7 Most Popular Tattoos For Women With Meaning

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Some people have tattoos on them but they don’t know what they mean but some want to know their meaning first before having them inked. This passage will satisfy both. Tattoos usually have meaning and this is what impart them attraction. Here you will find a substantial list of tattoos for women with meaning to help you choose on for yourself.

7. Butterfly Tattoo


It is one of the most popular tattoos for women. It is ages old but still in fashion. The butterfly symbolises freedom as the butterfly with its beautiful wings fully-spread can go anywhere do anything so the same thing applies to the woman having this tattoo. Along with that, the butterfly is also a symbol of beauty and exquisiteness.

6. Star Tattoo


A star is very well-liked tattoo among men and women alike. A star is a source of light in the darkness. It is a ray of hope when everything seems dark; it illuminates the dull and sullen spirit attached with it. It also symbolises truth and beauty and easily be rated as the first choice in tattoos for women with meaning.

5. Zodiac Signs


These signs are not something new. Our belief in them is ages old and people believe that their signs define them truly and they are so moved that they end up getting their sign tattooed on their bodies.

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4. Sun Tattoo


The Sun is a symbol of courage, forbearance, strength. It is also a life giver and any woman who wants a change and wants to start from the beginning would like to choose the sun as tattoo for her. It is thus the best of all dainty tattoos for women with meaning and has remarkable appeal as well.

3. Moon Tattoo


As compared to the sun, the moon is weak and fragile just like women. It is also a symbol of myth, eternity, magic and dreams. All these traits are loved by women so they love to have a tattoo of the moon. Girls always like mysteries, fairy-tales and magic so they are so much attracted to the moon as it symbolises all these.

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2. Rose Tattoo


Rose is an excellent choice in tattoos for women with meaning. It is a symbol of beauty having a feminine, delicate and intricate touch to it. No matter if it is coloured or in black it will be very pretty and is loved by everyone especially the women and that is why it is so popular among them.

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1. Birds Tattoo


Different kinds of birds have different meanings associated with them as dove is taken for peace and the peacock as a symbol of beauty. Generally birds are used to express freedom and the hope associated with it. Freedom is the most important thing that the girls want in their lives; so is the case with birds and this is the reason this tattoo is so much popular among the women.

Tattoos are something permanent so you should go for tattoos for women with meaning only. Senseless tattoos do not impress people, therefore you must think more than once before getting one and you should be completely aware of what they mean.

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