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20 Heartwarming Tattoos And Their Meanings

Tattoo art on the body parts is getting popular day by day as this art gives prominent look to the personality. It is a kind of body modification, which is made by putting ink into the upper layer of the skin. The designing of these tattoos purely depends on the writing and designing style of its artists. For this purpose, number of attractive fonts & fancy unique styles are used in text & picture tattoos. These tattoos and their meanings depict somewhat called a majestic world. These tattoo fonts gives beauty and attraction by inculcating versatility into the tattoo designs and art.

Tattoo designing is equally famous in both genders. Like men, women of modern age are also enthusiastic about tattoo printing on their body parts due to its uniqueness & attractiveness. Here we are going to discuss some amazing designs of tattoos and their meanings; you will be surprised to know that how these tattoos represent the personality of people.

20. Dream Catcher Tattoo & its Meaning

Dream Catcher Tattoo

The dream catcher tattoo symbolizes a spiral with similar sort of webs inside it and feather attached to it. It can be tattooed anywhere on the body but usually people prefer it on the wrist, lower back, upper back or the nape of the neck. You can get this tattoo in just black ink or colorful ink too. The purpose and the message that this design holds is grasping and keeping track of all the dreams that are most likely to come to you whilst catching the bad dreams in the spiral web and having them stay there. And on the other hand, making way for the good dreams to pass by and get back at you more often. Furthermore, dreams are your unconscious desires which are stored in your mind and those desires appear in your dreams in the form of various images and symbols. Moreover,

  • Dreams are based on three specific constituents such as.
  • Id.
  • Ego.
  • Super Ego.

19. Eagles Tattoo & its Meaning

Eagles Tattoo

Eagles are usually fond to symbolize a high status and immense power and hence, that is exactly what the meaning of its tattoo is as well. People, especially men get these tattoos on the back or the shoulders. Eagle is a bird which is known to be quite dangerous and hunts for its prey very wickedly but with a sharp eye. Therefore, the message that this tattoo delivers is related to superiority, high status and sharpness. Consequently, one who is likely or wants to get drawn towards such qualities will get this tattoo done on their body. Furthermore, it’s even recognized as a national bird of a lot of Easter European countries as it symbolizes authority, supremacy and power. However, girls even if you get an eagle tattoo done try to stay away from them in real as they’re dangerous and if they tend to bite a human, they’re most likely to bite away the skin and flesh of that poor person as well.

18. Musical Tattoos & its Meaning

Musical Tattoos

Musical tattoos usually tend to refer towards extreme and immense love for music, musical instruments and melody. They’re usually designed for the wrist, fingers or arms. If you have a love for music in yourself then even you can get musical tattoos in the shape of an old vintage gramophone, musical notes and even a small and cute looking violin or guitar on your arm or wrist. Musical tattoos seem pretty cool and have become quite popular amongst the young lot now a day. However, you can get musical notes tattoo done on your fingers. However, you don’t need to be a professional musician for this tattoo but having a deep love and interest for it, or music as a hobby would do too.

17. Heart Tattoos & its Meaning

heart tatoo

Heart tattoos usually symbolize love, affection, fondness and warmth for someone. Moreover, it delivers a message that there’s someone who is sitting at some place of the world to whom your heart belongs and you’re fighting against all odds and living this life just for the sake of the love that they’ve given you. Furthermore, these tattoos identify the feeling of a want for someone’s love, care and an understanding attitude. Moreover, girls usually tend to get heart tattoos as it’s a girl sort of thing and looks extremely cute once done on the wrist. These tattoos can be done on the fingers, hands and arms as well. You can even get a colored ink heart tattoo but just a simple black inked heart shaped tattoo will seem to appear pretty nice and appealing too. You can even get,

  • Infinity heart tattoos.
  • Winged heart tattoos.
  • Arrowed heart tattoos.
  • Slanted shaped heart tattoo.

16. Crown Tattoo & its Meaning

Crown Tattoo

A crown tattoo symbolizes someone’s authority and dominance over their own existence, belief, judgment and performance. Usually it’s known that a crown belongs to a king and queen who are the supreme leaders and hold the utmost power more than anyone amongst the people. Therefore, if one gets a crown tattoo designed on their body then it clearly indicates and delivers a message of sovereignty, power, supremacy and utmost control hence, being at an upper hand as compared to others. You can get it on your wrist but it will look really appealing on the index finger. A crown is made up of extremely unique jewels, ornaments and really expensive gems are stuck on it which symbolizes luxury and high expense. You can get a,

  • Simple crown tattoo.
  • Skull crown tattoo.
  • Luxurious crown tattoo with lots of gems studded on it.
  • Royal crown tattoo.

15. Monkey Tattoo & its Meaning

Monkey Tattoo

A monkey tattoo symbolizes mischievousness, liveliness, and a very fun characteristic which usually appeals and attracts kids. Moreover, monkeys represent stupidity, amusement and lots of banana eating. This reminds me of Tarzan’s chimpanzee friend who used to goof around with him, have every sort of fun with him yet be there for him like a true friend. And Dora’s travel buddy Boots was a monkey too yet the cartoon depicted that both of them shared a really nice friendship bond and for the first time a monkey was sought to be smart too.

Furthermore, in Buddhism monkeys symbolize trickery and ugliness whilst in the Chinese culture they symbolize greed and want. However, the three monkey emoticons on your smart phone depict being wise and quite clever. As the Japanese folklore uses monkeys as a signature symbol in which it has hands on the eyes, hands on the ears and hands on the mouth. This further explains,

  • See no bad.
  • Hear no bad.
  • Speak no bad.

14. Egyptian Tattoos & its Meaning

Egyptian Tattoos

Egyptian tattoos are considered as very antique designs. Furthermore, it is thought and understood that the Egyptians used to send messages to their Gods or forefathers through the dead bodies of their family member by creating meaningful tattoos on the body. Henceforth, this is the meaning which lies behind Egyptian tattoos that they merely reflect on uniqueness and meaningful messages to their Gods or to the ones that have passed away and seemed to be important to them. You can get them done on your back and even arms but the one’s on the back are much preferable. Their tattoos include,

  • Wings.
  • Cats.
  • Anubis.
  • Pharos.

13. Text Tattoos & its Meaning

Text tattoos

Text tattoos usually reflect a quote, a deep and important lesson of life or something written in your dear one’s hand writing. Moreover, they represent sayings which are essential for living and should definitely be taken into account in order to spend a good life. My personal favorite text tattoo is that of Priyanka Chopra which is designed on her wrist and it is in her (late) father’s hand writing which states ‘Daddy’s little angel’ You can get various text tattoos, they can be exclusive, any famous sayings or you can even copy your favorite celebrities text tattoo and get it done on your wrist or elsewhere.

12. Butterfly Tattoos


Butterflies usually are the symbol of softness and beauty but these insects possess the remarkable characteristics of change, rebirth and beauty. when we talk about tattoos for women than butterfly tattoos are highly feminine, pretty and have a beautiful meaning behind them. Chinese regard it as a symbol of love and according to Japanese; it is the representation of someone’s soul.

11. Lion Tattoos


Lion, the king of forest is the symbol of strength, courage, bravery and protection. It is purely a masculine tattoo as lion is always in myths due to its hunting skills and ferocity. Lion tattoos and their meanings have specifically significant for males as they represent their strength, power and courage.

10. Demon Tattoos


The purpose of having demon tattoos on body shows that man has fearless life with some magical powers. These demon tattoos and their meanings have some cultural bonding too like in Japan; many different stories are associated with these scary and furious looking demons. They are very famous in many societies due to their mystical stories.

9. Sun And Moon Tattoo


Two astrological themes ‘sun and moon’ creates a beautiful image with different symbolic meanings and patterns. Sun is a masculine symbol depicting courage and anger while moon is a feminine symbol showing calmness, peace and love. Therefore, sun and moon tattoo is chosen for its Yin/Yang designing qualities. These tattoos and their meanings express unity in diversity, compromise & spiritual union of male and female.

8. Fairy Tattoo Designs


Fairies have long history in stories, myths and folklore all over the world. In literature, fairies are often the personification of human wishes and desire in the form of little people with magical powers. As a tattoo design, they can be symbols of youthful innocence and a desire to retain a child-like imagination and wonder. These tattoos are highly popular in females as compared to men.

7. Doodling Tattoos


Doodling tattoos and their meanings depicts brain powers and majestic qualities as Doodling is very powerful, very rewarding and can open up all kinds of creative areas of the brain. So doodling tattoos represents the intelligence and competency of a person having it.

6. Stars Tattoos


One of the best tattoo designs ever! Star tattoos are much loved by both men and women. They symbolize spirit, truth and hope as well as having various different religious connections. These are the traits, we all wish for in ourselves, so it is easy to understand why people love using stars for tattoos.

5. Zodiac Tattoos And Their Meanings


For thousands of years people have believed in the zodiac meanings with various cultures having their own interpretation too. Many people wish to have their star sign tattooed on them because it has meaning in their life and they think it holds clues to who they are and who they will. Zodiac tattoos are a representation of our personality and ourselves because zodiac signs can tell us a lot about ourselves.

4. Wolves Tattoos And Their Meanings


These tattoos are viewed differently in different cultures and societies. In Japan, shrines are dedicated to the wolf asking for it to protect crops from boars and deer. In Roman mythology, a wolf was responsible for saving the lives of Romulus and Remus – the founders of Rome. Therefore, wolves’ tattoos symbolize loyalty, greed and destruction.

3. Dragon Tattoos


The dragon is the fifth animal in the Chinese Zodiac and is equally important for the Japanese culture. These classic tattoos and their meanings show the influence of Japanese and Chinese culture in western tattooing. It has been used as a symbol of power for emperors associated with wisdom and longevity.

2. Rose Tattoos And Their Significance


Both men and women love Rose tattoos as these tattoos have great symbolism. They can be complex or simple, colorful or black and white but either way there is no denying they are a thing of beauty. They symbolize love, inner and outer beauty, passion and strength. Red roses mean passion, white mean innocence and black roses mean loss, death and mourning.

1. Wings Tattoos And Their Meanings


Wings symbolize a sense of freedom, they remind us that as human beings, we are free not occupied and that we can fly away. Wings may come in all shapes and sizes for tattoos, some people have just a tiny pair tattooed on themselves while others have a larger set tattooed on their back. Wings are also associated with angels so they have religious significance too.

Tattoos and their meanings! Meanings emulsify the proper selection

Have you ever noticed what the meaning is behind a person’s tattoo? Surely, every tattoo design symbolizes a definite meaning and of course, everyone has their own personal meanings attached to their tattoos. If you are looking for getting a tattoo, you may be interested to know what are the meanings and myths associated to some of the most popular tattoo designs. It is highly recommended that before tattooing your body, you need to know about some of the tattoos and their meanings in order to have perfect match for your personality.

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