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19 Imposing Best Tattoos For Women

You see ordinary tattoos all around you but only once in a while you come across something that really is astounding. Here you will find 19 best tattoos for women that will make sure that yours are even better than the amazing ones. The most appropriate word for them would be jaw dropping. These tattoos are the amalgam of more than one ideas mingled together to give something extra ordinary. These will be the best tattoo ideas that you will see.

19. Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Dreamcatcher Tattoo

A dreamcatcher tattoo is basically a hoop containing woven mesh with feathers and beads dangling from it. It was associated with American Indian culture and its real origin are from Ojibwe people which was associated with their ancient legend story. The story behind dreamcatcher tattoo is that it will help in getting rid of bad dreams. These tattoos are mostly common in females because of its combination with more feminine design.

18. Birds Tattoos

Birds Tattoos

As birds are close friends to human being, different bird tattoos have different meanings which is why bird tattoos are appreciated by many females. The meanings of bird tattoos are closely related to nature and sometimes they can relate to philosophical and spiritual context, there are some of the most common personas linked with bird tattoos including:

  • Love and peace.
  • Dignity.
  • Beauty and Elegance.
  • Family.
  • Spiritual guidance and protection.

17. Bow Tattoos

Bow Tattoos

Bows Tattoos normally represent the historic idea in which women used to worn bows on their clothes and in their hairs to represent the feminist part. For some people, there are some other meanings, one of which includes that in recent times, women have been activist and of free-thinking which shows their power that they are now released from everything and are like a free bird. Bows tattoos also symbolize:

  • Union.
  • Beauty.
  • Love.
  • Remembrance.
  • Feminism.
  • Strength.

16. Zodiac Tattoos

Zodiac Tattoos

Women also love to get their sun sign tattoos on their neck especially, for it represents their sun sign star and some women are most likely to believe truly in their horoscopes and are so much into it which is why they get their sun sign tattoos on different parts of the body.

15. Collar Bone Tattoo

Collar Bone Tattoo

For a women, there is no other tattoo more appealing than a collar bone tattoo which brings out the sex appeal in them. There are many designs nowadays developed by the artists which were never seen before such as geometric collar bone tattoo which looks very attractive and the best part, you can show it to the world whenever you want to. Some women love to get the words engraved on their collar bone which represents their feminine aspect and personality.

14. Dragon Tattoo

dragons tatoo

The dragon tattoo is common in both men and women. It can be designed in different sizes depending on your design and on which part of the body it is engraved. There are several different meanings of a dragon tattoo, some of which are to represent strength, courage and independence. Different civilizations takes out the different meaning of the dragon tattoo, for some; it is the sign of wisdom and strength and for other, it is considered as a greedy and a bad warning.

13. Arrow Tattoo

Arrow Tattoo

The arrow tattoo design has its own symbolic meaning which is, an arrow tattoo is considered as to represent the weapon of protection and hunting, which is basically used to protect one’s family, as woman’s are too much into their families and they would do anything to protect and safeguard their family which is why some women love to get the arrow tattoo. There are different meanings for different designs of arrow tattoos such as:

  • If there is a single arrow in the tattoo; it signifies its real meaning which is pointing to a direction.
  • If there are two arrows; these can be used to signify the matching tattoo with best friend or if they are pointing away from each other than it is to portray war.
  • If there are bundle of arrows; it is to signify the unity and strength.
  • If there is a broken arrow; it is to signify the peace.

12. Fairy Tattoo

Fairy tattoos

Fairy tattoos are mostly liked by women because they are pretty and attractive to look at. Fairy tattoos are colorful and it adds an appeal to a person who wears it. These tattoos have different meanings reliant on the way they have been depicted.

11. Gun Tattoos

Gun Tattoos

There are some women who are more thrilling than any guy and for them, there are tattoos which they can wear known as gun tattoos, Gun tattoos are mostly in nowadays especially worn by this who are somehow related to this kind of field such as armies, hunters or general public who is interested in guns. Each and every design of gun tattoo has its own creativity and design.

10. Watercolor Tattoos

Watercolor Tattoos

Yes, there are also watercolor tattoos for those who are creative and love creativity all around. These tattoos are inspired from watercolor paintings, it helps in expressing the emotions, feelings and believe. These tattoos have been used very much recently as they are more appealing and impressive if you want to show it to your friends.

9. Sugar Skull Tattoo

Sugar Skull Tattoo

These sugar skull tattoos are mostly made on the celebration day of All Souls’ Day or Halloween, it is the representation of a whole human skull and it is popular in Mexico. It is to represent the human power and energy.

8. Owl Tattoos

Owl Tattoos

Owl is the mythological animal which has represented the rich meanings in history and many different cultures. The owl tattoo is loved by many people because of its strong meaning, it has some deep connection with wisdom and knowledge.

7. Random Lining Tattoos For Women


Random linings come from an old tattoo style. You have been seeing this for long time but the new thing here is that if you add a funky quote or saying in the background of these linings it will add a new flavour to it. Remember that you choose the same colour but if you change the shade for the lining and the writing it will look very nice. It will look best on your chest or on the upper back.

6. Dead Trees Tattoos


It really is a vintage style. If someone sees it for the first time he will be taking it as some random pattern not as dead trees. This is the real beauty of this tattoo design. If you are an active environmentalist then this is the best classy tattoo for you.

5. Coloured Flower Tattoo For Women


Among the best tattoos for women this one is the most colourful. You would have simple flowers earlier but it is not just that. In this tattoo the flowers are shown on a vine which actually is made to look like a vine but is a tribal design having a vintage look to it and you can also add the names of your dear ones to this tattoo making it even more special.

4. Stars And A Flower Tattoo


Stars and flowers both have a feminine look to them and pair them together and they will be giving you an awesome tattoo. They will look good on your side. In the summers it sure will be making the heads turn. It indeed is a best tattoo for women. And if you add lines behind the stars they will just look like the shooting stars add to the beauty of the tattoo.

3. Pirate Heart Tattoo


Up till now people would have seen pirate skulls with the bones but now for the first time they will be seeing a pirate heart. The difference is that the skull is replaced by a heart and the crossing bones are still there on the back. This really is a very funky tattoo.

2. Music Notes Tattoo


The special thing about this tattoo is that in it the notes are paired with colourful stars making it look different and lovely. Show the people that what a lovely music over you are.

1. Lined Butterfly Tattoo


This design was added to this list of best tattoos for women for a reason. As every girl is not comfortable with the large and big tattoos but still they want one and a small one. So this small butterfly is especially for you. You can have it anywhere but it will look best on the waist.

There is such a huge collection of ideas regarding tattoo which makes it difficult to choose one so here. The 7 best tattoos for women are shortlisted for your ease.

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