7 Amazing Tattoo Ideas For Girls With Meaning

Submitted By Jenny Smith  

Tattoos are considered to be a flattering way of expression of your style, feeling and tendencies. With a meaningful tattoo, you can explain all about yourself. There are many tattoos that are appreciated for their appeal and depth of meaning. Following is the list of tattoo ideas for girls with meaning that will impart you a gorgeous look.

7. Stars

StarsIn tattoo ideas for girls with meaning, selecting stars is the sweetest among all. Tattooing the stars show the meaning of hope, truth and positive spirit. Stars are believed to be the guardian of people. They manifest the concept of hope with their sparkle and glow.

6. Music

musicIt is the symbol of harmony, life and infinity. You don’t really have to be musician to ink any musical tattoo. You can show your love for music by tattooing. Mostly, women are seen with musical tattoos behind the ears. These comparatively small tattoos suit the ladies most on, wrists, neck or behind the ear region.

5. Roses

rosesRoses are among the most amazing tattoo ideas for girls with meaning. Roses show the symbol of passion and love. Not just the meaning, the fairly big rose tattoos look extremely stunning with ladies. There is complete meaning behind the different colors of roses as red means passion, white is for innocence and black goes the symbol of failure/mourning etc.

4. Birds

birdsThere are so many bird tattoos; women mostly opt for getting inked. Birds can be inked as tattoos for various purposes. They explain the meaning of freedom in general but speaking precisely different birds are named for special meanings like the peacocks for beauty, dove for peace and then there are love birds tattoo also.

3. Dragons

dragons tatooThere are some women who have a strong desire for getting inked with something fierce type of tattoo. Dragon tattoos provide the best example of it and are known for various meaning. It includes the strength and wonder on one end and at the other end people also take the dragons as a sign of creation and immortality.

2. Lilies

lilies tatooLilies are the most widely acceptable tattoo ideas for girls with meaning. There are many women seen with this tattoo reflecting the meaning of prosperity and peace. Lilies are taken differently in each culture but in most of cases they are known as symbols of purity and fertility.

1. Heart

heart tatooWhen you see a women inked with heart tattoo, it reflects a romantic tendency and to be in love. It is also the purest thing one can ever ink herself to show one’s association for someone. The heart tattoos are usually small and simple. The place selection for this tattoo varies according to your own choice.

Besides fashion and style, there are lot of people out there, who get tattoos to express themselves in a bit different and stylish way. The above mentioned list of tattoo ideas for girls with meaning provides you variety of options. Whatever tattoo you get inked, it’d look cool on you for sure.

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