 times each side is recommended in this exercise.

3. Side Plank

Side PlankIn these sorts of workouts to lose love handles, body is aligned to maintain the T shape. It can be done by using one arm either by using hand or forearm beneath the armpit and stacking up the feet on top of each other.

2. Dead Lift

Dead liftBend your knees in a squat position, with leg shoulders-width apart. Now by using weights or kettle ball, and through the support of your arm, bring the weights in front of you in forward and backward position slowly and steadily.

1. Low Plank From Elbows

Low Plank from ElbowsThis is the simplest exercise to understand yet a difficult one to perform. Here all you have to do is place your forearm and elbows directly beneath your armpits to the floors. Now try to lift your body for 2-3 minutes off the floor with straight legs in position.

The workouts to lose love handles are directly proportional to the intensity of doing it. The more regular you’re in exercising this stuff, the faster you’ll be able to get rid of fat deposited in the lateral sides of your curvature for sure. Besides, these workouts will also improve your overall health and fitness.

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