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7 Flattering Tattoo Placement Ideas

The tattoo placement ideas start right form the upper region of neck and ends at the fingers of feet. Thus it is always up to the choice of person in selecting a body part for tattoos. Once you’re in the league of getting a tattoo, you will ever want to get your whole body inked with tattoos. However, following are some of the best places where you can get a tattoo.

7. Back Shoulder

Back ShoulderFor large tattoos back shoulder is the most suitable place to ink your body. Any sort of tattoo can be inked at the back of body. Women with a perfect curvy body will get no better tattoo placement ideas other than back shoulders for sure.

6. Ears

EarsEars are the place where tattoo looks extremely elegant and smooth. Mostly the tattoos inked at ears or behind the ears are fairly small. You can tattoo any symbol or sign behind ears; it’ll definitely gear your body with style.

5. Inner Arm

Inner armIf you’re up to ink any sort of quote or name etc, then Inner arm is the most preferable choice. This place provides a firm as well as good display thingy to let the world know about your thoughts and personality. The tattoo placement ideas about symbols can also be inked at inner arm but widely accepted, this place is reserved for words or quote etc.

4. Thighs

thigh tattooMost of the people get tattooed at thighs of their legs. This place has got an extra advantage of hiding it from your boss, if you’re up to violating the office rules. People with big muscular type of thighs can add the magnetism in their personality by tattooing an elegant design at thighs.

3. Ankles/Wrists

ankles tattooTattooing at ankles and wrists is also a very common place for people. Women are mostly seen with tattoos at ankles and men at wrist. However there is no any hard and fast rule for getting a tattoo in males and females. You can tattoo anything and anywhere in your body, which is most of the times the best part about the tattooing thing for sure.

2. Ribs

RibsRibs are other splendid tattoo placement ideas for tattoo lover. This place is a little bit more secret thingy for women. However it suits to both of men and women. You must know this fact that getting tattoo at ribs is the most painful place in the body. So if you’re skinny, you have to do deal with it with no other choice.

1. Belly

BellyNow getting tattoo at lateral portions of belly or in the lower belly is also very much commonly observed in ladies. These sorts of tattoos are mostly small. Ladies ink themselves at such places for their lover’s choice or to show the intensity of their love for someone.

It is said that the tattoos are only one thing which can be mutually shared by both men and women. Most of the time same sorts of tattoo placement ideas are chosen by both genders. This shows the real craze and love of tattoos by the people.

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